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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

If you are tired of training your magic the same old ways and want to earn some extra prizes then head on down to the Mage Training Arena, just north of the Al-Kharid Duel Arena. The Mage Training Arena has four mini games, which you can use to train your magic in a safe environment. These games include: the alchemist's playground; the creature graveyard; the telekinetic theatre; and the enchantment chamber. Other than buying from other players, this training arena is the only way to obtain magic wands, the "bones to peaches" spell, the magic book, and of course, the infinity robes.

2.0 - The Lobby

The lobby area holds a few NPC's, the mini-game portals, and the rewards store (upstairs). Outside the lobby, you will find two magic trees.

The Portals

The bottom floor contains all of the mini games. Below is marked where each portal leads to.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Portals in the Mage Training Arena

NPC's and Shops

Entrance Guardian: Talk to the Entrance Guardian as soon as you get into The Mage Training Area. He will tell you why the place was built, what to do, and he will also give you a progress hat. You need to have this whenever you play any of the mini games as it stores your pizazz points; don't lose it or forget to bring it.

Charmed Warriors: Charmed warriors will talk you, but they don't have anything important to say.

Rewards Guardian: This Guardian runs the shop where you may spend your Pizazz Points (Picture).

For the stats of the items, please check out the magic guide which lists all magic bonuses.

The shops prices are as follows:

Magic Training Arena Shop
Item Name Telekinetic Points Alchemist Points Enchantment Points Graveyard Points
Beginner wand 30 30 300 30
* Apprentice wand 60 60 600 60
* Teacher wand 150 200 1500 150
* Master wand 240 240 2400 240
Infinity top 400 450 4000 400
Infinity hat 350 400 3000 350
Infinity boots 120 120 1200 120
Infinity gloves 175 225 1500 175
Infinity bottom 450 500 5000 450
Mages book 500 550 6000 500
Bones to peaches spell 200 300 2000 200
Combo runes 1 1 15 1
Cosmic runes 0 0 5 0
Chaos runes 0 1 5 1
Nature runes 0 1 0 1
Death runes 2 1 20 1
Law runes 2 0 0 0
Blood/ Soul runes 2 2 25 2

* :: Upgrade
To buy the "upgrade" items, you must have the wand listed before it.
Example: To buy the apprentice wand from the store, you must have a beginner's wand.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Alchemist Playground Display
3.0 - Alchemist's Playground

The Alchemist's Playground is one of the four training areas within the Mage Training Arena. Upon entering the "playground", you will be in a big room with some cupboards, and a coin collector.

There is very little that you must bring to effectively train your magic, or collect pizazz points here. Basically you only need three things: a fire staff, nature runes, and the progress hat.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Alchemist's Playground

Firstly, you need to understand the display in the top right-hand corner of the game window. The numbers beside the items indicates how many coins you obtain when you Alchemize that specific item. When an arrow points to an item, it means that you can high alchemy that item, free of charge (i.e. it doesn't use any runes). The amounts on the display change randomly, so keep a close eye on it.

Now onto the cupboards and coin collector. Each cupboard contains one of the following items, and changes at random: leather boots, adamant kiteshield, adamant med helm, emerald, or rune longsword. The items in the cupboards randomize, when the display in the top right changes. The coin collector, found in the back of the room, will take your coins, and give you magic XP and alchemy pizazz points, depending on how many coins you deposit. Note that you receive 1 pizazz point per 100 coins. They do not stack up over time, so before you deposit the coins, make sure you have a hundred number (e.g. 15000, 1200; rather than 159, 15650).

3.1 - Tips and Strategy

Now what you need to do is pick up items from the cupboards and cast High or Low Level Alchemy on them. When the items prices change the items also change which cupboard they are in, so staying at one cupboard is not a good plan. Make sure you keep up with the prices; you don't want to waste a nature rune on something that only costs 1gp. I would recommend stocking up on two or three different items and waiting until those items cost 15gp or 30gp, when the price is high go ahead and cast your alchemy spell on those items.

