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Zybez RuneScape Help's Gianne Jr Image
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

There is a small restaurant in the Grand Tree, run by Aluft Gianne senior that needs your help! Gnomes all over RuneScape are requesting speciality gnome foods, but Gianne does not have anyone to make or deliver the orders! If you choose to help him, you will be given tips by those who you deliver the food to, and also obtain some cooking experience from making the food.

2.0 - Requirements and Recommendations
  • At least level 6 cooking
  • Helping Aluft Gianne Sr and Blurberry.

3.0 - How to Play

To start the mini game, head to the west branch of the Grand Tree, on the first floor. In the far west room, speak to Gianne junior, who explains how the game is run, and who gives you the food orders. You can choose to not do a delivery, but if you choose to not do the run, you will have to wait up to five minutes to try a new run.

After choosing to do a mission, Gianne junior will give you a box which you can use to remember what the order is, who to deliver it to, and where they are located. Dropping this box before you deliver the food will make you unable to deliver the food.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Order Image

Since most of the customers are easy enough to reach within the time allotted, unless you have extreme difficulty finding the gnome, it is recommended that you make the food as you get the assignment, rather than making it ahead of time.

If you interrupt the conversation when delivering the food, you will not get the rewards. Also, if you decide to log out during a mission, the timer will keep going; you will not receive a reward if you don't finish the mission on time. Please note that you cannot use the gnome food bought from the store as they are 'premade.' You must have made it yourself.

After you have finished delivering the food, return to the Gianne in the Grand Tree. If you don't happen to be near a gnome glider or spirit tree, grab a ring of dueling to Al Kharid, and then use the Al Kharid glider to return to the Grand Tree.

Please note that all of the locations are approximately where the gnomes are, as they tend to wander around in what could be a large area.

4.0 - Easy Assignments
Name Location
Brimstail Cave in the south-western part of stronghold
Captain Errdo Grand Tree gnome pilot
Coach South or west side of the gnomeball field
Dalilah Gianne's Restruant
Damwin Upstairs of house on east side of gnomeball field
Eebel House just east of Brimstil's cave
Ermin Upstairs of northerly house south of agility field
Femi Front gate of stronghold
Froono South west of the southern bank and up the stairs south of the tree patch overlooking the magic trees.
Gulluck Sword shop owner in Grand Tree, second floor
Heckel Funch Runs the food shop by Blurberry's bar
King Narode Shareen Grand Tree, ground level
Meegle Terrorbird pen, south-west side of stronghold
Perrdur Sitting in Gianne's Restaurant
Rometti Gnome clothes shop, north of Blurberry
Sarble Swamp, west of the Grand Tree
Trainer Nacklepen Giant tortise trainer, north of gnome swamp
Wurbel Upstairs the house near the south-west side of gnomeball field

Rewards for the easy assignments are just a few coins.

5.0 - Hard Assignments
Name Location
Ambassador Ferrnoock Varrock Castle, second floor by the kitchen
Ambassador Gimblewap Ardougne Castle, second floor
Ambassador Spanfipple Falador White Knight Castle, second floor.
Brambickle Top of Trollweis Mountain (teleport to Trollheim, go up the north path to the ice gate, go north-west into a nearby cave (full of level 120 ice trolls), run through the cave until you see a crevasse)
Brimstail Cave in Tree Gnome village
Captain Bleemadge Top of White Wolf Mountain, by the gnome glider
Captain Daerkin Middle of the spectator area, Duel Arena
Captain Dalbur Al Kharid, Gnome glider
Captain Errdo Grand Tree, top floor glider
Captain Klemfoodle Karamja, Gnome glider
Captain Ninto Under White Wolf Mountain, in the bar
Garkor Near Awowogei on Ape Atoll (Must have started Monkey Madness; *higly* recommended to have a greegree equipped).
Gnormadium Avlafrim Feldip Hills, Gnome glider
G.L.O Caranock Inside the Shipyard on Karamja (use Gnome glider to Karamja, walk a little north and then head east)
Gnomeball Coach Next to Gnomeball field
Hazelmere Island east of Yanille
King Bolren Middle of Tree Gnome Village
Lieutenant Shepbur Khazard Battlefield
Mountain Terrorbird Trainer South-east of Grand Tree
Penwie Karamja, west of Gnome glider near some monkeys
Professor Imblewyn Yanille, within the Mages' guild
Professor Manglethorp West Keldagrim, in the market by the anvil
Professor Onglewip Wizards tower, south of Draynor Vilage
Wingstone Nardah, west of the town around the crevice (use magic carpet from Shantay pass to Pollnivneach, then to Nardah)

Rewards can include Nests, Half keys, Uncut gems, a Scarf, Goggles, Grand tree pods, Runes, Snapdragon herbs, Toadflax herbs, noted Pure essence, Gnomeballs, Snake charms, Mint cake, noted Gold ore, Mithril bolt tips, Adamant bolt tips, Runite bolt tips, and Runite bolts.

6.0 - Special Items

There are a few special rewards from this minigame. Most are just items to look cool, but a few have uses other than for looks.

Picture Item Uses
Gnome Goggles Wearable item.
Gnome Scarf Wearable item.
Mint Cake Restores 50% of your run energy.
Reward Token Given to you by Gianne Jr. Can only have one at a time, but every 12 points you collect delivering food, you will earn 1 food item that you can collect using the reward token. The token can hold up to 10 items for you.
Seed Pod If you squash the pod you will teleport to the King in the Grand Tree. If you launch the pod, a gnome will come with a glider to take you back to the Grand Tree. By launching the pod, you will also gain 100 farming xp. By squashing the pod you will temporarily lose 5 farming levels.
Author: Myst

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