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1.0 - Introduction

Do you enjoy doing puzzles? Do you want to gain access to cool new desert garb and weapons? How about cheaper runes? If so, Ali Morrisane could use your help! How you ask? Read further on to see how you can get your own supply of stores that nobody else can see.
Note: If you are in the middle of The Feud quest, you are unable to do this minigame, you must complete the quest first.

2.0 - What to do

Go speak to Ali in Al-Kharid and eventually he will tell you that he wants to expand his trading base. He'll ask you to go speak to Aubury in Varrock, the blackjack dealer in Pollnivneach, and Siamun in Sophanem.

To secure a deal with Aubury, all you need to do is speak to him, then go back to Ali. Once you have a deal with Aubury and have spoken to Ali, you can buy runes from Ali. Securing a trading deal with Siamun and the blackjack dealer is a bit trickier.

If you wish to obtain the desert garb, you need to give Siamun 3 animal hides. If you wish to get the Menaphite clothing, you need to give Siamun 3 bottles of dye. Please note you cannot buy both desert garb and Menaphite clothing at the same time.

To obtain the blackjacks, you need to first decide what type of blackjacks you want. If you want the assault blackjack, you must challenge the blackjack dealer to knock you out in 2 hits. He won't be able to though, and decides to send Ali blackjacks to sell. If you want the defensive blackjacks, you must speak to the street urchin and ask him to steal some stuff. The blackjack dealer will decide his defensive blackjacks need better defensive qualities and will sell them to Ali.

3.0 - The Puzzle

Once you've secured a trading deal from Aubury, the blackjack dealer or Siamun you can go back to Ali and when you see him, choose to do a puzzle instead of seeing his default stock. There are two difficulties of puzzles, easy and hard. You'll get a puzzle screen like this:

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This is known as a Sudoku puzzle. Normally these are done with numbers but Jagex decided to use runes instead. The purpose of the puzzle is to get one of every type of rune in each column and row without any doubles.

The best way to go about the big puzzles is talk to Ali until you get a half completed puzzle. Then you can either take a piece of paper or open up a spreadsheet program and write the puzzle down so you can work it out. If you find it easier to assign a number to each type of rune, write yourself a index so you know what rune stands for what number. Or you can use the letter the rune starts with. The easiest way to do these is start filling out the fullest column and work your way to the emptiest.
Note: The puzzle will change if you log out.

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Once you have completed the puzzle, click the 'open casket' button. You can then choose to automatically buy all the stuff Ali has in stock from the casket without seeing the stock, or choose to view what is in stock and buy only the items you want.

If you open a casket to see his wares, you will get a random amount of the item you opened the casket of. Only you can see the stock from opened caskets so its your own private store. If you look at his default stock, you'll see a store that anyone can view and buy from.

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