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- 1 Quest Point.
- 5,000 Agility XP, 5,000 Hitpoints XP, 5,000 Slayer XP.
- 20,000GP.
- Access to increased recources from Miscellania.

Start PointStart Point

Miscellania and Etceteria. Speak to Advisor Ghrim in the Miscellania Palace.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 40 Agility, 40 Slayer.
Quest: Throne of Miscellania.
Items: Rope.
Other: Ability to defeat Sea Snake (Level-149).


Skill: 75+ combat, 43 Prayer.
Item: 2 Planks, Pickaxe or 5 Coal, Enchanted Lyre for Rellekka teleport (or Fairy ring CIP), Anti-Poison or Super Anti-Poison Potions, 10+ Lobsters, Armour & Weapon, Energy Enhancing Items (Energy or Super Energy Potions, Strange Fruits, etc).

It's tough being the regent of a small island kingdom, especially when the king has declared war while you were off adventuring. Something is up in Miscellania and Etceteria, and you'd better find out what before both kingdoms end up in royal trouble!

Part 1:
The Feud

Step 1
Talk to Advisor Ghrim.
Talk to Prince(ss).
Talk to King Vargas.
Speak to the miner or herbalist.
Talk to the King.
Talk to Queen Sigrid in Etceteria.
Talk to villagers in Etceteria
Talk to King Vargas.
Talk to Advisor Ghrim.
Talk to Sailor.

Items needed: Enchanted Lyre for Rellekka Teleport (or Fairy Ring CIP).

Head to Rellekka. Get to Miscellania and Etceteria by taking the ship from Rellekka. Talk to sailor at the dock to use the ship (Picture). Once on the island, head west to the Palace in Miscellania. Go inside and speak with Advisor Ghrim Miscellania.

Ask Advisor Ghrim if anything has been happening in the kingdom recently. He will tell you about King Vargas and fighting with the Queen of Etceteria. Agree to help sort things out and finish up your conversation with Advisor Ghrim.

After speaking with Advisor Ghrim, go speak to Princess Astrid (if a female character, talk to the Prince). You will see cut scene of a talk between the Prince, Princess, and yourself (Picture). Basically, they tell you that it would be good to do some matchmaking with the queen and king. It is time to talk to King Vargas. He will have you go speak to some local villagers about some missing items. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a King Vargas

Go speak to any one of the Miner, Fisher, Herbalist, or Woodcutter that you helped in Throne of Miscellania quest. They will tell you that the Etceterians stole the goods (Picture). Go back to King Vargas.

After you speak to King Vargas, he will tell you to go speak to Queen Sigrid (Picture). She is found in the Etceteria Palace at the far East side of the island. She will tell you that some of her people's goods have gone missing as well. Go speak to the villagers in Etceteria. They will tell you that Miscellanians took their goods (Picture).

Go back and speak to King Vargas, who will tell you that Queen Sigrid is lying (Picture). However, he will have you talk to Advisor Ghrim again.

Speak to the Advisor and he will tell you to talk to the Sailor who brought you to Miscellania, as he would have seen any suspicious people arriving on the island (Picture). Head out back over to the docks and talk with the Sailor. He will tell you that you and several kids from Rellekka are the only people who have come to the island in weeks (Picture). Additionally, he will go on to tell you about people making homes in the dungeons of the Castles (Picture).

Part 2:
Searching for Monsters

Step 2
Talk to King Vargas.
Enter the dungeon.
Talk to people in dungeon.
Talk to Thordin.
Talk to Donal.

Items needed: 2 Planks, Pickaxe or 5 Coal, Anti-Poison or Super Anti-Poison Potion, 10+ Lobsters depending upon your hitpoints, Armour, Weapon, Energy or Super Energy Potions.

Speak to King Vargas again for access to the dungeons. He will allow you in, but asks you to look into monster sightings in the dungeons (Picture). Leave the building, and go south immediately outside the door of the castle and give the scroll you receive from Vargas to the guard there. He will allow you into the dungeon (Picture).

