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- 2 Quest Points.
- 10,000 Fishing XP, 10,000 Prayer XP, 15,000 Magic XP.
- 25,000 GP.
- Ability to fish Monkfish.
- Access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Start PointStart Point

The Piscatoris Fishing Colony, a long way north-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 40 Crafting, 42 Firemaking, 45 Smithing, 62 Fishing, 62 Cooking, 66 Magic (63 with a Wizard's Mind Bomb).
Quest: 100 Quest Points, Garden of Tranquility, One Small Favour.
Item: 50GP for Boat Trip, 5 Blood Runes, 10 Lava Runes, 10 Mist Runes, 2 Logs, 5 Iron Bars, Hammer, Pot, Pickaxe, Brown Apron, 7 Normal Bones, Tinderbox, Pot Lid.
Other: Ability to defeat Queen (Level-170).


Skill: 43 Prayer, 75 Combat.
Item: 10+ Lobsters depending upon your hit points, Armour & Weapon, Energy Enhancing Items (Energy or Super Energy Potions, Strange Fruits, etc) - to continue running throughout the walk to the Fishing Colony, Ring of Charos(a), Wizard's Mind Bomb if you have 3 or less Magic levels than 66, Ring of Dueling or Runes for Watchtower Teleport.

Out on the edge of the known world, the Piscatoris Fishing Colony stands on the brink of disaster. Angry sea trolls are emerging from the sea and attacking the colonists, preventing them from harvesting the valuable monkfish that live in those waters. A highly experienced adventurer will be needed to drive back the trolls for good.

The Colony's director, Herman Caranos, has a particular adventurer in mind: the notoriously amoral Wise Old Man of Draynor Village (allegations of his involvement in a spectacular bank robbery have never been substantiated). If you're in the mood for a bit of combat, jump on the boat on the west side of the Gnome Stronghold, speak to the Colony's director and prepare to fight alongside the Wise Old Man as he embarks on his final adventure - his swan song.

Part 1:
The Ultimate Adventurer...

Step 1
Talk to Kathy Corkat, NW Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Go on boat ride.
Talk to Herman.
Talk to Wise Old Man, Draynor Village.
Give him 5, blood, 10 lava, 10 mist runes.

Items needed: 5 Blood Runes, 10 Lava Runes, 10 Mist Runes.

To begin the quest, you need to take a long trek the far North-West side of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and find the boatman, Kathy Corkat. The quickest way to get there is to Teleport to Ardougne, then walk around the Tree Gnome Stronghold until you reach the boat. After some dialog, she will agree to take you to the fishing colony for a fee of 50 gp, but you can go for free if you are wearing a Ring of Charos (a). For those who like a much quicker alternative, simply use the Fairy Rings to teleport near the Fishing Colony using the code AKQ.

After you have taken the boat ride, you will meet the fishing colony's director, Herman Caranos. He is located outside the colony. Speak with him and offer to help to start the adventure. Even if you had 213 quest points and are a legends member, he will still insist that this mission requires the ultimate adventurer - the Wise Old Man of Draynor. Agree to get the Old Man and be on your way.

Before you head to Draynor Village and visit the Wise Old Man (Picture), it is advisable that you stop by a bank and withdraw 5 Blood runes, 10 Lava runes, and 10 Mist runes. Talk to him and he will eventually agree to do one last quest, his "swan song". He will ask you for 5 blood runes, 10 lava runes, and 10 mist runes. Once you give him the runes, he will tell you to meet him back at fishing village.

Part 2:
Entering the Colony

Step 2
Head back to the Fishing Colony.
Battle 8 trolls.
Receive tasks from Herman Caranos.

Make your way back to the boatman as you did to start the quest. Be sure to prepare for battle, as you will have to fight and kill 8 Sea Trolls (Level 79). The Old Man helps at first, but quickly runs out of runes and starts throwing rocks. Depending on your combat level, drop by any bank and take out some food. Lobsters, Swordfish or Sharks being the most ideal ones.

Once you kill the trolls, you can open the gate and enter the fishing colony. Talk to anyone and they will tell you where the director, Herman Caranos is. Find the building to the east side of the colony and he will tell you that he and the Wise Old Man need to talk and that there are some things you can assist with around the colony. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Troll Battle

Part 3:
Completing the Tasks

Step 3
Receive your tasks.
Repair the fences.
Stock up the store with Fresh Monkfish.

