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- 2 Quest Points.
- 11,000 Prayer XP, 15,300 Defence XP.

Start PointStart Point

Camelot Castle, Talk to King Arthur.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Quest: Merlin's Crystal.
Item: Excalibur (from Merlin's Crystal).
Other: Ability to kill a Black Knight Titan (Level-120).


Skill: 51 Magic, 43 Prayer, 40 Attack.
Item: Armour (Rune or better), Food (Lobsters or better), Air Staff, 6 Water and 7 Law Runes, 3-4 Prayer Potions, 1-2 Anti-Poison Potions, 60GP or Amulet of Glory(4).

King Arthur is sending out his knights on a quest for the famous holy grail. If you are a knight of the round table go to King Arthur for further orders.

Part 1:
The Mythical Grail

Step 1
Talk to King Arthur.
Talk to the knights.
Talk to Merlin, in the room on the second floor.

Talk to King Arthur in his castle and he will thank you for helping him with getting Merlin out his sticky situation. Ask him do you have any other quests for me? He will reply that he does, but it is a very dangerous. He ask you to find the Holy Grail (the cup Jesus Christ was supposed to have drunk from at the Last Supper, which grants anyone who drinks from it eternal life). Tell him you will seek it (Picture).

Talk to some of the other knights in the castle, most of them will tell you that they can't help you or something equally dismissive, and Sir Lancelot (Picture) will be very rude, but Sir Pelleas will tell you to speak to Merlin, the Wizard, or Sir Galahad (Picture).

Talk to Merlin, who can be found in a room in the east side of the second floor of Camelot Castle, you will ask him for assistance in finding the Grail, and he will tell you that the Grail will most likely be found somewhere holy, and that he has heard of an island somewhere that you may find some more information (meaning Entrana) (Picture). He also tells you to go and talk to Sir Galahad, who can be in a small house found west of McGrubor's Wood

Part 2:
The Holy Island

Step 2
Travel to Entrana.
Talk to the High Priest, in Monastery.

Deposit all your weapons and armour and go to Port Sarim (this includes staves and amulets except gnome). Talk to one of the Monks of Entrana and choose the second option yes I am ready? The monk will search you and then you will sail to the holy island of Entrana (Picture).

Cross the gangplank, you will be on the island of Entrana, enter the monastery and talk to the High Priest. You will say that you are on a quest for the Holy Grail, and he will reply that the Grail once passed thought Entrana, but he knows not of it's whereabouts now.

A woman called a 'Crone' will say 'wait', and tell you that you had better come quickly because a fisher king is in pain. You will reply that you would but you don't know where to go, she will tell you to go to where the six heads face, blow the whistle and away you go!. In turn, ask the crone what she means by 'the six stone heads', she will tell you that six stone heads have appeared on the face of the earth recently, and they all point in the direction of 'the realm crossing', and that you should be able to pinpoint where that is.

Ask her what 'A Fisher King' is and she will then tell you that the fisher king is 'the keeper and slave of the grail'. Ask her "What do you mean by to whistle?" She will reply "You will need to get one to reach the Fisher Kings realm", and "They are located in haunted mansion in Misthalin. but you must first carry something from the Fisher King's realm to perceive them. Tell her that you 'will go searching'. She will wish you good luck, and the dialogue will end.

Board the boat back to Port Sarim by talking to one of the monks at the docks and saying 'Yes I am ready to go'.

Part 3:
The Magic Whistle

Step 3
Talk to Sir Galahad, in McGrubor's Woods.
Travel to Draynor Manor, and find the magic whistles.

Talk to Sir Galahad who can be found in a small house, west of McGrubor's Wood (Picture), tell him you are on a quest to find the Holy Grail, he will begin reminiscing about the Grail. Choose the second option '"What are you talking about?", and then the second option again "Why did you leave?".

Galahad will tell you that King Arthur has need of his knight of the round table and this includes him, he will then tell you that he did keep one keepsake of his journey, you will ask him if you could have it, and he will give you the 'Holy table napkin'. You now have the item from the Fisher Kings realm (Picture).

Talk to Galahad again, and ask him "doesn't it get lonely out here?", and he will reply that his faith in Saradomin keeps him strong, and give you a 'cup of tea'.

Go to Draynor Village Manor and climb to the top floor. Go through the doors and two 'magic whistles' will appear on the table (Picture) if you have your holy table napkin with you.