Once you decide you are done with this game deposit your coins into the "Coin Collector". Do not leave or log-out without depositing your coins, otherwise you will lose the coins that you have collected.

3.2 - Rewards

You will receive 2 XP for every coin that you deposit and you receive the normal XP for cast High or Low Level Alchemy. Also, you will receive 1 Alchemy Pizazz Point for every 100 coins deposited and 10 coins for every 100 deposited.

4.0 - Creature Graveyard

To get the Creature Graveyard simply go to the western-most portal labeled "Graveyard Teleport", on the bottom floor of the Mage Training Arena. You will need Level 15 Magic for this. To start off go to the North-Eastern corner and start grabbing bones out of the piles. Once you have about 13 bones, cast the bones to Bananas Spell. You may be wondering why you cast the spell before you are full bones. Well the reason is that bones give from 1-4 bananas each so you average about two bananas from each bone, so it is much quicker this way. Once you have the bananas, go just west of where you were picking up bananas and deposit your bananas into the food chutes by right clicking the chutes and selecting "Deposit Food Chute".

If you are wondering what that list in the lower right hand corner is, it is a list that shows how many bananas you get per bone. The "4" next to the top bone means you get four bananas per bone, the "3" next to the second bone down means you get three bananas per bone, and so on and so fourth.

Every once in a while you will get a couple runes when you deposit bananas. You can keep them if you want, but I would recommend dropping them unless you get nature, water or earth runes so that you can save space for bones and bananas.

If you have saved up and bought the bones to peaches spell you will no longer have to bring any spare food. The peaches heal enough that you can just eat them when your health gets low. Peaches have not been proven to give more pizazz points; however, the spell does give more XP.

4.1 - What To Bring

In order to ensure that you effectively train your magic, or collect pizazz points here, you will need: nature runes, water or earth runes, water or earth staff (the opposite of the kind of runes that you brought), 8-12 pieces of high healing food and the mage training arena progress hat. It's also possible to take a Mud Battlestaff instead of water/earth runes and a staff of the opposite kind; this saves you another inventory spot, allowing you to get pizazz points even faster.

4.2 - Rewards

As a reward, you will receive 1 Pizazz Point for every 16 bananas that you deposit and the usual XP for casting Bones to Bananas or Bones to Peaches.

5.0 - Telekinetic Theatre

Your job is to cast the spell Telekinetic Grab on the stone statue inside the maze. You must move the statue around the maze by running to the side of the maze you want the statue to move towards and casting the spell. The statute will then move towards you. It will go as far as it can before hitting a wall or some other obstacle. You cannot make it stop in the middle of movement, so the maze requires some strategy and looking-ahead to do properly.

5.1 - Maze Solutions

There are a total of 10 different mazes you can get. They often repeat so you can get a maze two or three times in a 5-maze set. The table below shows the solutions for all of the mazes you can come across (green is start point, red is finish):

Maze Solutions Table
Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution
Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution
Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution
Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution
Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution Zybez RuneScape Help's Telekinetic Theatre Solution

5.2 - Requirements and Recommendations

This section includes a list of items required to complete the maze and some recommended items to make it easier for you to complete. You will need Level 33 Magic, law runes and air runes/staff.

Keep in mind that you will have to cast this spell many times in order to get a decent amount of points. Each maze can be solved in 10 moves or less, though they usually take 7-8 moves to complete. I would recommend bringing at least 500 law runes and an air staff. Therefore, it is recommend that you use Boots of Lightness and a Spotted or Spottier cape and nothing else.

To minimize the amount of time it takes to complete each maze, you will want to have run on. Therefore, keep your weight at a minimum so you will not run out of energy while running to the different sides of the Theatre. You will not need anything besides your runes and staff, therefore wearing heavy armour is a waste of energy.

