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The Jatizso dungeon is home to families of ice trolls that are excellent training and have great drops. This is such a great place to train because mages or rangers are able to hide behind rocks and attack them. In addition, it is not a multi-combat area, so you won't have to worry about multiple trolls attacking you at the same time. Ice troll males and females are level 82, the Ice troll runt is level 74. Both the male and the runt use a melee attack while the females use a ranged attack.

The mine contains 11 adamant, 16 mithril, 9 iron, 6 coal, and 11 tin rocks. The dungeon entrance/exit is relatively close to a bank so this is a great place to mine. You need to watch out for the aggressive trolls which inhabit the north part of the mine though.

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Mapped By: Ben_Goten78 and Zug313

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