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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Fearing that they must go through another time with lack of rum, the pirates of Mos Le'Harmless have decided to set up their own still. After a number of arguments however, they have ended up with 2 stills, both of which are attempting to shut the other down as they fight over the rare ingredients. Due to the pirates code that effectively states that 'no pirates can fight in port' they have to resort to sabotage, arson and monkey fights.

Trouble Brewing is a minigame heavily based on teamwork, it may be wise to organise your team to decide what everyone is going to do, to maximise your chances of winning. Note that you cannot die during this mini-game unless you are poisoned.

  • Must have completed Cabin Fever
  • Must have 40+ cooking
  • Empty Inventory (bank deposit box at the game)
  • Must not be wearing anything in the helmet slot
  • Must not be carrying a cat
  • Everything else needed can be found on the workbench.

  • No armour
  • Spotted or Spottier Cape
  • Penance Gloves
  • Boots of lightness (Temple of Ikov)
  • Play in world 2 (World 104 is another populated world for this mini-game)
  • Must not be wearing anything in the helmet slot
  • Everything else needed can be found on the workbench.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of Mos Le'Harmless

2.0 - The Ingredients

There are many ingredients required to be able to distill beer. These are shown below.

Picture About
Zybez RuneScape Help's Bitternuts Picture

To obtain a bitternut, you must first catch a monkey. Monkeys can be found in the central area of the brewery. The monkey is useless when you first catch it, so you will need to make it identifiable by using a bowl of colored water (red or blue, depending on your team) with the monkey. Then you may use the monkey on a tree and you will eventually receive a bitternut. If you are wearing an M'speak amulet, you can tell the monkey to be quick or be careful, affecting how fast and how often you get the seed. Note that you can only have two monkeys at any given time, and each team can only have twelve monkeys total. You need one bitternut for one bottle of rum.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Sweetgrubs Picture

There are a number of sweetgrub mounds around the islands. To catch sweetgrubs, you must use a piece of raw rat meat with a mound. You will then get a load of sweetgrubs, unless you are attacked by sweetflies, which is much the same as the swarm random event, with higher attack. You can not kill them, and will have to find a new mound to get more sweetgrubs. There is also a chance that the mound will be emptied after you collect the grubs. You will just have to find a new mound. You need one load of sweetgrubs for one bottle of rum.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Scrapeytree Bark Picture

Scrapeytree Bark
Scrapeytree Bark can be obtained by cutting down the not-so-pretty Scrapeytree. It is advised you bring your own hatchet, as you can only get bronze from the workbench. Just chop a Scrapeytree, and you will get some logs. Use a knife with the logs to get the bark. Note there is a small chance you will become diseased (like zogres or fever spiders do) but it only hits up to 4 max, and won't be too damaging unless you have low cooking or agility and that stat is drained. One load of scrapey bark gives you one bottle of rum.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Coloured Water Picture

Coloured Water
You need Red or Blue water next, depending on your team color. You can make this by collecting 5 flowers from the patch that grows by the other team's brewery. Go back to your own brewery, and use the flowers on the kettle. Use a few empty bowls with the kettle and you will receive some coloured water. You need three bowls of water for one bottle of rum.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Water Pump Picture

Buckets of Water
You can collect buckets of water by using a bucket with the bamboo pump by the flowers outside your still, or you can use buckets with the large body of water. It takes 5 buckets of water to make one bottle of rum.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Boiler Picture Wood
While not a required ingredient, you need wood to keep your boilers at the correct temperature. It's advised to have a few people on your team cut logs for your log store, so you can make repairs and fill the boilers quickly and easily. When you have collected enough ingredients, the players who contributed will be informed that the bottle is done, and that it needs to be packaged. Click the bottle of rum to package it.

3.0 - Sabotage & Repairs

Players cannot attack each other in port due to pirate code, so you will need to resort to sabotage. To sabotage, or arson, as its proper name is, you must have a torch and a tinderbox. Use the tinderbox on the torch to set it aflame, and then use the torch with a hopper, bamboo pipe, or bridge section.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Sabotage Picture

To repair pieces of the still that are on fire, use a bucket of water on it, then use the appropriate repair substance (Bamboo Pipe, Bridge Section, Lumber Patch). Which can either be obtained at the beginning on the game from the workbench (10 defaults for each) or by using a log on the workbench, which will bring up and interface much like fletching. You can then choose the normal 1, 5, 10, or X options.

You can also set the other team's water pump and trees on fire. Water pumps can be repaired by dousing the flames with a bucket of water, and then using a bamboo pipe on it. Trees do not need to be repaired, but if left to burn, will take longer to regenerate.


You can defend your stills by pumping the pressure lever. If you stop and select the "Vent" option, you can put out all fires, and deal damage to the closest players to each one, hitting up to 10 damage.

4.0 - Experience

You receive experience for doing various things to the rum. Putting ingredients into the hopper, doing steps towards an ingredient, and sabotaging the other team will provide this experience.
Note: * indicates that the item is being added to the hopper

Action Experience
Bucket of water* 0
Coloured Water* 40 XP to Cooking
Sweetgrub* 40 XP to Cooking
Scrapey bark* 40 XP to Cooking
Bitternut* 80 XP to Cooking
Place log in boiler 40 XP to Firemaking
Successful Arson 50 XP to Firemaking
Repair an item made 12.5 XP to Crafting
Successful repair 12.5 XP to Crafting
Douse out a fire 50 XP to Firemaking
Capture a Monkey 15 XP to Agility
Pump Pressure 10 XP to Strength

5.0 - Rewards

After every game you will receive a certain number of 'Pieces of Eight,' the new currency. You can use it to buy naval clothes, Rum, Pirate banners, or 'The Stuff' from Honest Jimmy. You can also buy a medium level treasure map from him for 10,000 Pieces of Eight.

Bonus Experience
  • You will receive bonus experience for every bottle of rum you helped to make.
  • You will receive 100 crafting XP, 250 cooking XP and 150 firemaking XP for every bottle of rum your team produced, as long as you contributed enough ingredients.
  •     -- To receive this experience, you will need to have contributed either: 1 scrapey-bark, 1 bitternut, 1 sweetgrubs or 3 coloured water per bottle. Buckets of water do not contribute to experience.

6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is 'The Stuff'?

A: 'The Stuff' is used to help you with your brewing. If you use it before you add your hops (or roots), it will increase the ale's chance of becoming a mature (m) ale.

Q: What does the Rum do?

A: When you drink The Rum it "teleports" you in front of the deposit box next to the trouble brewing mini game.

Author: TheCaptain

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