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- 2 Quest Points.
- 5,000 Farming XP.
- 1 Acorn, 1 Apple Tree Seed, 5 Guam Leaf Seeds and 1 Super Compost Potion(4).

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Queen Ellamaria in the garden east of Varrock Castle.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 5/5


Skill: Level 25 Farming.
Quest: Creature of Fenkenstrain.
Item: Ring of Charos(a) (From Creature Of Fenkenstrain Quest), Farming Equipment (Rake, Spade, Secateurs, Watering Can, Gardening Trowel, Seed Dibber, and Plant Pot with Soil), Seeds (1 Marigold Seed, 6 Cabbage Seeds and 6 Onion Seeds), 7 Buckets of Compost (5 of which should be Super Compost), 2 Plant Cures, Hammer or Chisel, 1 Rune Essence, Pestle and Mortar.


Skill: Level 51 Magic, High Agility.
Quest: Plague City (for Ardougne Teleport).
Item: Air Staff and enough Runes for Teleporting, Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted or Spottier Cape, etc), Amulet of Glory(4), Games Necklace, Ectophial, Fishing Rod.

Queen of Varrock seeks experienced gardener to help construct a garden of peace and serenity as surprise for husband. Only serious Farmers need apply. Peasants welcome (although not that welcome). Tools not supplied. Please note: under no circumstances are the contents of this message to be disclosed to Rollie - um, one means King Roald.

Part 1:
Job Application

Step 1
Travel to Varrock.
Speak to Queen Ellamaria.
Speak with the Wise Old Man in Draynor.
Answers Questions regarding Runescape.

Items needed: Ring of Charos(a).

Travel to Varrock Castle and make your way through the castle through the kitchen and outside to the garden. Speak to Queen Ellamaria (Picture) and you will quickly find out that she does not care for commoners. You'll threaten to walk off but she quickly stops you and asks if you know any good gardeners who can make her a garden for her husband King Roald. Accept her job offer and she will give you a list of seeds you will need to obtain (Picture). She also informs you that you will need to know the delicate art of negotiation. She directs you to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village where he can give you the information you'll need to speak to the various people you will meet in the quest.

Teleport to Draynor Village using your Amulet of glory and make your way to the building just north of the bank. When you speak to the Wise Old Man and tell him that the Queen sent you, he'll politely advise you to take a long walk off a short pier. He knew the queen before she married into royalty since she was a former barmaid of the Blue Moon Inn. He will ask you what she wanted and he will bring up Charos (Picture). Charos was the only human servant of Lord Drakan of Morytania as he was gifted with the ability to make people do what he asked them to do. He was Drakan's spy, assassin and negotiator. Charos created a ring with the ability to charm weak-minded people into doing what he wanted. But Charos foolishly tried to take control of Lord Drakan. In return, Lord Drakan destroyed his castle and it is believed that Charos is dead. If you have the ring in your possession, the Wise Old Man will enchant it for you. But you must be able to answer several questions on diplomacy.

The Wise Old Man will ask you seven questions on diplomacy. The answers will be in different positions for different people so use the following answers:

1. Show them a range of colours so that they can come to a conclusion (Picture)
2. Take his generous gift even though you have no need of it (Picture).
3. It's absolutely, unquestionably the most interesting thing I've ever done (Picture)!
4. Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon (Picture).
5. I am, prepare to meet your doom Pkmaster0036 (Picture)!
6. Ask me nicely and I might consider it (Picture).
7. If I do I'll let you know (Picture).

The Wise Old Man will then take the Ring of Charos from you and enchant it. It will become a Ring of Charos (a). The ring will only work while you are wearing it. Now you can begin to travel to the different locations on the list and obtain the seeds.

Part 2:
The Seeds

Step 2
Travel to the Farming Patches south of Falador.
Use Charm on Elstan.
Accept the Deal (No Charm).
Plant some Marigolds.
Teleport to Ardougne.