Items needed: Hammer, Log, Tinderbox, 5 Iron Bars.

Talk to Franklin Caranos and he will tell you how to make iron sheets to repair the fence. If you brought a log, then head in and use the log with the iron sheet press and light it (Picture). If not, there is an axe spawn beside Franklin and trees right outside the entrance to the colony. Next use your iron bars with the press to make iron sheets (Picture). Finally head over to the North-West side of the colony and use your iron sheets with the fence to repair it (Picture). Be sure to talk with Franklin after fixing the fence.

Talk to Arnold Lydspot in the store/bank building. He will tell you that he wants 5 fresh monkfish and will give you a small fishing net and point you to the North-West corner of the colony to do your fishing (Picture). While you are fishing you will be attacked by several Sea Trolls. The final one is a level 101. You will need to defeat these to get your monkfish. Arnold wants cooked, not raw monkfish, so be sure to cook them before giving them to him.

When you have complete these tasks, head back over and talk with Herman and the Wise Old Man again. They will now tell you that they have a plan and need your help to gather an army. They will suggest that you talk with the Wizard Frumscone in the Magic Guild to see if he will bring his army of zombies. Head to Yanille and go to the Mage Guild. If you have at least 63 Magic, remember to drink a Wizard's Mind Bomb before entering.

Part 4:
Gathering an Army

Step 4
Talk to Wizard Frumscone.
Talk to the Necromancer.
Collecting the items for an Undead Army.
Prepare for the upcoming Battle.

Items needed: Pickaxe, Brown Apron, Pot, 7 Regular Bones.

You will find the Wizard Frumscone in the basement of the Magic Guild (Picture). Talk with him and he will tell you that he cannot provide you an army. However, he will tell you to go to the Necromancer south of Falador and ask him for his help.

Before you go to the Necromancer, stop by the bank and pick up a few items. You will need a pickaxe, a brown apron (the Necromancer will give you one if you don't have one), a pot, and 7 regular bones. Talk with Malignius Mortifer and he will ask you for 7 regular bones (Picture). He will also tell you that a master craftsman in the Crafting Guild can tell you how to make an airtight container.

Head over to the Crafting Guild and talk with one of the master craftsmen. You may have to talk to a couple of them, but one will tell you that you need a pot lid. Mine some clay, add water to it to make soft clay, use it with a pottery wheel. Finally, fire it in the kiln. Before you head back over to Malignius Mortifer, drop by a bank and pick up the necessary items for the upcoming battle. Once you have prepared for the battle, go and talk to Malignius Mortifer.

Talk with Malignius Mortifer. He will place the bone seeds in the sealed pot. Without warning, he will then teleport you back to the fishing colony.

The Necromancer teleports you back to the fishing colony. Once you are ready for battle, just let the Wise Old Man know and the battle will begin. Note that you do have an option to postpone the battle, giving yourself time to be adequately equipped.

Part 5:
Defeating the Sea Troll Queen

Step 5
Fight and Defeat the Sea Troll Queen.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Sea Troll Queen Items needed: Your best Dragonhide Armour or Melee Armour, Food (15+ Lobsters or better), Prayer Potion or Super Restore Potions.

You go to a cut-scene where you open your pot of bone seeds and unleash an army of Skeletal Mages. These make short order of the Sea Trolls (Picture). Next the Wise Old Man takes on the Sea Troll General and quickly defeats him (Picture).

Finally, the Sea Troll Queen comes out of the water. The Wise Old Man is hit and is paralyzed! You must now go into battle against the Queen (Level-170). She attacks with both melee and magic and will drain your prayer rapidly. Attack her and kill her (Picture). The best way to kill her is to wear your best Dragonhide armour for protection against her Magic attack, with Protect from Melee prayer turned on. Alternatively, you may choose to wear the best Melee armour you have, with Protect from Magic prayer turned on.

Finally head back and talk with director, Herman Caranos. He will give you your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to complete the quest to access the bank?

A: Yes. You will not have access to the bank until you do.

Q: Can I get more Bone Seeds after the quest?

A: Yes. Speak to Malignus Mortifier with an airtight pot.

Q: What happens if I open the Bone Seeds after the quest?

A: A Skeletal mage comes out, does an emote, and dies.

Author: Lizarick

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