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Zybez RuneScape Help's Castle Wars Title
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Castle Wars is a members' only mini game, somewhat similar to capture the flag. It is based on two teams - Zamorak and Saradomin - that infiltrate the opposing team's castle, to steal their standard, on the top floor. Guthix, being a balance of good and evil, is not a participating team within the Castle Wars scene.

However, you may enter the Guthix portal, and will be randomly sorted into Saradomin or Zamorak; whichever has the least people in it at that time. Take note that you may not wear a helmet or cape whilst in the waiting room, as you are given a "Hooded Cloak" to wear during the war. When you die during the war, you spawn back in the starting room, and can continue fighting with restored stats.

Most forms of attack can be used in the battle field, Because Barrows armour requires a helm, its specials are ineffective here, though the armour still works. The most efficient way to access this place, is by rubbing a ring of dueling, and choosing the "Castle Wars Arena" option. Otherwise, you will have to get to Yanille and walk west, or from Ardougne, head south-west from the Khazard battlefield on the west side of the river, then south to the Observatory, then south from there to the arena.

The Castle Wars arena, is located to the west of Yanille:

Zybez RuneScape Help's map of Castle Wars

2.0 - Features
Area Area Information
The Lobby The lobby is where everyone appears when a war has concluded. In the lobby, there is a bank chest, and Lanthus, who can trade decorative armour for your tickets. The lobby also shows the scoreboard, which can tell you just how good some teams are (Picture). When the 20 minute war is about to finish, and a mage or ranger is attacking you from a far away distance, the blast or arrow will hit you in the lobby if its cast before the game concludes, but will cause no damage, this is particularly annoying if it is an ice spell.
The Waiting Room Here you wait for the game to begin (Picture). When you enter the portal, if you are wearing God armour, symbols, or prayer books that show alignment with a god whose portal you are in, you will be transformed into an animal. Zamorak transforms you into a sheep (Picture) or imp, whilst Saradomin transforms you into a Sheep or Bunny (Picture). Everyone on your team will appear as dark blue dots on the mini-map, whilst your enemies are regular white dots.
The Castle There is one castle per team, each being almost the exact same in structure. There are five floors in the castle.

1 .Basement - Contains the tunnels which you can use to infiltrate your opponents castle.
2. Ground Floor - Contains the storeroom (Picture) and entrance to the castle. The storeroom contains barricades, toolkits, bronze pickaxes.
3. Second floor - The starting room (Picture) contains a portal to exit the war, the bandages table, and a ladder leading up one floor. Outside is a corridor where opposing players run around and up another level.
4. Third Floor - Here is where you have to have enough protection to prevent the opponent from getting to the fourth floor. It also contains a trapdoor down into the starting room.
5. Fourth Floor - This is where the Standard is kept. This room is where you must bring back the opposition's standard to get a point. The room is usually heavily guarded, but its small size usually makes it hard to kill a prepared player.

3.0 - How To Play

Castle Wars is a simple enough concept to understand. Walk into a portal, whether it be Saradomin, Guthix or Zamorak, wait until the 25 minutes has passed (Or receive an invitation to the existing game if the team is short of players) and then enter the arena. The mini-game involves:

  • Protecting your standard (flag), and base by any means possible.
  • Creating barricades, blowing up dungeons to block the other team infiltrating your base, healing warriors, and catapulting rocks at opponents.
  • Infiltrating your opponents castle.
  • Capturing the opposite teams standard and returning it to your base.

Protecting your standard is extremely important. If the other team manages to capture it, and return it to their base, they will receive one point. The team with the most points at the end of the 20 minutes wins the war. To fight off your opposition, you have to have people on every level of the castle, to prevent others entering and capturing your standard.

There are several ways to prevent them entering your castle and capturing your flag. All the supplies you need can be found in the storeroom, which is in the center of the castle (with the exception of the bandages table). They are:

Picture Name Item Usage
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars bandage Bandage Heals 10% of your hitpoints, restores 30% energy and can heal poison. Can also be used on other people.
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars barricade Barricades Used as small structures to block the path of enemies. These have 50hp.
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars bronze pickaxe Bronze Pickaxes Used to mine rocks, which get in the way in the tunnels. While these are present for everyone, it is suggested if you have to use a pickaxe, bring your own Rune pickaxe to aid in the game.
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars bucket of water Buckets of water. Used to put out fires on your structures (i.e. barricades, catapult etc). They are spawned as ordinary buckets and there is a tap of water nearby.
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars explosive potion Explosive potions Used to blow up enemy structures, and rocks. When dropped you will receive 15Hp damage.
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars rock Rocks Ammo for the Catapult.
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of Castle Wars rope Rope Used to climb walls from the outside.
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars tinderbox Tinderboxes Useful for burning enemy structures (i.e. barricades, catapult etc)
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Castle Wars toolbox Toolbox Used to repair the Catapult, Front Door

Healing is quite an important part to play, however it is not overly necessary. To heal someone, you have to get some bandages from your starting room, and use it on an injured player, or just eat it yourself. Each bandage heals 10% of your hitpoints as well as 30% energy. However, if you have a castlewars braclet (an enchanted Emerald braclet), then you will get 50% more healing from a bandage. They will also be able to do 20% more damage when attacking the bearer of their side's flag. It has 3 charges, and will lose 1 after each Castle Wars game starts. You must be wearing it when the game starts for it to work.