Items needed: Five Buckets of Super Compost, 1 Marigold Seed, 6 Cabbage Seeds, 6 Onion Seeds, a Plant Pot filled with Soil, Secateurs, Gardening Trowel, Seed Dibber, Rake, Watering Can, Teleport Runes, an Air Staff, Amulet of glory, Ectophial (if you have completed Ghosts Ahoy).

Travel west from Draynor Village and north through the cabbage field until you reach the Farming patches south of Falador. While wearing the Ring of Charos (a), speak to Elstan about obtaining Delphinium seeds. When you ask him for the seeds, he will ask you why you shouldn't have them. Use the "Charm" response to compliment his Farming skills. He will thank you for the compliment and mention that he has millions of Farming stories to tell you. Continue replying to him with the "Charm" response until he reaches the point where he remembers that you were asking him about the seeds. He will give you the seeds in return for one bunch of marigolds grown from the dirt from seed to flower. Accept the deal (but don't use the "Charm" response!).

Rake the flower patch if needed and use your bucket of super compost on the patch. Then use your marigold seed on treated patch and finally water it. Once completed, teleport to Ardougne

Step 3
Use Charm on Kragen.
Accept the Deal (No Charm).
Plant some Cabbage.

From the Ardougne marketplace, make your way north out of the city until you reach the Farming patches. Speak to Kragen while wearing the Ring of Charos (a). He is upset that people always use him for watching their crops and never ask him if there is anything they can do for him. Reply to his story using the "Charm" responses and he will eventually offer the Snowdrop Seeds to you if you will simply grow him a patch of cabbage. Accept the deal (but don't use the "Charm" response!).

Rake both the northern and southern allotments if needed and treat them both with super compost. After the allotments are treated, use the cabbage seeds on the allotments and water it. Once completed, either run North-East to Catherby or use Camelot teleport and head east to the next location.

Step 4
Speak to Dantaera in Catherby.
Use Charm on Dantaera.
Accept the Deal (No Charm).
Go to Ice Mountain.
Trim the White Tree.
Attempt to take Roses at Monastery.
Charm Brother Althric.
Remove the Ring.

Make your way to the Farming patches located north of Catherby. Speak to Dantaera while wearing the Ring of Charos (a). She is filled with sorrow that she has a secret she can not tell anyone. Reply to her using the "Charm" responses and she will eventually tell you that the last White Tree in RuneScape is near the point of death. People were chopping this tree into extinction because of the pure white colour of the wood. The last tree that remains grows on the top of Ice Mountain. You inform her that the tree can be saved if you cut the final sprig from the tree and use it to grow a new one. Accept the deal (but don't use the "Charm" response!). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Well

Make your way to Ice Mountain. You may either teleport to Falador and make your way there from north of the city or teleport to Edgeville with the Amulet of glory and travel westward to the Monastery and South-West to the Mountain. Near the Oracle (from Dragon Slayer) you will find the White Tree (Picture). Use your secateurs on the tree to receive a White Tree sprig and then use the sprig on the plant pot with your trowel in your inventory. Finally, use your watering can on the pot to water the sprig. Very shortly, the sprig will turn into a sapling.

Climb back down the mountain and make your way to the Monastery. Travel to the northern end of the Monastery and will you find three patches of roses: one red, one white and the last pink. If you click on the roses to collect the seeds, Brother Althric will stop you from taking the seeds. Speak to him while wearing the Ring of Charos (a) and use the "Charm" option on him. He will thank you for the compliment but he senses the evil object that you are using to compel him. He orders you to destroy the ring or throw it into the well in nearby Edgeville.

While destroying the ring (remove the ring and right-click the ring in your inventory) will allow you to get the rose seeds faster; you should throw the ring into the well to save a trip back to Castle Fenkenstrain. If you choose to destroy the ring, you will need to pickpocket a new Ring of Charos from the doctor which will already be enchanted.

Step 5
Toss your ring in the well..
Collect the Rose Seeds at Monastery.
Retrieve your Ring of Charos.
Speak to Lyra at Port Phasmatys.
Use Charm on Lyra.
Plant some Onions.

