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Location Requirements Members
West of Varrock 32 Cooking and a Chef's hat No

Zybez RuneScape Help's Cooking Guild Map

To find the Cooks' guild, simply walk west out of Varrock, and head north-west at Juliet's house.
This guild is home to a pie stall, a dairy churn and grain hopper amongst other things.

The Ground Floor
Zybez RuneScape Help Map of the Cooks' Guild Ground Floor

On the ground floor you will find a flour bin, where the grain you put in the hopper comes out, a pie shop, a table with a chocolate bar on top (spawning once every forty seconds), a sink and the Head Chef. The sink is very useful when making pastry bases for pies, pizzas and breads, with jugs being found on the top floor. When you reach 99 cooking, you should speak to the Head Chef for the appropriate Cape of Accomplishment. Jagex has recently added a bank for more convenience when using this guild.

Pie shop (Members Only)

Talk to: Romily Weaklax

Zybez RuneScape Help's Pie Shop Screenshot
  • Pie recipe book: 5gp
  • Redberry pie: 12gp
  • Meat pie: 15gp
  • Mud pie: 54gp
  • Apple pie: 30gp
  • Garden pie: 24gp
  • Fish pie: 100gp
  • Admiral pie: 310gp
  • Wild pie: 182gp
  • Summer pie: 140gp

Zybez RuneScape Help Map of the Cooks' Guild First Floor
The First Floor

This floor contains a bowl, cake tin, cooking apple and pie dish spawn, as well as a dairy churn and two cooking ranges. The pie dish and cooking apple spawns are helpful whilst making apple pies. Simply pick some grain in the field north of the Cook's Guild, then come back to the guild, pop them in the hopper on the top floor, and pick the flour up on the ground floor. Then just grab some jugs, fill them with water and use them with the flour, and choose to make pie pastry, which you could add to the pie dish along with some apples. The dairy churn is for members only, and is used to make products such as cheese, butter and cream.

The Second Floor
Zybez RuneScape Help Map of the Cooks' Guild Second Floor

The top floor of the Cooks' guild contains the hopper, and a pot, cooking apple, jug and grapes spawn. When making flour, the pot is useful as it is the only item that can hold the flour so you can mix water with it. The jug can either be used to fill with water to make wine, or to be mixed with flour to form your chosen type of pastry.

Making wine here is a fairly good way to train your Cooking level, as the grapes and jugs don't take too long to re-spawn. You could either use one jug, and a full load of grapes, or half and half. Either way, when you've got enough, go to the ground floor, fill the jug(s) up with water then add the grapes. Either drink the wine or bank it in Varrock, if you wish to use it later on, or sell it.

Original author: Artemis

Speak to: Romily Weaklax
  • Meat pie (4): 15gp
  • Redberry pie (5): 12gp
  • Pie recipe book (50): 5gp
  • Mud pie (0): 54gp
  • Apple pie (3): 30gp
  • Garden pie (2): 24gp
  • Fish pie (1): 100gp
  • Admiral pie (0): 310gp
  • Wild pie (0): 182gp
  • Summer pie (0): 140gp

Author: Ben_Goten78

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