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- 2 Quest Points.
- 2,400 Prayer XP.
- Ectophial.
- Ability to Teleport to the Ectofuntus using your Ectophial.
- Access to Port Phasmatys free of charge.

Start PointStart Point

Port Phasmatys city east of Canifis. Speak to Velorina.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 5/5


Skill: 20 Cooking, 25 Agility.
Quest: Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost.
Item: Amulet of Ghostspeak, 9 Pots, 1 Log, Tinderbox, 9 Buckets, Bowl of Water, 2-3 Red, Yellow and Blue Dyes, Needle, Thread, Gloves (not Zombie or Mystic), Oak Longbow, Knife, Silk, 9 Bones, Spade, Bucket of Milk, ~1,000GP.
Other: Ability to defeat a Giant Lobster (Level-32).


Skill: 30+ Combat, decent Agility (lots of running).
Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Energy Potions, Spotted/Spottier Cape, Boots of Lightness, Strange Fruit etc), Food, Ring of Charos(a).

The citizens of Port Phasmatys have unwittingly consigned themselves to an immortal existence, trapped forever in this world as unwilling ghosts. Necrovarus, Lord of the Temple of Phasmatys, holds the key to the door into the next world. Can you convince him to open it and set them free?

Part 1:
Getting into the Ghost City

Step 1
Talk to Ghost Disciple, at Ectofuntus.
Grind bones, add bonemeal to pots.
Fill buckets with slime.
Worship at Ectofuntus.
Collect ecto-tokens from Disciple until you have 33.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Ghost Disciple Items needed: Amulet of Ghostspeak (always wear this), 7 Bones, 7 Pots, 7 Buckets.

From Canifis, head north up to Fenkenstrain's Castle and then make your way east until you reach the outskirts of Port Phasmatys.

Note: if you go through the forest, be careful as it's filled with Leeches (Level-52) and Vampires (Level-61). Make sure you either have enough food, or energy potions to help get you through faster.

Go into the Ectofuntus temple to the north of the city and talk to a Ghost disciple; ask him how to obtain Ecto-tokens.

If you didn't bring any bones they can be obtained by killing Undead Chickens at the farm to the west. With your bones, go to the top floor of the Ectofuntus temple and use them with the Bone grinder. Then Wind the Bone Grinder (Picture) and use your pot with the bin at the other end. You should obtain some Bonemeal.

Go back downstairs and then down the trapdoor. If you have 58 Agility, there is a trapdoor on the first level that leads to the pool of slime, go down that if you can. Otherwise, follow the path around, climbing down the stairs on the opposite side until you reach a pool of slime (Picture). Use your buckets with the slime and then climb back up the stairs and ladder to the ground level.

Now worship at the Ectofuntus in the middle of the temple (Picture) and you will notice one of your buckets of slime and one of your bonemeal pots will empty. Worship until all your slime or meal is used up and then talk to the Disciple. He will give you 5 Ecto-tokens for every bucket of slime and pot of meal you worshiped away. Repeat this until you have at least 33 Ecto-tokens.

Part 2:
An Old Crone

Step 2
Enter city (pay 2 ecto-tokens).
Talk to Velorina.
Talk to Necrovarus, at Ectofuntus.
Talk to Velorina.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Velorina Once you have 33 tokens, talk to the Ghost guard and pay him two tokens to enter the Ghost City. Talk to Velorina who is living in the house just south of the Ectofuntus. Tell her you are not afraid of ghosts, and ask her about the history of the town. She will tell you of the Vampires, the struggle of the townsfolk to repel them, and finally about the Mage Necrovarus who enslaved them for eternity. She will ask you for your help, answer "yes".

Exit the city the same way you came in and talk to Necrovarus in the Ectofuntus temple. He will threaten you with a rather nasty death. Go back and talk to Velorina again and she will tell you of her friend who used to be a disciple of Necrovarus, but spoke out against him and fled when she saw the Ectofuntus was draining the townsfolk. Velorina will tell you that she might know how to defeat Necrovarus. Go to the Port Phasmatys bank to the south-east and clean up your inventory, depositing your pots and buckets.