Travel north into the low level Wilderness and make your way east to Edgeville. South of the general store is the mentioned well. Remove the ring and use it on the well to toss it in.

Travel back to the Monastery and speak to Brother Althric again (or attempt to take the rose seeds again). He will congratulate you on taking the first step back into the light and allow you to collect the rose seeds you need. Click on each rose bush to collect all three types of rose seeds (Picture).

Travel back to Edgeville once again and withdraw your fishing rod. Use the fishing rod on the well and you will eventually reclaim your Ring of Charos (Picture). After fishing up the ring, go back to the bank and deposit your fishing rod and withdraw your Ectophial and a Game necklace with at least two charges.) Also, withdraw one rune essence, a hammer or chisel, your mortar and pestle and two plant cures.

Teleport to Port Phasmatys using your Ectophial (remember to refill your Ectophial before leaving) and head west to the Farming patches. Speak to Lyra while wearing the Ring of Charos (a) and she will reveal that she has a dark secret. Reply to her using the "Charm" responses and you will learn that she is responsible for many deaths. In order for her and her family to survive in Morytania, she is required to lure farmers back to the swamps where the vampires feed on their blood. She will give you the orchid seeds as long as you can demonstrate that you can grow onions in these harsh conditions. Use your rake to clear away the weeds from the North-Western and South-Eastern allotments (if needed) and use the last two buckets of super compost on the two allotments. Plant your onion seeds and water the fields.

Part 3:
The Vine and Havesting

Step 6
Go to Bernald in Burthorpe.
Use Charm on Bernald.
Talk to Druid Alain (No Charm).
Cure the Vines.
Talk to Bernald.

Use your Game necklace to teleport to Burthorpe and make your way to the tavern South-East of the Castle. Go into the backyard and speak to Bernald while wearing the Ring of Charos (a). He is upset that his grape vines are dying out because of a disease. Reply to him using the "Charm" responses and he will eventually give you the Burthorpe Vine seeds if you can cure the disease in the vines.

Use a vial of plant cure on the vines. You will learn that it is not effective enough to cure the disease. Fortunately, the druidic town of Taverley is to the south. Perhaps one of the druids has enough knowledge to assist you.

Walk southward to the Farming patch near the gate and south of the Witch's house. You will find a druid named Alain walking around. He will offer to help you. Do not use the "Charm" option on him. He will instruct you to add powdered rune essence to a vial of normal plant cure to make a high potency plant cure. Use your hammer or chisel with the rune essence to break it down to a more manageable size. Then use the rune shards with your mortar and pestle to make rune dust. Finally, use the rune dust on the plant cure to make the cure for the vine.

Teleport back to Burthorpe using the Game necklace and make your way back to the diseased vine. Use the super plant cure on the vines to remove the disease (Picture) and talk to Bernald to receive the Burthorpe Vine seeds.

Step 7
Return to Elstan.
Trade the Marigolds for the Delphiniums.
Return to Kragen.
Get the Snowdrop Seeds from him.
Get the Orchid Seeds from Lyra.

By this time, the marigolds and cabbage should be done growing. Teleport to Falador or Draynor Village and make your way back to Elstan. Pick the marigolds from the flower patch and speak to Elstan. Select the first option and he will take the flowers from you. He will give you the Delphinium seeds in return.

Teleport to either Ardougne or Camelot and make your way back to Kragen. Do not harvest the cabbages. Simply speak to him and select the first option. He will give you the Snowdrop Seeds in return.

Finally, teleport back to Port Phasmatys and make your way back to Lyra. Do not harvest the onions. Simply speak to her and select the first option. She will give your the Orchid seeds in return.

You will receive an in-game notification when the onions and cabbage fields have grown. If you do not receive this notification, you can always do something else in the game or log off and take a break. When you log back in, you'll receive the notification that it is done. Unless, of course, the cabbage or onions are dead.

