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- 1 Quest Point.
- 10,500 Ranged XP, 8,000 Fletching XP.

Start PointStart Point

The 'Flying Horse' Bar west of the Ardougne river.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 40 Ranged, 42 Thieving.
Item: Yew, Magic, or Dark Bow, Lit Candle, 20 Limpwurt Roots, Weapon with slashing skill and Boots of Lightness.


Skill: 50+ Ranged, 37+ Prayer.
Item: Some Food (Lobsters or better), Armour (Adamant or better), Varrock Teleport Runes, Dragonhide Armour, Prayer Potion, Spotted/Spottier Cape, and a friend if you want to complete the Quest faster.

A mysterious stranger called Lucien asks you to go on a mission deep under the Temple of Ikov in central Kandarin. He wants you to retrieve an artifact known as the Staff of Armadyl. Towards the end of the quest you are presented with a choice on how to complete the quest.

Part 1:
The Temple of Ikov

Step 1
Talk to Lucien.
Get boots of lightness.
Cross bridge and take lever.

Go to the Flying Horse Bar which is north of King Lathas' castle. Talk to Lucien and he will tell you about how he needs the Staff of Armadyl. Agree to help him, and he will give you Pendant of Lucien.

It is important that your weight be below zero for the next part of the quest (The boots of lightness remove 4 from your weight) so ensure your weight is 3 or lower before heading to the Temple of Ikov.

Wear the Pendant of Lucien and retrieve your lit candle. Go to the Temple of Ikov, which is South-East of the Rangers' Guild. Climb down the ladder to get in the Temple of Ikov.

Go to the west end of the cave you arrive in. At the end, it loops around and comes to some stairs. Go down these stairs, and slash the web at the end of the room. Go through the slashed web, take the 'Boots of Lightness' and put them on (Picture).

Climb back up stairs and go into room with the Skeletons (Level-45). Go to the west side of the room and you will see a broken bridge (Picture). Before going over the bridge, make sure your weight is below zero. If it's zero or above you will fall in the lava, causing you 20 HP of damage. Once across the bridge, open the door and grab the lever piece on the ground (Picture).

Part 2:
The Fire Warrior & Armadyl

Step 2
Go through the gate.
Collect ice arrows.
Kill the Lesarkus the Fire Warrior (Level-84).

Items needed: Food, Armour (Dragonhide Armour optional), Yew or Magic Bow, Prayer Potion (optional). Keep one inventory spot free for this step. If you have a friend, give him 20 Limpwurt Roots and ask him to follow you until you need them (optional). Alternatively, if you think you can defeat Lesarkus the Fire Warrior (Level-84) without Food, you can bring your Limpwurt Roots along with you.

Go back to the room with the Bats (Level-27). When you get there you will see Lever Bracket. Use your lever with lever bracket then pull it (Picture). After you have finished this, go through south-east gates.

Follow the path until you reach a number of chests. Watch out for the Ice spiders (Level-61). Search the chests and you will get 1-5 arrows each time you search a chest containing arrows. You will need about 30-40 arrows depending on your Ranged level (Picture).

Go north until you see small room with lever. 'Search for traps' on the lever and disarm it, then you pull it. If you pull the lever without disarming the traps, then the trap door will open and you will fall on spikes taking up to 20 HP in damage.

Take the North-West road until you get to a door. Open the door and go across the room to the next door. Try to open that door and Lesarkus the Fire Warrior (Level-84) will appear and say you may not pass. Then he will start maging you. Activate your magic prayer and range him with your ice arrows to defeat him.

Step 3
Give Winelda limpwurt roots.
Take shiny key
Push through the door.

Items needed: 20 Limpwurt Roots.

For this step you will need 20 limpwurt roots. They cannot be in note form. Go back to place where you fought the Fire Warrior and go through door. Talk to Winelda. She will say that you must pay her 20 limpwurt roots for her to transport you across the lava. Give her the 20 roots and she will teleport you to the other side of lava. If you didn't bring a friend along, go back to the bank to get these items: Pendant of Lucien, 20 limpwurt roots, Weapon and armour and Food.

Go to the end of the tunnel, past the Skeletons (Level-45) and Lesser Demons (Level-82). You will see a shiny key; take it.

Now go back where you saw Skeletons (Level-45). Look at the wall and you will see that you can push it. Push it and you will go through.

Note: here you must choose which side you want to take. If you want to help the Guardians, do part 4A and skip part 4B. If you still want to help Lucien, skip part 4A and do part 4B.

Part 3:
Take your side

Step 4A
Tell guardians of Lucien.
Kill Lucien (Level-14).

Items needed: Amulet of Lucien.

Take off your Amulet of Lucien and talk to one of guardians. Tell him that you seek the staff, then tell him that Lucien will give you a great reward. They will be disappointed to hear what you say, so they will give you a Pendant of Armadyl and tell you to kill Lucien.

Go through the wall and climb up the ladders. You will be north of McGrubor's Wood. Unlock the door with your shiny key.

Go to Varrock east bank then go just north until you reach the wilderness. Head towards the west side of Varrock Castle, to Lucien's house. Enter it and kill Lucien (Level-14).

Step 4B
Kill the Guardians and take staff.
Unlock door.
Give Lucien the staff.

Kill the Guardians (Level-43 - 45) in the room surrounding the staff, and then take it.

Go through the wall and climb up ladders. You will be north of McGrubor's Wood. Unlock the door with your shiny key.

Go to Varrock east bank then go just north until you reach the wild and then go west to Lucien's house. Enter it and give Lucien the staff.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do the Boots of Lightness do?

A: They lower your total weight by 4kg, so you can run longer.

Author: Crazy200

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