Head down into the dungeon and speak to the people there (Picture). One of them will tell you to talk to Thorodin (Picture). He is mining to the north. In turn Thorodin will tell you to speak to Donal at the Inn.

Head the inn and speak to Donal (Picture). It is located inside the dungeon. He will tell you about a monster in the caves. He will then ask you to go and get rid of the monster. He will also give you a mining prop (Picture).

Step 3
Use mining prop on crack.
Take items from boxes.
Use planks together.
Use it with the other beam.
Use beam on scaffold.
Add a pulley, bean and engine.
Use coal with engine, rope with rock, planks on rocks.
Search fires for diary.

Go north from the Inn, and you will find some dwarves mining by a crack in the wall. Use your mining prop on the crack, then squeeze through. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Broken Lift

You will now have to repair the Lift. There is a lift manual and all the parts in the various crates in this room. Take one item from each box. Use the two planks together to form a longer beam, then take another beam, and use it on the long beam. Use it on the scaffold, then add another Pulley Beam as a Crossbeam. Take another beam, and use it on the platform. Take an Engine and add it to the platform. If you brought the coal, use it with the engine. If not, mine your 5 coal and then add them to the engine.

Use the Lift Platform and head on up the next cave (Picture). Enter the tunnel you find here. Head down the pathway and you will come to a rope swing. Use your rope on the rock above you to swing across (Picture). Search the fire you come to and you will get a burnt diary (Picture). Read it and then head on.

You will next come to a bunch of slippery rocks (Picture). This part is very dangerous. Be very careful. There are 3 large rocks with small gaps in between them. Use your plank on the small gap to cross. If you don't, you will suffer mass damage and possibly die.

Next you will come to some steam vents (Picture). Be careful when walking through the steam vents, and the falling rocks that follow as you can be dealt some damage if you get hit. As you proceed, be sure to keep searching the fires and you will keep finding pages for the diary. Eventually, you will come to a crevice in the tunnel (Picture). Squeeze through it you will go to a cut scene (Picture).

Part 3:
Snake hunting

Step 4
Talk to children.
Enter crevice.
Kill Sea Snake.
Exit crevice.
Talk to Queen Sigrid.
Talk to King Vargas.

Items needed: Rope.

Speak to the children (Picture). They will explain about their plan and the sea snake that lives in the supplies now. Armod will also beg you to not tell his father. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Sea Snake Battle

Head up the tunnel. You will come to Sea Snake Hatchlings (Picture). Just ignore them and keep moving. You will then come to Sea Snake Young (Level 90) (Picture). They are non-aggressive, so keep moving. Finally, you will come to another crevice (Picture). Enter it and be ready to fight. The Sea Snake (Level-149) will attack.

Just melee it. When it dies it will drop big bones, a random drop (such as coins/3 pearl bolt tips, etc), and a box of Etceterian Supplies.

Exit back through the crevice in the wall. You will be called to by a guard and he will have put a rope down for you to climb (Picture). Head up the rope and you will find that you are back in Etceteria. Go in the palace and talk with Queen Sigrid and give her the supplies. She will give you a letter (Picture) and your reward of 20K GP (Picture). Take the letter, head back to the Miscellanian palace and talk with King Vargas. He will give you the rest of your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What new resources are enabled upon completing the quest?

A: You can now have your workers gather farming seeds and rare tree wood (teak and mahogany). Ghrim's book to Kingdom Management is now version 2 with a new last page describing the new resources.

Q: Is there a new Allotment Farming area available after the quest?

A: Yes, but you cannot plant anything there. It is to gain favour as part of your Kingdom Management.

Q: Are there new Teak and Mahogany Trees available after the quest?

A: Yes, but you just cut them to gain favour as part of your Kingdom Management.

Q: Can I go back into the dungeon after completing the quest?

A: Yes, the Sea Snake Hatchlings and Young are okay for training. Be sure to take anti-poison as the Sea Snake Young's poison does 7 damage.

Author: SiL3nT

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