Part 4:
Creating the Garden

Step 8
Return to Varrock.
Plant all of the Seeds.
Speak to the Queen.
Retrieve the Statue from Lumbridge.

Make your way back to Varrock along with all of your obtained seeds, a spade, a rake, a seed dibber and two buckets of normal compost. Go to each section of the garden and rake away all the weeds. After you clear a section, simply use the appropriate seed on the soil. Compost and water are not needed. In the northern section of the garden there are two plant pots. Use a bucket of compost on each pot and then use the appropriate orchid seeds on the pots. No water is required to grow the orchids. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Trolley

Speak to Queen Ellamaria and choose the option about the statues. She will give you a trolley to use to move the statues into the garden. The first statue is that of a king located just outside of Castle Lumbridge. The other one is the statue of Saradomin located in the middle of Falador near the furnace.

Teleport to Lumbridge and walk east just outside of the castle. Examine the two statues to find the one of the king and use the trolley on it. You will move the statue onto the trolley. To move the trolley, simply click it to move it one square away from you. If you get the trolley stuck, you may right-click the trolley and select the pull option. If you have a good amount of room in front of you, you can right-click the trolley and give it a big push! Move the trolley across the bridge in a North-Eastern direction (Picture) and the screen will fade to black. You'll find yourself north of Varrock Castle. Simply push the trolley towards the garden and push it next to the appropriate statue stand. Right-click the trolley to place the statue. You *may* get caught by the guards pushing the statues and will need to return to Lumbridge and try again.

Step 9
Retrieve the Statue from Falador.
Speak to the Queen, after everything is grown.
Use Charm to King Roald.

Teleport to Falador and use the trolley on the nearby Saradomin statue. This will trigger a funny cut-scene in which the guards near the northern gate are talking about their job (Picture) and their average length of tenure (Picture), Once the guards have been relieved of duty, give the trolley a few big pushes to the north to trigger the teleport to Varrock. Again, move the trolley next to the second statue stand and place the statue.

Wait until all the plants have grown. This will take about twenty minutes after planting. Once all the plants have grown fully (you may always examine the patches), speak to Queen Ellamaria and she will examine the garden to make certain everything is correct. She will finally ask you to speak to King Roald and have him come to the garden.

Speak to King Roald and use the "Charm" responses on him to trigger a cut-scene. He is not impressed at all with the garden (except for the White Tree). (Picture 1; Picture 2; Picture 3; Picture 4; Picture 5) This will cause the Queen to become rather upset and fight with the King (Picture). After the cut-scene is completed, she will thank you (in her own way) and the quest is over! Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Finished Garden

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does the super compost potion do?

A: Each dose of the potion will turn a bucket or bin of regular compost into super compost. Obviously the best choice would be the bin of regular compost.

Q: How does one make super compost potions?

A: Unknown at this point.

Q: If I drop my Ring of Charos (a) down the well, can I pickpocket a new Ring of Charos from Doctor Fenkenstrain?

A: No. It must be destroyed to pickpocket a new one.

Q: What else does the Ring of Charos(a) do after the quest?

A: Here is a small list of bonuses the ring will grant you:

  • You may pick your Kitten colour from Gertrude.
  • Free trips on boats.
  • Baraek in Varrock will buy furs for 150GP instead of 120GP.
  • Half price to ride Keldagrim Mine Carts.
  • Magic carpet rides will be reduced from 200GP to 100GP. If you have already reduced to cost to 100GP in the Rogue Trader Minigame, you will only have to pay 75GP.
  • The blast furnace will only cost 1,250GP to use for those who have to pay.
  • Free ferry rides across the river in Keldagrim.
  • The gold transporter in Keldagrim will now only charge half the usual amount of gold ore for his services.

For more information please, read our Charos Charming guide.

Q: What can you get from the garden after the quest?

A: You may pick white tree fruit from the White Tree. The fruit is not tradable and it restores about 10% of your energy.

Author: Hemlock

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