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- 1 Quest Point.
- 10,000 XP to a chosen combat skill.
- Darklight Sword.

Start PointStart Point

Al-Kharid, Speak to Father Reen.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: Level-30 Crafting.
Quest: Demon Slayer, The Golem.
Item: Silverlight, Silver Bar, Shanty Passes, Desert Survival Equipment, Strange Implement (from The Golem Quest), Empty Vial, Pestle and Mortar, three pieces of "Dark Clothing" to look evil. (Options: Ghostly Robes, Black Armour, Black Dragonhide, Black/Red Mystic Robes, Shade Robes, Dark Wizard Robes, Desert Robes).
Other: Ability to defeat Agrith-Naar (Level-100).


Skill: Level 37 Prayer - Protect from Magic Prayer, 60 Combat.
Item: Waterskins, A Prayer Potion, 1000GP - For Magic Carpet Rides, Food, Combat Equipment, Amulet of Glory/Ring of Dueling.

A sinister group of dark wizards are attempting to summon Agrith-Naar, a demon of exceptional mystical power.
Rather than try to prevent them, a Saradominist priest asks the player to help summon the demon and then kill it once and for all.
But all is not as it seems...

Part 1:
The Urgent Task

Step 1
Speak to Father Reen.
Gather items you will need.
Enter the desert.

Items needed: A couple of hundred gold pieces to buy items from Shantay.

Talk to Father Reen, south of Al-Kharid Bank (Picture). He will show you a Silverlight (or ask you if you still have it) and ask if you recognize it. He then tells you of an urgent task that only YOU can do, with Silverlight (Picture). He then talks of observing a Dark wizard called Denath, who was preparing to summon a demon known as Agrith-Naar. He tells you that Denath would use Uzer's ancient temple to summon the demon. Your job is to kill the demon once and for all, as soon as he is summoned.

Note: Teleport to Al-Kharid using a Ring of Dueling or Amulet of Glory, to get there quickly.

Father Reen warns you that Agrith-Naar is a dangerous demon that possesses immense magical powers (Picture). He instructs you to go to Uzer, and find his companion, Badden.

Buy some Shantay passes, and the standard Desert Equipment before you enter. Also remember to withdraw the Strange Implement (from The Golem quest), your Silverlight, and your chosen Black outfit. You can use the Carpet to get to Uzer quickly, but it is also possible to run.

Step 2
Go to Uzer.
Speak with Badden.
Convince Evil Dave you are evil, and join their group.

Head to Uzer and you will see Father Badden right near the Clay Golem (Picture). Ask him questions about Agrith-Naar, and Denath. Also ask him why Denath has chosen Uzer to summon the demon, and you will work it out yourself. It is because you opened a door to a Demon's realm, which is best suited to summon a demon, than a mortal plane (Picture). Your next task is to infiltrate the Dark wizards, and make them think you were a part of them.

Slightly East of Father Badden, you will see some mushrooms. The mushrooms are located right next to the staircase, or inside the Temple in the North-East Chamber. Pick one, and use it on your Silverlight to make it dark. If you chose to bring desert robes as your place clothing, repeat this process and use your ink on the robes to make them black/evil. When you're done climb down the stairs.

Head north to the door and talk to Evil Dave. Ask to join their group (Picture), and he will say that they need one more person. However, to join, you have to be evil too. Pick the option "I'm evil!" and he will judge you, and tell you if you are evil or not. This is where the Black outfit comes in; if you are wearing it, he will say that you are evil enough to join (Picture). If you don't have anything black on, he will refuse to let you join (Picture)

Note: Put on your black clothing before you talk to Evil Dave. Also, make sure that you do not have Silverlight in your inventory, or he will not let you join.

You will now see a cut-scene of you following Evil Dave to see Denath, and have a conversation. Denath would tell you about a missing member, Josef, and asks you to vouch for him (Picture). Ask him what you will have to do, and he will tell you that they will summon Agrith-Naar once the preparation is complete. He will then tell you the incantation to memorize, write it down, as it is different for each player. You will also have to make a demonic sigil, and the mould to make it can be obtained from one of the group.