Part 4:
A Great Big Bully

Step 5
Blow Whistle in correct spot at Brimhaven.
Defeat the Black Knight Titan.
Talk to the Fisher, west of the Black Knight Titan.
Talk to the Fisher King, inside the castle.

Items needed: Excalibur, Armour, Food, 1-2 Anti-Poison Potions, 2 Whistles, 60GP or Amulet of Glory(4).

Go to Brimhaven, head west until you reach the beach and then head north, through some Poison Scorpions (Level-20) until you reach a small clearing surrounded by four poles (Picture), blow the whistle. You should appear in a wasteland like area, there will be a small bridge guarded by a Black Knight Titan (Level-120). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Black Titan

Note: use protect from melee and drink prayer potions when fighting the Black Knight Titan.

Attack the titan with Excalibur equipped. When you kill him, continue west over the bridge and then go down the side of the creek you just crossed. Talk to the Fisher and ask if he knows how to get into the building. He will say that there is always a bell up there that you ring when he goes there (Picture).

Head west, and climb a short narrow path up to the ruined castle, you should find a 'Grail bell' outside the pile of rubble at the front. Pick up the bell and 'Ring' it. You will suddenly find yourself in the castle.

Go through the door right in front of you, and climb the staircase, talk to The Fisher King tell him that you seek the Grail, he will be happy and tell you of a legend that a knight will take the grail and figure out how to restore the glory of the land. You will ask him if he has any ideas on how to restore the land, he will reply he has no idea.

Ask The Fisher King why he looks so bad, he will say he is worried about his son, who he believes is a knight of the round table, you will offer to find him. When the dialogue ends, blow your magic whistle and you will find yourself back on Karamja Island. I suggest using Camelot Teleport.

Part 5:
Saving Percival

Step 6
Talk to King Arthur, Camelot Castle.
Talk to Percival.

Now go back to Camelot Castle and talk to King Arthur. You will ask him if he has heard of a knight called Sir Percival, he will reply that Percival has gone on a quest to recover the Golden Boots of Arkaneeses. You will ask him where you may find them, Arthur will reply that he doesn't know but this magical feather may be able to show you the way, he gives you a yellow feather and tells you to gently blow on it (Picture).

Blow on the feather, it should point to the east, now you can find your way there, and you will find yourself in the goblin village, or you can Falador teleport and walk there. Blow on the feather again and it should point somewhere nearby. In one of the houses, there should be some sacks with the option 'Prod', click on these, and then open it. Percival will appear and thank you for rescuing him (Picture).

Tell Percival that his father wishes to speak with him, you will say that he is dying and wishes Percival to be his heir. He tells you that he has been told that before, but he cannot find his way back to the castle, you tell him that he needs a magic whistle, give him one and then explain what he needs to do with it. Just teleport to Ardougne and then sail to Brimhaven again, as in point 13.

Part 6:
The Cup of Christ

Step 7
Talk to King Percival, in the castle.
Move to the third floor to find the Holy Grail.
Return to Camelot and speak with King Arthur.

Items needed: Camelot Teleport Runes.

Return to the Fisher King's realm (you may notice the absence of the Black Knight Titan and the green landscape), and run to the Castle. This time you can enter by just opening the door and strolling in. Go to the place where you spoke to the Fisher King the first time, talk to King Percival and he will tell you about the miraculous return to health of the Kingdom when he accepted the crown. Now go downstairs and to the eastern-most staircase.

Climb to the third floor and you should see the Holy Grail (Picture). Now teleport to Camelot by blowing your magic whistle and then teleporting/sailing/running. Talk to King Arthur he will ask you how your quest is going, you will reply that you have retrieved The Grail, it will disappear from your inventory.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I lost/dropped my Excalibur sword before doing this quest, how can I get another one?

A: Another Excalibur sword can be obtained from the Lady of the Lake for 500GP.

Q: Can I hurt the Black Knight Titan with any other weapon than Excalibur?

A: It is very difficult to use other weapons on the Black Knight Titan, but you can do damage with other weapons. But remember you must KILL him with Excalibur (like Delrith with the Silverlight) or he will respawn.

Q: Do I need to be in the particular spot on Brimhaven and N. Karamja Island to get to the Fisher King's Kingdom?

A: Yes.

Author: Robin Hood

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