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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

You may be wondering, what is the duel arena? This guide details the duel arena, and will hopefully answer any questions you have. To begin with, you should know that the Duel Arena is located in Al-Kharid, and is members only. The most common method of reaching the arena is rubbing a ring of dueling (an enchanted emerald ring which will teleport you to either the duel arena entrance, or castle wars). This map may be helpful.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Area Surrounding the Duel Arena

Zybez RuneScape Help's View of the Duel Arena
2.0 - General Information

Well hopefully, you should be able to make your way to the arena. You may have a few more questions now. Well at the entrance, you will notice a score board. That will show all the recent duels, the opponent's levels, and the victor. You will also notice a small hut with the NPC named Mubariz. He will give you some general information on the arena, including its history. Next, you will notice the high walls, and the walkways above them. Up there, you may view other people dueling. If you right click the railing, you can use the "lean" option. You will be able to see many more duels.(This is shown in the picture to the right)

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Menu in the Duel Arena

If you are feeling like it, you can throw rotten tomatoes at other players. To do this, "use" a rotten tomato on a player. You can obtain rotten tomatoes by letting them rot in a compost bin, or buying them from the NPC near the bank area for a small fee. Some general information on the duel arena: First off, you will not lose anything you do not stake in the duel arena when you die! If you're wondering what a stake is, it is similar to a bet. When you duel someone, you will have the option to stake them, and they can stake you. The winner takes both stake piles. To initiate a duel, you must right click them, and a new option will appear, "Challenge", as shown in the picture to the left.

After you click challenge, it will send them a duel request, similar to trade requests. They must accept it, and then you will be presented with the rules (For more information, see section 3.0). If you wander north in the arena, you will find the lobby. Here is where you return when you are finished dueling. This is where most people meet. In the north-eastern corner of the lobby is an altar. There are nurses here that will heal you free of charge (right click them, or ask to be healed through conversation). Just east of the lobby are two bank chests. Simply use the "bank" option on them, and they will act the same as a bank. Also, there is an NPC here named Fadli who will sell you rotten tomatoes, and give you some help. He can also act as a banker, but the chests are faster.

3.0 - Staking

Staking is probably the single best money maker besides merchanting. Staking is defined as putting up a certain amount of items or cash in the pot. Your opponent does the same, and you go 1v1 inside the duel arena. The winner gets the entire pot. You have a chance of earning loads of money in under an hour! The down side is, you can also lose all your money in under an hour. Staking is a game of pure luck, first hits, ability to eye out easy opponents, and your hitpoints. The only place you may stake people is inside the Duel Arena.

Be warned, staking is extremely addictive to most players. Almost all of them claim to leave the arena once they are up a small amount, however, a good amount end up leaving the arena with no cash whatsoever. The problem is greed. When you win, you get self-confidence, and too much of that will result in the player staking more and more. If they lose, they go back and stake again, trying to get back their money. They end up losing, and losing until they are out of cash/items. It's imperative to not make this mistake. When you are up a good amount of cash, leave. Don't take the chance of losing ALL your cash. That is the only solution.

The best way to stake is to start out with one third of your cash. If you don't have at least 300k to spare, then staking is not a very good option of making cash for you. If you have enough money, then go to populated staking worlds. If you are a lower-leveled player, go to World 18. If you are a higher-leveled player, go to World 22. From there, you will find a massive amount players whom are willing to stake people for large cash. Start out with finding people around your level. For starter stakers, find people whom are lower your level who are willing to stake you. Remember, always check your opponents stats. Some players often times are "staking" pures. They specialize in one stat, let it be strength, magic, or ranged. Try and avoid these people, because of their ability to hit high and fast.

There are four main types of staking: Box Staking, Whip Staking, Dds Staking, and Magic/Ranged Staking.

Box Staking: Boxing is where both players fight without a weapon. Box staking solely depends on your attack, and defense levels. The higher attack, the more accurate your punch/kicks are. The higher defense, the less likely your opponent will hit you.

Whip Staking: Whip staking is often classified as players staking with special attacks off. Whip staking depends mainly on attack and strength.

Dds Staking: Dds staking is when players stake with specials on. If you and your opponent have similar stats, then this is a stake of pure luck. Whomever hits the highest specials will most likely win.

Magic/Ranged Staking: Magic/Ranged Staking is where players purely use magic/ranged. Again, if your magic/ranged stats are similar, then you will solely rely on luck to win.

