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Location Requirements Members
North of East Ardougne 68 Fishing Yes

Zybez RuneScape Help's Fishing Guild Map

To reach the guild, simply walk North from East Ardougne's North-east bank, past the potato field and windmill. Once you pass the windmill, head slightly north-west until you reach the guild entrance.


Out of all the other guilds, the Fishing Guild requires the highest level to enter. If you drink a fishing potion, you can get in at level 65. Alternatively, you can eat an admiral pie to get you in when you are level 63 Fishing. You are able to teleport to this location upon completion of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest. The fisherman guarding the door into the guild, also supplies the Fishing Cape of Accomplishment to players with 99 Fishing.

In the Fishing guild, there are two docks which you can fish from (north and south docks). In each of these docks, there are many Fishing spots. Depending on which ones they are, you can use a lobster cage, harpoon, or big net. In addition there is a range which you can use to cook, a bank, and a store that lets you buy and sell raw and cooked fish and other useful Fishing items.

The Buildings

The ground floor has a fishing shop, many places to fish, a range, and a bank (which is also useful for cooking food, because, unlike other bank floors you can light fires on this one). In addition, near the entrance of the Guild (west of the range), there is a harpoon, big fishing net, and lobster cage spawn.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Fishing Guild building screenshot
Fishing Guild Shop.
Talk to: Roachey
Zybez RuneScape Fishing Guild Shop Screenshot
  • Fishing bait: 3gp
  • Feather: 2gp
  • Raw cod: 25gp
  • Raw mackerel: 17gp
  • Raw bass: 120gp
  • Raw tuna: 100gp
  • Raw lobster: 150gp
  • Raw swordfish: 200gp
  • Cod: 25gp
  • Mackerel: 17gp
  • Bass: 120gp
  • Tuna: 15gp
  • Lobster: 150gp
  • Swordfish: 200gp

The Docks

In the northern docks there are Men (level-2), and there are many Ducks (Level 1) swimming around the water. Each of the docks has a different number of Fishing spots, which appear and disappear at random. There are two types of Fishing spots in the Fishing Guild. The big bass, swordfish and sharks can be taken to Canifis, stuffed, and mounted on the wall of your houses' skill hall.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Fishing commands screenshotZybez RuneScape Help's Fishing commands screenshot

In this Fishing spot (left), you can catch either lobsters (40 Fishing + lobster cage required), tuna (35 Fishing and harpoon required), or swordfish and big swordfish (50 Fishing and harpoon required).

In this Fishing spot (right) you can catch mackerel, leather boots, seaweed, leather gloves, casket, oysters (16 Fishing and big fishing net required), cod (23 Fishing and big fishing net required) and bass and big bass (level 46 and big fishing net required), or sharks and big sharks (76 fishing and harpoon required).

When you fish, be sure to watch out for the random events (trolls, whirlpools, etc), if you do not pay attention, you could end up in Lumbridge due to a troll attack.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Fishing Guild Docks screenshot

Speak to: Roachey
  • Fishing bait (2000): 3gp
  • Feather (1500): 2gp
  • Raw cod (0): 25gp
  • Raw mackerel (0): 17gp
  • Raw bass (0): 120gp
  • Raw tuna (0): 100gp
  • Raw lobster (0): 150gp
  • Raw swordfish (0): 200gp
  • Cod (0): 25gp
  • Mackerel (0): 17gp
  • Bass (0): 120gp
  • Tuna (0): 100gp
  • Lobster (0): 150gp
  • Swordfish (0): 200gp

Author: Vampire

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