Barricading is a very important part of Castle Wars. Barricades can prevent the other team from entering certain areas, or climbing stairs or ladders. These can also be attacked and destroyed. To make a barricade, all you have to do, is take one from the storeroom, and choose the "set-up" option. Note that your team may only have ten barricades set up at one point in time.

The two castles are linked via a network of tunnels, which run underground, from one storeroom to the other. Rocks and enemy structures may need to be removed down there for you to pass. Use your pickaxe to mine the collapsed tunnels, and explosion potions to blow things up and crush players by collapsing tunnels.

The Catapult
The catapult is located at the front of the castle, and is useful for blowing up your enemy's defense. The catapult will sometimes need repairing as it gets destroyed. To repair a catapult, go to the storeroom, pick up a toolkit, and take it back up to the catapult. To fire the catapult, you will need a rock in your inventory, which can be picked up from a table in the storeroom To fire a catapult, right click "Operate catapult" (Picture), and move the arrows up, down and sideways to get to your target.

Tinderboxes, buckets of water, and ropes are also useful throughout the war. Tinderboxes can light enemy structures on fire, which will eventually destroy it, whilst the buckets of water will put out fires. The ropes on the other hand, will allow you to climb the walls of the building; however, only on the first level. Explosive potions are almost vital when you infiltrate the opposition's base. They often have barricades set up that can't be burnt out (as they may have buckets of water). Using the explosive potion on a barricade, blows it up (Picture). If you'd rather just heal others, and repair your team's structures, you can do so. Just take some bandages, rocks, toolkits, ropes, and buckets of water and see what you can do.

Castlewars Bracelet
The Castlewars Bracelet is crafted with an emerald and a gold bar in a furnace using a bracelet mould, (level 30 Crafting required), and then emerald enchanted (level 27 Magic Required). Those who wield this bracelet will get 50% more healing from a bandage, as well being able to do 20% more damage when attacking the bearer of their side's flag. You can only use it in Castle Wars, in other areas it will not affect anything. The Bracelet can be worth it, 50% more healing is useful for when you are carrying the flag for your team. As for 20% more damage, that gives your team a higher chance of winning. The bracelet brakes after three games wearing it, on the third it shall break but the effects will still apply. It is recommended to have this while in Castle Wars.

3.1 - Interface

The interface of castle wars can seem useless, but it's quite informative. The below picture explains each part of the interface.

Zybez RuneScape Help's explanation of the Castle Wars interface

4.0 - Tactics of Play

There is no tactic involved if you just turn up, with a bunch of people whom you have no relation to. Basically, all you have to do is Mage, Range or Melee the other team. However, below are a few pointers. It is useful to have at least 10 people guarding your own standard on the fourth floor, to prevent the other team snatching it. If you're really in it to win, the best offence is a good defense. Sometimes, you can allow players to come up to your standard room, snatch the flag, set up a few barricades (Picture), then don't let them escape. Kill them, and wait for the next person to come. It's best to have this on a few levels, to prevent mass attacks (Picture).

4.1 - Strategies
Strategy One

Defence: Mage defender, Range defender, Melee defender, Catapult runner, Trackers
Attack: Melee attacker
Forward team: Melee saboteur, Entrance blocker, Entrance opener

The mage and range defenders are mostly on the castle walls, attacking anybody approaching. Some melee fighters are required to kill off any melee character that made it to the walls and tries to kill the rangers/mages. Also, near the flag you want a mixture of fighters. The trackers can be anybody, but they remain with a captured flag and give the position on where it is and who is carrying it while attacking the flag runner.

The catapult needs to be fired as often as possible, it hits all the way to the bridge. However it requires ammo that needs to be brought up from the storeroom. This is commonly done by an ammo runner.

The forward team has several tasks:

Rope runner: 1-5 people load up on rope and throw them on the castle walls, since the main door is heavily defended. The ropes stay for several minutes so your main attack force can climb the walls.

The entrance opener is mainly a person who carries explosives and a pickaxe. Usually split into two teams, he runs in the tunnels to make them free and also on land he blows up barricades.