4.0 - The Rules

There are a series of rules that you may want to set to make the duel fair, and also have some fun. The list of available rules is below. In the center, it will show what you are wearing for your reference.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Duel Arena Rules

If you click on a piece of equipment, a V will be placed over it. Neither player may use this piece of equipment during the duel, if you disable it. On the top right and top left, are stakes. The right side is your stake, and the left is your opponent's stake. Be careful when balancing this out. Now, there is a long list of rules. They are explained below:

The Rule What it Does
No Ranged Disables the use of ranged attacks in the duel. This includes the use of a bow, arrows, knives, darts, etc.
No Melee Disables the use of melee attacks in the duel. This includes weapons and basic melee attacks (hand to hand).
No Magic Disable the use of magical attacks. This will disable ancient and modern magic attacks of any kind.
No Special Attacks Disables the use of a special attack. This is for both melee and range special attacks.
No Weapons You cannot use a weapon of any kind, and must fight with your fists. This does not disable magical attacks however.
Fun Weapons Only allows you to use rubber chickens and flowers in a duel. Only recommended for fun dueling a friend, etc.
No Forfeits You will not be allowed to forfeit (quit) duels. If you wish to forfeit when forfeiting is allowed, there are two exits, to the north and south of the arena.
No Drinks Disables the use of a drink of any kind. This includes potions and beers. I would strongly recommend ticking this box if you do not have a drink of any kind in your inventory, as it gives your opponent a big advantage.
No Food Disables the use of a food of any kind. I would strongly recommend ticking this box if you do not have good food in your inventory, as it gives your opponent a big advantage.
No Prayer This disables the use of prayer of any kind in the arena. This includes stat raising prayers, and protect prayers. Its a common rule when staking.
No Movement This prevents you from moving in the duel. You can still forfeit, and you can still melee. You are placed next to each other. Its a common rule when your opponent is a melee fighter to prevent you from entangling/freezing them. This also disables any holding spells (INCLUDING ANCIENT MAGIC ICE SPELLS!)
Obstacles Places obstacles in the arena. Not a common rule, but you can range and mage over them. Not many people use it, because you can easily run around them.

Once both players agree with the rules, you will see a second screen. This confirms the rules, similar to the second trade screen. In the example below, the only option changed is some armor is disabled. It also displays the stake again, but in this example, there was no stake.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Rule Confirmation Screen

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Arrow Above Your Opponent
5.0 - The Dueling

Now that both players agree with the rules, you will be transported into the appropriate arena. You will now both start to count down from 3, until you can start. You can move in this phase but cannot attack. An arrow will appear above your opponent's head, shown below.

Once the duel is over, you will both be transported back to the lobby. If you have been victorious, you will be displayed with the following screen.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Spoils Screen

If you are killed, you will be displayed with the common death message "Oh dear, you have died." You will also lose any stake you have posted.

6.0 - Hiding

There are many tactics to dueling. One such tactic is called hiding. To hide, you should have a good weapon, and a not so good weapon/armour. You should equip the not so good weapon and armour in the lobby, and then switch to the better weapon when you are dueling. This is common with whips and mauls. You should also be aware of this, and be prepared for someone to pull this tactic.

7.0 - Scams

All this greatness comes with a price. People will try to deceive you in the duel arena, and try to earn your hard earned cash! There are several ways to do this. One way is to disable some piece of equipment. You can disable a shield, and not be able to use a two handed weapon. You can disable a quiver (unless they have a crystal bow, which is rare) and not allow them to shoot anything with a bow. You could also have a scammer try to flip on/off a rule real quick, and hit agree. This could disable your method of fighting, or turn on theirs. Another scam involves a low level convincing someone very high to stake them. Most of the time, the low level is pure, and a mage, and will easily take the high level out. To be safe against this, I'd recommend looking their levels up on the high scores if they want to stake you and are much lower than you.

8.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If I die do I lose my stuff?

A: No. You do not lose your stuff, unless you have staked it.

Q: Can I use staked items in a duel?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot. You can not use anything that you have put up to stake, in a duel.

Q: Do I have to stake?

A: No, but if you don't stake, your opponent will most likely not stake you. Also, you won't receive any spoils if nothing is put up for staking. For the most part, non-staking duels are referred to as 'fun' duels.

Author: Jon and Denny

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