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- 2 Quest Point.
- 2,500 Hunter XP.
- Ability to capture Ferrets and fly Eagles from Eagles' Peak.

Start PointStart Point

Ardougne Zoo, Speak to Charlie the zookeeper

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Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Skill: 27 Hunter.
Item: Noose wand, Yellow Dye, Swamp Tar, 50GP.
Other: Ability to defeat a Kebbit (Level-13).


Skill: 25 Agility (for Eagles' Peak shortcut), 51 Magic (for Teleporting).
Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Spotted/Spottier Cape, Boots of Lightness, Energy Potions, Strange Fruit etc), Dramen Staff, Varrock and 3 lots of Ardougne Teleport Runes.

The Ardougne Zoo is always looking for new specimens, but one of their anticipated new attractions - a ferret from the north - has been proving elusive.

One of the Zoo's more eccentric freelance specimen hunters is reported to be on the case, but after setting out for the far western reaches, somewhere between the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and the Tree Gnome Stronghold, nothing more has been heard from him.

Will you be able to use your skills as a Hunter to track him down? What else will you discover at the mountain known as Eagles' Peak?

Part 1:
A Lost Nick

Step 1
Talk to Charlie.
Get the feather for Nickolaus' book.
Enter the tunnel, shout to Nick, and pick up 10 feathers.

Items needed: Varrock Teleport Runes.

Speak to Charlie at the Ardougne Zoo. He will say he is busy, and you, always the keen adventurer, will spy that he needs a quest done for him instead. He will soon send you off to look for Nickolaus, Ardougne's self proclaimed top Hunter, and make sure he's bringing back a ferret for the zoo.

Nickolaus' camp is to the north of Eagles' Peak, which is west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Search through his books and you'll find one of interest that has something poking out from between the pages (Picture). When you open it to read it, a Metal feather will fall out. Go to the opening at the top of Eagles' Peak and use the Metal feather on the opening.

Enter the tunnel, head to the open cliff and try and pick up an Eagle feather. A cut-scene will begin and Nickolaus will appear on another ledge, asking for help. Shout to Nickolaus and he will suggest disguises to sneak past the Eagles. He suggests you speak to the fancy dress store owner in Varrock. Pick up 10 feathers before you leave.

Step 2
Get the items and disguises.
Go back to Nick.

Items needed: Ardougne Teleport Runes, Yellow Dye, Swamp Tar, 50GP.

Head to Varrock east bank and withdraw 50gp, your yellow dye, your swamp tar and two sets of Ardougne teleport runes. Head to the Fancy Dress Store in the enclosed area to the south-east of the eastern bank and use the option about Eagle costumes (second from the top). Purchase the disguises and head back to Nickolaus at Eagle's Peak by teleporting to Ardougne and walking northwest or using the A-K-Q fairy ring code for Piscatoris Fishing Colony and walking south.

Go back to the cavern in Eagles' Peak. To get to Nickolaus you will need three metal feathers.

Part 2:
The Rescue

Step 3
Get the golden feather and 15 birdseeds.
Follow the steps to the right.

The Golden feather can be found in the cave to the east of the entrance to the cavern. The map to the right shows the locations of the levers and bird seed chutes that are used to maneuver the metal birds. Pick up about fifteen odd looking birdseeds before you start. If you mess up the order or simply lose track of where you're up to, you can exit the cavern and pull the reset lever. This will set the entire apparatus up the way it was initially.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Cavern
  1. Feed chute c.
  2. Pull down lever 3.
  3. Pull down lever 1.
  4. Feed chute a.
  5. Feed chute b.
  6. Pull down lever 2.
  7. Push up lever 3.
  8. Push up lever 1.
  9. Feed chute d.
  10. Pull down lever 4.
  11. Feed chute e.
  12. Pull down lever 1.
  13. Push up lever 2.
  14. Pull down lever 3.
  15. Feed chute f.
  16. Feed chute c.
  17. Walk the open area south of Chute E and collect the Golden Feather.

Step 4
Trace tracks.
Kill kebbit, collect feather.
Use all winches.
Take the feather.
Equip eagle outfit.
Use feathers on stone door.
Give Nick outfit.
Go to his campsite, learn how to catch a ferret.
Take a ferret to Charlie.

The Silver feather is in the cavern to the south of the entrance, and you need a noose wand with you. Investigate the pedestal and then follow the tracks, checking piles of rocks as you go. When you've traced the tracks back to a cave, investigate the cave. A Kebbit (Level-13) will run out. Kill the kebbit and take the Silver feather.

The Bronze feather is in the cavern to the south of the Silver feather's cavern. Walk in and try to take the feather. The trap will spring. Then simply use all the winches (one in each corner) until the trap disarms. Take the feather.

Now equip your Eagle outfit and walk to the stone door just east of the Bronze feather cavern. Use all three feathers on the door. Slip past the Giant Eagle and give the outfit to Nickolaus. Agree to meet him in his campsite.

Go back to Nickolaus' campsite. Speak to him, and bring up the subject of the ferret. Nickolaus will show you how to catch a ferret and a cut-scene will ensue as a ferret gets trapped in his box trap. You do not need to bring your own trap - in fact, you will get to keep his. You will collect the captured ferret.

Teleport back to Ardougne and speak to Charlie in the zoo with the ferret to claim your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I ride the eagles?

A: To learn how to ride eagles, please refer to our Getting Around guide.

Q: How do I get yellow dye?

A: Go to Aggie the Witch in Draynor Village and she will make yellow dye for you if you have 2 onions and 5 gold pieces.

Author: Five Aces

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