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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Trawler Fishing Mini Game
Table Of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Tired of the same old boring clicking on a fishing spot to catch fish? Want to try a different way? Well hurry on over to Port Khazard and give the Trawler Fishing mini-game a go! What you catch depends on your fishing level though so don't expect to be catching turtles at level-20 fishing.

2.0 - Becoming Sea Worthy

The trawler is located in Port Khazard. Talk to Murphy to start your fishing expedition. The map below shows where the Trawler game starts and the surrounding area.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Map of Port Khazard

The minimum level to go on the trawler is level-15 fishing. At this level you won't catch much besides shrimp, sardines, herrings or anchovies and junk like rusty swords or old boots. The higher your fishing level the more and better types of fish you can catch including sea turtles (level-79 fishing) and manta rays (level-81). What's so hard about catching fish though?

Murphy's boat has a few 'problems'. These include the net breaking and the hull leaking water which requires you to bail the water out or sink. You have to be able to keep the boat afloat for 15 minutes with all these problems constantly occurring.

How do you go about helping Murphy keep it afloat? Well, to fix the leaky hull you must patch the holes with swamp paste. You will also need a few bailing buckets to bail the water out which leaks in while you're trying to patch everything up. To fix the net, you need to bring along ropes. It's not recommended to do this mini game alone, a group of people who have specific jobs is very helpful.

What should you bring to do a trawler trip depends on how many people are going along. Below is a picture of the Port Khazard General Store. Each team member if they have a specific job needs to stock up on the items required for their job. Do note that buying supplies from the shop, especially as the amounts become low is rather expensive. Also note that regular buckets will not work, you will have to buy bailing buckets from the Port Khazard general store. If you do not feel like gathering items beforehand, be sure to bring about 15,000gp to buy supplies.
Strategy: Save money by making your own swamp paste by adding flour to swamp tar and using it on a fire, not a range, pickpocket rope from the NPC's in the Digsite area for free rope. You can also save time from running back and forth by using the deposit box near the General store.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the General Store

The more people on the trip, the more rewards you will reap. If travelling with over twenty people then this dramatically enchances the chance of getting higher levelled fish in vaster quantities. If you have 3 people along for the trip, have one person devoted solely to patching the holes with swamp paste (150-200 paste), one person bailing (20 bailing buckets), and one net fixer (20 ropes). If you have 4+ people, have 2 patching, 1 bailing and 1 fixing the net with the above amount of supplies per person. Remember: The more people, the better trip you will have if everyone cooperates.

Before boarding your team and yourself should talk out a strategy and decided who will do which job. Below, the jobs and how to do them, are explained.

  • Leak Patchers - This job is often a assigned job within groups. The person is assigned to patch leaks that spring up in the boat. If they are not plugged swiftly, water pours into the boat, causing you to sink. You need swamp paste for this to patch the holes. If there are multiple hole patchers, I would recommend dividing the boat into sections. The section can vary between groups but generally its either north/south or east/west.
  • Bailers - Bails water that has leaked into the boat. They click on the bailing buckets to fill them, and once the buckets are full they use the buckets on the edge of the boat to empty them.
  • Net Fixer - Fixes the net. If the net is not fixed, you will not receive any fish during that amount of time. The person with the highest crafting should do this job as it is possible to fail fixing the net. This requires ropes (Sometimes a lot, so that's why other people should bring extras). As the net is not always broken, I would recommend they help bail the water when the net is not broken.

3.0 - On The Trawler

Once you get on the ship, the netter needs to be on the deck of the ship to fix the net while the patchers and bailer are in the hull of the ship. You will start to sail around the south part of Karamja to the fishing spot somewhere on the east side of Karamja.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Sailing Map

On the top of the screen there is some information let you know how you're doing. The water bar which runs across the top of the screen tells you how much water is in the bottom of the boat. The net bit tells you if the net is ripped or not. The catch is the amount of fish you've caught and the time left is the amount of time remaining until you get back to the dock. It is very important to keep checking the information at the top.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Interface

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Sunken Trawler

If the water bar is filled completely the ship will sink, you will then be shown swimming around a partly sunken boat. You need to hold onto a floating barrel to float land by the Tower of Life.

4.0 - The Haul

If you manage to keep the boat afloat, you will be able to return to the port. You will be placed on the dock. To see what you have caught, go to the net that is on the dock and "check" the net. You will be displayed with a screen similar to the one below. After you choose which fish from the screen, and exit the screen there will be a large pile of fish and junk under you. See if there is anything from there that you wish to keep. Not all the 'good' fish will be displayed in the screen (Picture).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Catch Screen

5.0 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If we sink do we lose our stuff?
A: No. You will not lose your stuff. You will simply wash up on the shore south of Port Sarim. You will be hit for a low amount of damage. If you do not know how to get off the boat, you must "Climb-on" a barrel. If you are still stuck, simply log out and log back in.

Q: Can I do the trawler alone?
A: Yes, one can do the trawler alone. However, you must know what you're doing if you want to survive.

Q: How come I did not catch any fish?
A: Possibly the net was not fixed long enough to catch some fish, or you were just unlucky. Be sure to check the net on the dock for your haul.

Author: Myst and Jon

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