5.3 - Tips and Strategy

When you first enter the Theatre, go to the maze and right-click on the statue. You will see the option to "Observe Guardian Statue." Choose this option. It will move the camera so you are looking over the maze. This makes it much easier to complete it, and objects and walls will not get in the way. Plan to spend 50 laws for 5 mazes. You will probably spend less, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead and bring extras.

It will cost around 700 law runes to get enough points for the majority of the items in the arena shop (usually around 300-400 points). Also remember that you will get 10 laws back for every 5 mazes that you complete. Dress light, always keep run on. Don't bring armour or other heavy things to the arena, they are unneeded and just weigh you down.

Move where you need to, but if there is a choice always stop to consider each path before taking one. This will stop you from wasting laws by going the wrong way. These mazes are not hard to figure out if you just look ahead.

Remember that you cannot drag the statue diagonally, so standing at corners will not move the statue. Casting the spell from a spot where there is an obstacle in front of the statue will waste laws as well.

5.4 - Rewards

For each maze you complete you will receive 2 telekinetic pizazz points. For every 5 mazes you complete you will receive 8 extra points. That means 5 mazes will get you 18 points. You will also receive 10 law runes and 1,000 experience for every 5 mazes completed.

6.0 - Enchantment Chamber

The Enchantment Chamber is one of the four training areas within the Mage Training Arena. Upon entering the chamber, you will be in an area with four separate rooms to the north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west. Each room contains one type of shape, as well as one of another shape.

In the middle of the chamber is a big well. In this well, you drop your orbs. To get orbs, you must cast any enchantment spell on any shape. Note that you only receive 75% of the regular magic XP given for each enchant spell. The four shapes include: Icosahedrons (blue), pentamid (red), cylinder (green), and cube (yellow). The map below shows where each of these can be found.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Enchantment Chamber

The purpose of this chamber is not only to gain magic XP, but to collect Enchantment Pizazz points, that can be traded for magical items at the training arena's store; upstairs of the entrance hall.

It is highly recommended you pick up the dragonstones on the ground and cast the highest enchantment spell you can on them as they give you extra points.

6.1 - What Should I bring?

There is very little that you must bring to effectively train your magic, or collect pizazz points here. Firstly, and most importantly: cosmic runes, and the mage training arena progress hat.

The other types of runes, or staves you bring, depend upon your magic level. The main rule for this, is pack light! As there is no need for armour, only bring boots of lightness, a spotted or spottier cape, and a staff (along with the cosmic runes and progress hat).

Obviously you know what enchantment spell you are going to cast, so only bring the staff which provides unlimited runes for that spell.

6.2 - Tips and Strategy

The enchantment chamber has a very simple concept. Collect shapes, enchant them, and plunk them in the well. If you're primarily here for training your magic, this is all you need to do.

If you wish to collect a large number of enchantment pizazz points, you will have to collect a load of shapes, and wait until the chamber guardian changes the current "bonus shape," to the shape you have in your inventory, before enchanting them. The pizazz distribution is explained in the following rewards section.

For those with 87+ magic and a lava battlestaff, casting enchant level-6 jewelry (onyx), is the best magic XP available, giving an amazing 73 XP. That's using one cosmic rune!
For those with 68-87 magic and an earth staff, casting enchant level-5 jewelry (Dragonstone), is also very good magic XP, giving 58.5 XP.

6.3 - Rewards

When you enchant a "bonus shape," you will receive one pizazz point per shape. Depending on which enchant spell you are using, you will get additional pizazz points for each 10th "bonus shape" you enchant. The bonus is equal to the spell level you use for the 10th shape.
There are also 6 Dragonstone spawns in the room. These cannot be taken out of the room, as they are also a bonus shape that can be enchanted. You get 2 pizazz points per level of spell you use to enchant these (in other words you can get 10 pizazz points for each of these using level-5 jewelry (dragonstone) enchantment).
These can be used to purchase items from the rewards guardian. For every 20 orbs dropped into the well, you will also receive 3 death, cosmic, or blood runes.

Author: Craftingrox, Howa and Ben_Goten78

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