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Location Requirements Members
South-west of Falador Level 40 Crafting, Brown apron No

To arrive at the Crafting guild, simply follow the path south out of Falador, then head west at the fork.
This guild is home to the best gold and silver mining locations for free players, and contains a spinning wheel, tanner, kiln and pottery wheel. There are also some cows out the back, which makes it a great location to collect cow hides and make leather armour. Finally, there are a number of respawns in the ground floor.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Crafting Guild ground floor screenshot
The Ground Floor

The mining area of the Crafting Guild contains six clay rocks (level 1 mining required), six silver rocks (level 20 mining), and seven gold rocks (level 40 mining).

This floor is also home to a pottery oven, and four pottery wheels, located in the northern area of the guild. There is a hammer and chisel spawn on a table by the entrance, a jug and amulet mould spawn on a table by the pottery oven, and another jug spawn on the eastern side. There are nine cows (level-2) just outside the guild surrounded by a fence; anyone can enter this cattle pen. There are also three master crafters here and a sink located in the southern part of the guild.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Crafting Guild top floor screenshot

The Top Floor

The top floor contains two spinning wheels in the north-eastern part of the room. There is also a tanner on this floor that can tan cow hides into soft leather (1 gp per hide), hard leather (3 gp per hide), and all dragon hides (20 gp per hide).

There is also five respawns on this level. A holy mould, a necklace mould, a tiara mould, a ring mould, and shears (moulds: on a table in the north-western part of the room; shears: on a barrel by the table).

Author: Steve0612

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