Step 3
Talk to Old Crone, NW of Canifis.
Pick nettles, east of Slayer master.
Add nettle to bowl of water, heat it on your fire.
Talk to Crone, put in special cup.
Talk to Crone, add milk.
Talk to Crone.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Nettles Items needed: Bowl of Water, Bucket of Milk, Tinderbox, Gloves, Log.

Velorina's friend is located in a wooden house north-west of Canifis and east of the Slayer Castle (Picture). Talk to her and she will tell you she is too old to remember anything of her youth. She will tell you a nice cup of nettle tea might restore her memory though.

You can obtain Nettles by picking them (remember to wear gloves or they will sting you and you will get hurt) just east of the Slayer master in a clearing. Pick a nettle and use it with your bowl of water. Then make a fire and heat the nettle water. Take it back to the Old Crone.

The Crone will not accept the tea telling you she needs to drink it from her special cup. She will give you the cup. Use the nettle tea with the cup, and offer it to her again. The Crone will reject it for a second time, telling you she needs milk. Use your bucket of milk with the tea and offer it to her for the third time (Picture). This time she will get very excited and drinks the tea, and everything will come rushing back to her. Tell her that Velorina needs her help.

The Crone will tell you about how to enchant your Amulet of ghostspeak so as to give it the power to control Ghosts. Doing this you can order Necrovarus to let the townsfolk go from his spell. To perform the spell, you will need some of Necrovarus' old robes, a spell book and a translation for the spell book. Tell her you will search for those things.

Talk to the Crone again and ask her if there's anything else you can do for her. She will tell you about her son who wanted to be a sailor and that she never saw him again. She will give you his old Toy Boat and ask you to give it to him if you find him.

Part 3:
Charting Dragontooth Isle

Step 4
Use silk on model boat.
Go NE, board old ship.
Climb up ladder, search mast (when wind speed is low).
Dye the sail.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Mast Items needed: Silk, 2-3 Red, Yellow and Blue dyes, Thread, Needle, Knife, 29 Ecto-Tokens, Spade, Toy Boat, Armour, Weapons, Food.

Bank in Canifis to withdraw the items needed for this step. Use the silk with the model boat (with needle and thread, and knife in your inventory) and you will replace the ship's flag. Head north-east of Canifis and along the coast until you see the skeleton of a ship. Board it and climb up either of the ladders (Picture).

Search the mast when the wind speed indicated in the top right corner is low. Make note of what colour each part of the sail is, and then dye the model boat's flags in those colours by using the dyes with it. If you need to make different coloured dyes, you should know that red and yellow makes orange, blue and red makes purple, and blue and yellow makes green.

Step 5
Talk to Old Man.
Use key on chest.
NW side of ship, jump over rocks and open chest.
Back at ship, search chests.
Kill Giant Lobster (Level-32).
Talk to Ghost Captain, Port Phasmatys docks.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Ghost Captain Go back down the ladder and talk to the Old Man. Ask him if the toy boat is his and he will be astounded and reply that it is! You will then tell him that his mother lives and told you to give it to him. The Old Man will then give you the key to the closed chest (Picture). Use the key with the chest and you will receive a map piece!

Cross the gangplank on the north-west side of the ship and you should appear on a rock. Jump to the next rock (Picture) and make your way west then north (each jump takes 5% energy and gives you 10 Agility exp). You should end up at a small island with a closed chest. Open the chest and search it and you will receive a second map piece! But there is still one to go.

Now head back to the ship the way you came, jumping on the rocks. Cross the gangplank again and go down the ladder. Search the chests until one of them opens and you get attacked by a Giant Lobster (Level-32). Kill the Lobster and search the chest again to receive a third map piece.

Armed with your map (Picture), return to Port Phasmatys and head out onto the docks. Find the Ghost Captain who is just north-east of the bank and ask him to take you to Dragontooth Island.

Step 6
Follow directions on map and dig.
Talk to Ak-Haranu, back at Port Phasmatys.
Talk to Robin, at Ghostly Inn.
Play Rune Draw, beat him 4 times.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Place to Dig Items needed: 25GP, Spade, Oak Longbow.

When you get there take a look at your map and you will notice that it now reads: Dragontooth Island. Follow the directions on the right side of the map carefully and you should end up on the right spot. Dig with your spade, and you will unearth the Book of Haricanto.

