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- 1 Quest Point.
- 500 Defence XP, 500 Hitpoints XP.
- 500GP.
- Access to Dungeon of Tolna.

Start PointStart Point

Talk to Laura, Rift Entrance, north-west of the Dig Site.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Item: Rope.


Item: Armor/Weapon, Food, Anti-Poison Potion.
Other: Ability to defeat many Level 20-45 Monsters.

A rift in the ground has opened up releasing all manner of strange monsters into the lands near the Digsite. A sorrowful mother waits at the top of the rift for her long lost son, who has been missing for 25 years. You can journey down into the rift for an adventure full of twisted monsters all created from the mind of a young boy driven to madness through incarceration.

Part 1:
Find Launa & Anger

Step 1
Talk to Launa.
Climb down the rift.
Kill the angry monsters.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Weapons Rack Items needed: Rope.

Begin the quest by speaking to Launa, who is North-West of the Digsite (Picture). She will tell you that her son has been missing for 25 years. Use your rope on the rift, and climb down.

In this room you have a "rage meter", which you must get to its maximum to proceed. Kill the creatures with the following weapons which are found on the wall near the entrance. The creatures can only be killed with a specific weapon. Kill all monsters you need to with the weapon, then switch.

  1. Angry Bear - Spear
  2. Angry Unicorn - Sword
  3. Angry Goblin - Battle Axe
  4. Angry Rat - Mace

As you kill the creatures, your rage level increases. Once you have you rage meter at its max, you will go into a violent rage, killing everything in the room (Picture), then a cut scene will start. Once the cut scene is over you may progress into the fear room.

Part 2:
Fear, Confusion, Hopelessness, and the Boss

Step 2
Kill the Fear Reapers.
Hit each monster 8 times.
Kill each monster 3 times.
Cross the bridge.
Kill the boss and talk to Tolna.

In this room you seem to lose your bottle (British reference to being scared), so you need to get your courage back. Around the room there are "Dark Holes" that you can look in. Most of these contain a Fear Reaper (Picture) who will pop out and attack you. One of these holes you can't look in because it's "Too Dark". Keep searching the holes and killing the reapers until your character says it's not scary and you will be able to go through that hole (Picture). You should only need to kill several.

The doors in here are there to distract you, so keep your eyes on the monsters.The monsters in this room can poison you, the poison only hits 1's, but hits you frequently. Only one of them is weak against your attacks, so kill it first. The "fake" monsters need to be hit eight times to make them die. Near the end, all the monsters will re-spawn, and you must find the "real" one again. Note: There is a glitch where sometimes the monsters in this room will not appear. If this occurs try logging out and back in again. You will have to repeat this four more times before you can proceed to the Hopelessness Room.

This room appears tricky when you enter, but the monsters are very weak. The reason it is called "the hopelessness room" is because the monsters have to be "killed" three times for them to be completely dead. When they're all dead, another cut-scene will begin. Then the bridge of hope appears so you can cross the ravine. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Bridge of Hope This final room is a multi-combat room. In here you find Tolna's father, pleading with a three headed monster. It turns out the monster is Tolna, corrupted by 25 years of evil magic (Picture). Once he is dead, the human Tolna appears thanking you. You then spawn outside the rift. Speak to Tolna (Picture) one last time and you will receive your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: In the Anger room, when you hit 100+, do you get the experience of hitting over 100?

A: No, you do not get experience for killing those monsters.

Author: Lewt04 and Pk3hit4u

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