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- 5 Quest Points.
- 18,400 Attack XP, 7,900 Agility XP, 2,150 Magic XP.
- Ability to use the Tree Gnome Gliders and tree spirits for teleportation.
- Access to the mine under the Grand Tree.

Start PointStart Point

Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: 25 Agility.
Item: 30GP or Ardougne Teleport Runes.
Other: Ability to defeat a Black Demon (Level 172) and survive several Jogres (Level 53) and Jungle Spiders (Level 44).


Skill: 30+ Magic, 43+ Prayer, method to kill the Black Demon (Level 172) (safe spots for Rangers and Mages), 50+ Combat (if you Melee it).
Item: Full Set of Monk Robes, Amulet of Glory, Runes (4 Law, 2 Earth, 2 Water), 2-3 Prayer Potions, Good Weapon, 20+ Food (Lobsters), Rings of Dueling are useful, Teleport to House Runes if your POH is located in Yanille.

Grand Tree, which shelters the majority of RuneScape's small gnome population, is dying. Is it human sabotage or an inside job? Help King Shareen to find the true cause and save the tree gnomes from an uncertain fate.

Part 1:
A Dying Tree

Step 1
Talk to Gnome King Narnode.
Travel to Hazelmere.
Give him the Bark Sample.
Translate the Message.

Items needed: Bark Sample & Translation Book (Obtained During Quest), Yanille Teleport. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of a conversation with King Narnode

Talk to the Gnome King Narnode who lives in Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, he will ask you for help, saying that the Grand Tree, whose magical powers protect the stronghold is getting sick for some reason, offer to help and he will give you a "bark sample" and a "translation book" and then tell you to go and give them to a gnome called Hazelmere who lives on an island east of Yanille.

Now go south through Ardougne and along the coast until you reach Yanille, the island is across several bridges (Picture). Be careful as there are many Jungle Spiders (Level 44) around the house, climb the ladder at the end of the south of the island, and talk to Hazelmere, you will not be able to understand anything he says, but you will give him the bark sample, he will continue to babble and you will ask him to "write it down".

If you have completed the Watch Tower quest, it is quick to use watchtower teleport to get to Yanille, and walk to Hazelmere's house. Also having your house located in Yanille is a plus, just use the Teleport to House spell. A third option to visit Hazelmere is to use the fairy ring code CLS.

Hazelmere will scribble something and give you "Hazelmere's scroll", you can translate the message by reading the translation book, but it says "A man came to me with the king's seal, I gave the man Daconia Rocks, and Daconia Rocks will kill the tree."

Step 2
Return to King Narnode.
Warn Chief Tree Guardian Glough.

Return to King Narnode, he will ask you if you spoke to Hazelmere, you will reply that you were happily able to find him. He will ask you whether you were able understand what Hazelmere said, choose the first option, "Yes, I think I did," the king will ask you what Hazelmere said, give the last reply "none of the above" twice (Picture), and then on the third lot of options, choose the second "a man came to me with the king's seal", then the first option "I gave the man the Daconia Rocks", then finally the last option "and Daconia rocks will kill the tree!".

The king will have a realization, then you will ask him what the Daconia stones are. The king will reply that Hazelmere created the rocks to control the tree and you will ask if you can help to retrieve the rocks. The king will ask you to go and warn the Chief Tree Guardian Glough who lives in a tree just out the front. You will assure the king you are going to run off, and the dialogue will end.

Part 2:
An Alarm Sounded and Truth Revealed

Step 3
Talk to Glough.
Return to King Narnode.
Talk to the Prisoner.
Search Glough's House.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Glough Eating Glough lives in the tree to the right of the front of the Grand Tree, go outside the tree and down the boulevard-come ramp thing, and up the first ladder to your east (Picture). Glough will be having some kind of gnome delicacy when you talk to him, and will be indignant that you have interrupted him. He will then continue to eat until you tell him the Daconia Rocks have been taken, he will not sound too surprised, and blame it on humans! He will then tell you your help is not wanted and that he will deal with it so you should return to the king.

Return to the king and you will ask him if there is any news about the stones, he will reply that the situation is under control now because Glough found a human "sneaking around" with three of the stones. You will be a little suspicious, the king will ponder on whether humans really are planning to invade the stronghold, and you will be doubtful.

You ask to talk to the prisoner, and the king will tell you that he is in the highest level of the tree, and to "be careful because it's a long way down". To reach the prisoner, simply "climb up" the ladder in the centre of the tree. When you reach the top, talk to the prisoner, Charlie.

Ask him why he was planning to kill the tree, he will be dumbfounded and you will crack a witty remark Charlie will plead his innocence, saying he only did what he was told (Picture). You will "not understand", he will then basically tell you Glough told him to do it all. At this point your intrepid-adventurer instincts will kick in, you will say "sounds like Glough is hiding something", Charlie suggests you search Glough's house, you will thank him and be on your way.

Part 3:
The Investigation

Step 4
Go to Glough's House.
Search the Cupboard.
Talk to Glough.
Go to the shipyard in S. Karamja.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Gnome Pilot Now go to Glough's house, if you talk to him, he will basically tell you to nick off, he really doesn't seem to like humans. Search the cupboard in his tree and you will find his journal (funnily enough, he won't try to stop you) (Picture), read it, and you will discover his loathing of humans is rather deep and that he desires to go out and fight humans rather than "hide in trees".

Now talk to Glough and you will accuse him of setting up Charlie, you will accuse him of killing the tree, Glough will be outraged and call his guards, you will wind up in the clink with Charlie. Charlie will tell you to go talk to the S. Karamja Shipyard headman if you want to get to the bottom of this. He will tell you a password "Ka-Lu-Min", to give to the Shipyard workers to make them think you are working for Glough.

