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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Rat Pits is a mini-game featuring your cats! This game allows your cat to pit a contest against another player's cat to see which cat can catch the most rats (hence the name of the mini-game). The mini-game has also arrived with a new feature! Naming your cats! Name your cat any name you want to with, the limit is five letters.

Not only do your cats compete against each other, you can duel other player opponents and even bet coins on who will win! It is time to head on down to the Rat Pits and start catching some rats!

2.0 - Requirements

To start rat catching with your cats, there are a few requirements to begin. Check these off to know that you can begin.

You must have the following requirements:

  • » Completed the Rat Catchers quest.
  • » Any type of cat, any type of form (from kitten to Wiley; excl. lazy cats)
  • » Some players to duel.
  • » Possibly some money if you are willing to bet.

After meeting the requirements, you can try to play the mini-game.

3.0 Rat Pit Locations

Now that you are ready to play the mini-game, you should find the locations of the Rat Pits. Actually, there are several Rat Pits located around RuneScape. Each Rat Pit requires a different form of a cat. The following are pictures of each location and the required form of cat to play in. Once you get to any location, you will spot a manhole or a trapdoor inside will be your destination. The yellow circle in the following images represent where that manhole/trapdoor is.

Map Location Cat Type
Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of where a Pit is Located In a building just north of the teleport lever to the Wilderness in EastArdougne Kitten
Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of where a Pit is Located In a bar on the East side of Keldagrim, West of the Blast Furnace.
(Note: You must have either started or completed the The Giant Dwarf quest to get to this area.)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of where a Pit is Located Port Sarim, just north of the Fishing Shop Wiley Cat
Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of where a Pit is Located South-east of Varrock bank, past a gate. Near the quest start of the Family Crest quest. Grown Cat

4.0 - How to Play

When you have entered any of the four Rat Pits, you may find a player to challenge. Right click and press 'Challenge: {Name}'. If the other player accepts, a menu will appear showing the contest options.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Challenge Screen

The cat to the left is your current cat that you are using and its name. The cat to the right is your opponent's cat. There will be two tabs under your cats name which shows a '+' sign and a '-' sign. This is the betting area. Each time you press the plus sign, you will place 100 coins on the wager. Both players must accept the wager before play begins. (Note: Players do not have to wager 100 coins, you can wager even higher if you would like. The max wager can be 20,000 coins.) Once each player agrees, hit the 'ACCEPT' button and wait for the opponent to begin. A menu will appear showing if you are happy with the wager. Once you have chosen, play will begin.

If you are currently wearing a Catspeak Amulet, your cat will begin talking to you and will ask for some tips during fighting. Your chat box will now show several messages. You can choose one of these strategic options and ask your cat to use them. Each option will represent a certain combat skill. From top to bottom, you can choose your cat to be Accurate, Aggressive, or even Defensive. Each choice will give a different type of outcome for the battle. Once you have given your chosen advice to your cat, play will begin.

The different tactics you can select allow your cat to fight in different ways. If you choose defensive, your cat does not get hit as much but also does not hit as much. If you choose aggressive your cat will hit harder but not as often. Choosing accurate means your cat will hit the rat fairly often but lower numbers.

5.0 - Playing the Game
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Arrow Over Your Cat

Now that you have begun play, your cat will be out in the Rat Pit. The object is to try to have your cat catch as many rats as possible. In the top right corner of the screen, a scoreboard will appear showing each players rat catches. Your cat will choose what rats it wants to attack so all you really need to do is feed it food to get its health up.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Score

On the main pit, a bright yellow arrow will hover over your cat; this means that this is your cat.

There will also be messages of direct scores in the Chat Box:

  • » Opponent's cat scores a kill.
  • » Opponent's cat scores a kill.
  • » Your cat scores a kill.

During the battle, you can also feed your cat and give it health by feeding it raw Tuna or Shrimp. If your cat dies, you lose.

6.0 - The Aftermath

When one of the two competitors catches five rats, the game ends, and the competitor that caught five rats wins. If you have won, you will win the wager that you have set before the battle. If you have lost, you will lose the wager that you have bet. This sequence goes for every Rat Pit around RuneScape.

7.0 - FAQ

Q: What is the maximum number of coins that I can bet?
A: The maximum number of coins you can bet is 20,000.

Q: I have an overgrown / Wiley cat but I want to challenge people in the kitten rat pit, can I get a new kitten somehow?
A: If you have an overgrown cat (form 3) or any form higher, you can talk to Gertrude and she will sell you a kitten for 100 coins.

Q: What is that rat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen when I am dueling with someone?
A: This indicates that you are currently in the Rat Pits.

Author: Mr. Croft

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