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The Dwarven Mines are located at the base of Ice Mountain, west of Barbarian Village. To get to them you must open and climb through a trapdoor.

There are many mining spots here, with ore ranging from copper and tin to adamant, as well as three stores. Lower levels should watch out for scorpions and king scorpions. At the end of the mines there is one of the entrances to the Miners' Guild (level 60 Mining required to enter), for more information on this, look at the Miners' Guild guide.

For more information on the rocks and mining, see the Dwarven Mines map in the mining maps section.

Zybez RuneScape Help Dwarven Mines Map Zybez RuneScape Help Dwarf Key Dwarf (Level 10)
Zybez RuneScape Help King Scorpion Key King Scorpion (Level 32)
Zybez RuneScape Help Scorpion Key Scorpion (Level 14)
Mapped By: TheExtremist

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