The king will now come and, giving you his apologies, set you free. His highness will tell you that Glough has stationed guards so you cannot exit from the front door, but he will let you use his glider service so you can get out.

Talk to the Gnome Pilot who is just north the jail cell, and ask to be taken to S. Karamja. Be aware that when you land, it will be in the middle of several Jogres (Level 53). After a short ride, you will crash land in the middle of the jungle.

Step 5
Go to the Shipyard.
Talk to the Foreman.
Answer the Quiz questions.

Items needed: Teleport Runes (to leave the island of Karamja quickly).

Just east of where you crash land are the shipyards, try to open the gate, and the shipyard worker will ask you what you want here, choose the second option "Glough sent me", the worker will ask for the password, reply with the first, then the second, and then the second replies. The worker will be "Sorry to have kept you waiting", and let you in.

Now go to the end of the south Jetty and "talk to" the Foreman (Level 23) (don't attack him), you will talk a little, then he will tell you to follow him to his office, you will and he will ask you again "what you are doing here", he will then ask about Glough's wife, reply the third answer "Sadly, she's no longer with us" and he will say that he "has to check for impostors."

The next question is "What is Glough's favorite dish", the answer is the second option "he loves worm holes", the last question is the name of Glough's new girlfriend, the answer is the first option "Anita" (Picture). The foreman will be satisfied with your answers, and then proceed to tell you the whole plan, Glough plans to invade Port Sarim with 30 battleships! He will give you the lumber order, and you will tell him you will give it to Glough.

If you fail to answer the questions correctly, the Shipyard foreman (who is Level 23) will attack you, and I believe he drops the lumber orders.

Step 6
Return to King Narnode.
Talk to Femi.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Femi Now you must get back to warn the king! But with the glider out of action, you will have to get there manually (meaning walk, unless you have runes or a Glory Amulet). You can walk back, but it's better to use Ardougne teleport.

When you reach the Tree Gnome Stronghold, the guards will refuse you entry. If you have completed the Tree Gnome Stronghold quest, you can use the spirit trees to enter the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Otherwise, talk to the Gnome called Femi just beside the gates, who will stow you in her cart so you can get in.

Part 4:
Proof has Been Found!

Step 7
Talk to Femi.
Talk to King Narnode.
Talk to Charlie.
Go and talk to Anite.
Return to Glough's House.

Items needed: 1,000GP if you have not helped Femi before, Invasion Plans and 4 Twigs (obtained during Quest). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Glough's Key

At the gate of the Gnome Stronghold, talk to Femi. She will smuggle you in there since the guards won't let you in (Note that she will ask 1,000GP of you if you didn't help her before, when you first entered the Stronghold). Go talk to the king again, in vain you will try to convince him that Glough is plotting to kill the tree, he will refuse to believe you and ask you to leave. If you have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest, you can also use the spirit trees to teleport in; but riding the cart is recommended.

Now go back up the tree again and talk to Charlie. You will then ask Charlie if he can help you get proof that Glough is plotting. Charlie will tell you that the key to Glough's chest is at his girlfriend Anita's house. Anita lives (as Charlie tells you) in a tree house just west of the Toad Swamp, which is North-West of the Grand Tree and the king (Picture), talk to her and she will (thinking you are Glough's friend) give you a key that belongs to Glough.

Now go back to Glough's house and use the key with the chest in his house, you will find invasion plans! Now with some solid proof, return to the king, after giving him the invasion plans, he will be shocked, yet he will brush you off AGAIN, saying that there is no proof that Glough wrote the plans. The king will then tell you that troops searched his house and only found some strange twigs.

He will give you the twigs, and if you don't have room tell you to drop or bank four items first (note that you need to be carrying the invasion plans when you talk to him).

Step 8
Go to Glough's House.
Use twigs on pillars.
Climb down Trapdoor.
Talk to Glough.
Fight the Black Demon.
Talk to King Narnode.
Search Tree Roots for Daconia.
Talk to King Narnode.

Items needed: Best Armor, Best Weapon, Best Food, Prayer Potions (If you have Low Prayer). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Black Demon

Now you are about to fight Glough's Black Demon. Make sure you also have all your combat gear as well as the four twigs. When you fight the Black demon, you should not have any problems killing it with the recommended stats, make sure you put on "Protect from Melee", and drink prayer potion when necessary. There is a small cinematic before the black demon actually attacks you, so start using your protection then.

Go to Glough's house and "Climb-up" the tree in the east corner (requires 25 agility and note that you can't get back out from here), now you will be on a platform, use the twigs with the pillars on the north side, so that they spell "Tuzo" from west to east (Picture), you will hear a grinding of gears, you will be able to open the trapdoor now, do so (if the twigs disappear or you log out, you are still able to go down the trapdoor). You will appear in a mine. Glough will come up to you and talk his crazy talk (Picture). He will then set his Black Demon (Level 172) on you!

Use the 'Protect from Melee' prayer if you can. There is also a safe spot around the southern rocks where you can cast magic or ranged attacks without taking damage. Be careful when doing this: the demon may not get into the right position every time.

Once you have dealt with the demon, you may notice the Daconia rocks around you. Walk to the west through the Giant Bats (Level 27) and talk to the king who will be in the big chamber (Picture), you will tell him about the demon, and he will finally believe you when his guards find Glough hidden under his Daconia rocks.

The king will ask you try help find the last Daconia rock, to do this, search all of the "tree roots" until you find one Daconia rock, return to the king, talk to him (Picture).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. If the twigs disappear from the pillars before I go down the trapdoor, am I stuck up there?

A. No, you can still climb down, as long as you have placed the twigs in the right order

Q. Can I use the "protect from melee" Prayer on the Demon?

A. Yes, the demon will not drain your Prayer.

Author: Robin Hood

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