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- 1 Quest Point.
- 5,000 Crafting XP, 5,000 Smithing XP.
- Elemental Shield.
- Ability to make Elemental Shields.

Start PointStart Point

Seers' Village. Search the bookshelf in the building next to the Workshop.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 1/5


Skill: 20 Crafting, 20 Mining, 20 Smithing.
Item: Dagger or Knife, Pickaxe, Needle, Thread, 4 Coal, Hammer, Soft Leather (obtained during quest).
Other: Ability to defeat an Earth Elemental (Level 35).



Hundreds of years ago a mineral was found that had the ability to change the property of magic. The magicians, fearing the effect this may have on there profession, sealed this workshop forever - or so they had hoped. See if you can rediscover the lost knowledge of elemental ore.

Part 1:
A Lost Workshop

Step 1
Read the book, then get the key from it.
Use the key on the wall and go downstairs.

Items needed: All.

Enter the house south-west of the bank in Seers' Village and search the bookshelf (Picture). You'll find a book - read it (Picture). It will talk about how early in the 5th age, a new ore was discovered and a workshop was created in Seers' Village to work and smith the ore. However, the workshop was closed down and locked up because the ore proved to be too powerful. Use a sharp thing such as a knife on the book, and you'll get a Battered Key out of it (Picture).

Now head towards the smithing anvils directly north of you. There, you'll find an Odd Looking Wall (Picture). Use your Battered Key with that wall to open it and enter. Climb down the stairs and you'll find yourself in an old laboratory, with many working tables and crates.

Step 2
Mine a rock, kill the Earth Elemental, and take the ore.
Change the valves and levers as said to the right.
Fix the bellows.
Find a stone bowl.

Zybez Runescape Help's Animation There are four corridors leading to different elemental areas.

Go into the earth room - the one to the west - and you'll see a little mine with rocks containing elemental ores. Mine a rock and an Earth Elemental (level-35) attacks you. Kill it and you'll receive the Elemental ore (Picture).

Now go to the water room - the northern one - and you'll see a water wheel. You need to turn on the "Right Valve" and then the "Left valve," then push the lever in order to make the water flow (Picture). If you get the message "You hear the sound of a water wheel starting up," you did it correctly.

Go to the air room now, the eastern one, and fix the Bellows by patching it with your soft leather. Remember you must have a needle and some thread on you. If you don't have some soft leather, search the crates in the north-west corner of the two squares in the middle area (the stone bowl may be in here too). If you do this step correctly, you get the message, "You stitch leather over the hole in the bellows." Now search the small boxes in all the rooms until you find a Stone Bowl (Picture).

Step 3
Fire up the furnace and pump the bellows.
Make an elemental bar.
Smith it into an Elemental Shield.

With the Stone Bowl head to the fire room now - the one to the south - and fill the bowl with lava in the Lava Trough. Put the lava in the furnace to light it up (Picture).

Now go back to the bellows in the eastern room and turn them on by pulling the lever (Picture). If you did everything right you should get the message "The bellows pumps air down the pipe."

Go to the furnace and put the Elemental ore into it to receive an Elemental bar (Picture) - you must have 4 coal ores with you to do this. Then go to the central room and use your Elemental bar on the workbench (Picture) and you will make yourself a splendid Elemental shield (Picture)!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What stats does the Elemental Shield boost?

A: It gives you +6 magic defence bonus.

Q: Can I make another Elemental Shield after the quest?

A: Yes.

Q: How much experience does Elemental Smithing give me?

A: 2xp per ore smelted, and 20xp per Shield made.

Author: Daniyal

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