Part 2:
Preparing for the Ritual

Step 3
Craft a Demonic Sigil.
Talk to the Golem.
Retrieve the book.
Take your part in the ritual.

Items needed: Silver Bar, Prayer Potions, Silverlight.

Talk to Jennifer and ask for the mould. She will give it to you (Picture). Go to the Furnace in Al-Kharid and make the demonic sigil out of a silver bar (Picture).

Note: Teleporting to Al-Kharid is the fastest. Just rub a Ring of Dueling or a Glory Amulet. Go to the bank and withdraw a silver bar. Before you go on to the next step, take out some armour, food and 1-3 Prayer potions (to be on the safe side). Also, remember to keep your Silverlight with you.

Go back to where Denath is and talk to Matthew. He will tell you about Josef running away with a book, and tell you to find it. Only upon reading the book would the other Wizards be able to tell what Denath is really up to.

Go back outside and talk to the Clay Golem. Select the last option, he will tell you about seeing a man in dark robes running out of the temple. He then tells you that the man was carrying a large book, which he hid in one of the broken kilns in Uzer.

Around Uzer you will see numerous Broken kilns. Search all of them until you get a Book. You will find a book (Picture). Go back and talk to Matthew again. Upon reading the book, he is really stumped (Picture). However, the incantation appears to be in the reverse order to the order that Denath taught them. He fears that Agrith-Naar isn't going to help them, but kill them instead. He wants to stop it, but is afraid that Denath would kill him. You will tell him that you're here to kill the demon.

The ritual will commence a little after your conversation with Matthew ends (Picture). Pick each word in the same order Denath taught you. He will step through a portal in the center and vanish (Picture). Take his sigil. Matthew would then tell you that Denath was Agrith-Naar from the very start, and that you need 8 people to perform a ritual to bring him back (Picture).

Part 3:
The Final battle.

Step 4
Take Tanya's sigil and speak to Dave.
Speak to Badden and the Golem.
Repeat the ritual reversed.
Fight and defeat Agrith-Naar (Level-100), ensuring the last blow is with silverlight.

Items needed: Fighting Gear, Prayer Potions.

Go outside and you will see Tanya being killed by a ghost. Take her sigil. Talk to Evil Dave, he will tell you of Agrith-Naar killing Eric, and you will try to convince him to go back to the Throne room (Picture). He will give you Eric's sigil. You should now have a total of 4 sigils.

Go outside and talk to Father Badden, you will tell him to help in performing the ritual. He will accept the sigil you give him. Talk to the golem, and ask him to help perform the ritual. He will refuse. Use the Strange Implement on him (refer to FAQ if you don't have one), then give him a sigil. Talk to Father Reen next, and after some talk, he will agree to help with the ritual too. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Go back into the Throne room. Talk to Matthew, and you will have to perform the ritual again (Picture). This time, say the words in the reverse order of the one Denath taught you, the one that you would find in the Demonic tome.

Agrith-Naar (Level-100) appears. He accuses Matthew of summoning him, and kills him. Then you tell him that it was you who summoned him. He attacks you with magic and melee, and all you have to do is kill him (Picture). You can kill him in any way you like, as long as the last blow is with Silverlight. Once you defeat the demon, the quest is complete. You now have an improved version of Silverlight: Darklight (Picture).

Note: Turn on Protect from Magic as soon as the conversation ends. You may fight him any way you want (Ranged, Magic, or Melee), but remember to use your Silverlight for the final blow. Drink some prayer potion if it runs out, and heal whenever your health goes down. He should be easy to defeat if you are level 50 or above.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Shadow of the Storm Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I lost my Silverlight! What do I do?

A: Don't worry. When you talk to Father Reen at the start, he will give you one.

Q: Where can I find a Strange Implement?

A: You can find this in the North-West Chamber inside the Temple.

Q: What happens if I lose my darklight?

A: Pay Sir Prysin at Varrock Castle 1,000GP for a new one.

Author: Rash

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