Head back Port Phasmatys by talking to the Captain once more. When you get back, talk to one of the only humans besides yourself in the Town, Ak-Haranu, who is just east of the pub on the edge of the docks (Picture). Ask him if he has a translation for your book, and he will tell you that he does, but he wants an Oak bow signed by Master Robin in return.

Talk to Robin in the Ghostly Inn and he will tell you that he doesn't do autographs, but ask you if you want to play a game of Rune Draw. Accept and you will give him 25gp. Rune Draw works like this: basically every time you click "draw" you get a random rune. The object of the game is to not draw the death rune. To do this you must achieve a high score and 'Hold' so that he will eventually pick the Death rune. Cosmic runes are worth 7 points, Chaos 8, Nature 9, Air 1, Water 3, Earth 4. Once you've beaten Robin four times, he'll owe you 100gp, and you'll threaten to tell the ghosts of his scam and he will suddenly decide that it would be best to sign your longbow.

Step 7
Talk to Ak-Haranu.
Talk to Ghostly Inn's innkeeper.
Dip bedsheet in pool of slime.
Talk to Gravingas.
Equip bedsheet and collect signatures.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Gravingas Now go back to the trader, Ak-Haranu, and he will give you the Translation manual in exchange for the signed longbow. Next go and talk to the innkeeper of the ghost town inn. Ask him for a job to do and he will ask you to take some clean linen to Master Robin. Accept this proposition, but don't take the sheet to Robin (if you do he'll take them and tell you to go away and say he needs "Robin time").

Making sure you don't wear the bedsheet, and go through the energy barrier, down the tower trap door, to the pool of slime (note: you could alternatively just use a bucket of slime with the sheet). Use the bedsheet with the pool, and it will turn a ghostly green colour (Picture).

Now that you have the ghostly outfit re-enter the ghost city and talk to Gravingas. Offer to help him and he will ask you to collect signatures for his petition. If you ask the townsfolk to sign it, they will be suspicious that a human would do anything to help them.

Equip the bedsheet and start talking to the ghosts. Most of them will gladly sign the petition. Some of them will ask for 3 Ecto-tokens in return, but just ignore these unless you have spare tokens. Note that you can get signatures from the same Villager twice, but make sure that you speak to another in between.

Step 8
Talk to Necrovarus.
Take bone key upstairs.
Open southern room.
Search coffin.
Talk to Old Crone again.
Talk to Necrovarus (with amulet of ghostspeak(e) equipped).
Force him to free villagers.
Talk to Velorina.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Necrovarus Now take the petition to Necrovarus. Needless to say he will get rather angry and burn your form to ashes. BUT in his anger he will drop a Bone key.

Take this key upstairs (to the bone grinder room) and use it to open the door on the south side of the room. Enter the room, open the coffin and search it. You will relieve Necrovarus of his robes.

Take all your items to the Old Crone and she will be most surprised! She will then perform the ritual, and start dancing around in a rather crazy fashion. Now, if you look in your inventory you will notice your Amulet of ghostspeak has turned green.

Wearing your newly enchanted amulet, go back and talk to Necrovarus, choose the first option and you will force him to free the townsfolk!

Go back into the ghost city and talk to Velorina. This time, the Ghost Guards will let you pass for free because of your service to the town.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions.
Q. I lost/dropped my Amulet of Ghostspeak, how can I get another?

A. You can get another amulet by talking to Father Urhney who is in a house in Lumbridge Swamp (Picture). Tell him you lost your amulet and he will give you another.

Q. How do I get Dyes?

A. All the dyes can be made by Aggie, who can be found in a house north of Draynor Village Bank. To make the Dyes, you will need to give Aggie the following:
Red Dye - 3 Redberries (found in the wood south of Varrock) and 5GP.
Yellow Dye - 2 Onions (found behind Farmer Fred's hut in Lumbridge) and 5GP.
Blue Dye - 2 Woad Leaves (Can be bought for 20gp per 2 from Wyson the Gardener in the house at the east end of Falador Gardens) and 5GP.

Q. I lost my ectophial, how do I get it back?

A. Speak to Velorina in Port Phasmatys to get a free replacement.

Author: Robin Hood

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