I mainly like my melee saboteur. As a saboteur you are likely to have mage prayer defense, heavy armour and loads of bandages, some explosive potions and a tinderbox. You run to the enemy castle and mainly sabotage their catapult; when explosives aren't good, use the tinderbox since not many people carry water.

So far I found that the main attack force will be melee combatants. I have so far hardly seen many flag capturers who are mage or ranger. Don't waste time killing the opponent; just go straight for the flag.

Strategy Two

The most important thing is teamwork. A team of 5 or more level 100's+ can easily win the game on their own if the opposition lacks teamwork. If you are over level 80 (melee-based combat) you should always attack the other castle. As far as defending goes, a few people usually guard your flag room, so don't worry about that. If you have 60+ magic or ranged, defend the castle, but do NOT range or mage when you have decent combat stats (70+ hp).

Some general pointers for melee attackers:
1) Teamwork. As I stated before, a small group of powerful melee warriors can literally destroy everything and everyone. Add each other; put your public chat on 'friends' and shout the names of the one you're attacking, so all of you can team on the same person.

2) Potions. Don't forget them, especially super defense. I'm 92 defense myself and I can guarantee you I'm almost untouchable, even when 4+ players are attacking me. So try to take a super defense potion so you have around 90 defense and the enemy will waste a lot of time before (and if) they manage to kill you. It would be best to take prayer potions and super attack/strength as well. With a SSP and Ultimate Strength prayer you can hit really high, allowing you to take barricades and doors down with no more than two hits. Not to mention all those defenseless archers, who are just begging to get killed!

3) When you're getting teamed badly, run around obstacles. For example, there are various barricades and such outside the castle walls - just run around them to shake off your attackers. And, when you're in the castle go up the stairs once and go back down immediately afterwards.

4) Avoid getting killed. When you have potted your stats will reset if you get killed, so instead of dying, run back to the starting room to collect bandages.

Using brute force doesn't involve much tactic, although everyone in the team should take one useful item with them. One of you should have a rope so you can all get on the castle walls, while someone else can use a tinderbox to destroy the catapult. Tear down their defense by teaming on their rangers and mages, and then scout their castle for the flag carrier.

Strategy Three

Solo Flag running: Bring 2-3 barricades, 8 explosive potions, and as many bandages as possible

Never leave the castle if you're not going to make it safely with the flag. If you're near death with no bandages, don't take the chance in dropping the flag in enemy hands.

When you have captured the flag, Take the far ladder, not the stairs, on the spawn room floor, and run underground. You can set a barricade a number of ways down there to lose your pursuers, in addition to being able to use the cave walls to further separate yourself from pursuers.

If players are following closely, but not attacking, collapsing the cave walls on the far side may eliminate the close following pursuers and distance yourself from other pursuing players

If you get in trouble and are out of barricades and the cave walls won't work because attackers are right next to you, you can go to ground floor and run back to your base. Remember: Zamorak North, Sara South.

5.0 - Rewards

The only reward given, are Castle war tickets, which can be exchanged for "decorative armours", hoods and capes at Lanthus, in the lobby of the castle wars mini-game. The armour, and tickets are un-tradable. The tickets are distributed as follows:

  • Victory without budging: 3 tickets
  • Victory: 2 tickets
  • Draw with no points: 2 ticket
  • Draw: 1 ticket
  • Defeat: No ticket

Lanthus' store contains the following items:
Note: Red and blue decorative armour has the same stats as steel armour. White and teal decorative armour has the same stats as Mithril armour. Gold and black decorative armour has the same stats as adamant armour.

Red and Blue Decorative Armour White and Teal Decorative Armour Gold and Black Decorative Armour Miscellaneous
Picture Name Cost Picture Name Cost Picture Name Cost Picture Name Cost
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Red and Blue Decorative helm Helm 4 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the White and Teal Decorative helm Helm 40 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the White and Teal Decorative helm Helm 400 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Castle Wars manual Castlewars Manual 5 GP
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Red and Blue Decorative body Body 8 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the White and Teal Decorative body Body 80 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Black and Gold Decorative body Body 800 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Saradomin Cloak Castlewars Cloak (Saradomin) 10 tickets
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Red and Blue Decorative legs Legs 6 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the White and Teal Decorative legs Legs 60 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Black and Gold Decorative legs Legs 600 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Zamorak Cloak Castlewars Cloak (Zamorak) 10 tickets
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Red and Blue Decorative sword Sword 5 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the White and Teal Decorative sword Sword 50 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Black and Gold Decorative sword Sword 500 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Saradomin Hood Castlewars Hood (Saradomin) 10 tickets
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Red and Blue Decorative shield Shield 6 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the White and Teal Decorative shield Shield 60 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Black and Gold Decorative shield Shield 600 tickets Zybez RuneScape Help's image of the Zamorak Hood Castlewars Hood (Zamorak) 10 tickets
Author: Ben_Goten78

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