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Otrebor's Screenshot of a Lesser Demon Champion
Table Of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

For an age, the Champions' Guild south-west of Varrock has been neglected. Recently however, a trapdoor was uncovered within the guild; leading to its' basement. Within this basement, live the Champions of each two-legged race; human, gnome, dwarf, elf, werewolf, and TzHaar.

Through killing the weak and innocent creatures of RuneScape, you may well find yourself up against a challenge from a races' champion. Each champion has a different tactic, and rule associated with battling him or her. To challenge them, you must agree to their terms, which you will be told prior to entering the arena.

Presently, this new mini game is an extremely pointless time-waster. Do not, under any circumstances, go out of your way trying to obtain a champion scroll. This is because obtaining scrolls is extremely difficult. Wasting many hours training on goblins, hoping for a scroll, will leave you disappointed at the reward for killing the Goblin Champion.

2.0 - Champion Scrolls

Champion scrolls are the document that allows you to enter a duel with one of the Champions. These are obtained through monster drops, and presently, there are many theories of how to attain them. Please note you can only have one challenge from a certain monsters at a time.

If you're really lucky, you may find that killing the weak and innocent creatures of RuneScape will end up with you being challenged to a duel by the champion of that race.

The interpretation of this, is that only lower level creatures drop challenge scrolls. NPC's like goblins, hill giants, dwarves, Skeletons, and zombies, have thus far been confirmed to drop challenge scrolls.

However, as countless players become outraged by killing thousands of goblins, and not attaining a scroll, another theory comes into play. The theory is, that you can obtain a challenge scroll faster, by killing monsters closer to your combat level. Claims have been made on the official forums, that people have obtained a scroll after a certain number of fire giants, or lesser demons etc.

Otrebor's Screenshot of a Challenge Scroll

Gecka13's Screenshot of the Earth Warrior Champion

Once you have received a champion scroll, take it to Larxus at the entrance to the arena in the Champions' Guild basement. He will tell you the rules of the upcoming battle. The rules could be you are only allowed to use a certain combat style, not be allowed to use a certain prayer or you will be not allowed to use a certain combat style. The reward you obtain is given to both slayer, and hitpoints.

3.0 - The Champions
Name Level Challenge Scroll droppers Restriction Reward
Imp Champion 14 Imps (level-2) No special attacks -
Goblin Champion 24 Goblin (level-5) Only magic attacks 128 XP
Skeleton Champion 40 Skeleton (level-18/20/22/25/45) Only ranged attacks 232 XP
Zombie Champion 51 Zombie (level-18/24/25) No magic attacks 240 XP
Hobgoblin Champion 56 Hobgoblin (level-28/42) No melee attacks 232 XP
Champion of Giants 56 Hill giant (level-28) Only melee attacks 280 XP
Ghoul Champion 85 Ghoul (level-42) Only weapons, no items 400 XP
Earth Warrior Champion 102 Earth warrior (level-51) No prayers 432 XP
Jogre Champion 107 Jogre (level-53) No ranged attacks 480 XP
Lesser Demon Champion 162 Lesser Demon (level-82) No weapons or armour 590 XP
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Hobgoblin Champion Banner

Once you have defeated your champion, you will be told how much experience you have gained. If you try to use the scroll on Larxus to have another fight, he will take it away since it's already been used.

Once a person has defeated enough lower level champions they will be able to fight the Champions of champions. These Champions are of the races: Gnome, Human (Leon D'Cour - level 141), TzHaar, Werewolf, Elf and Dwarf.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Reward Scroll

4.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many creatures do I need to kill before I get a challenge scroll?

A: It's random, some people kill thousands, yet others only kill a few before they get a challenge scroll.

Q: If I die while fighting a challenge monster will I lose my items?

A: Yes, dying here is normal dying. You will lose all but your best 3 items or all of your items if skulled.

Q: If I lose to a champion can I fight him again or do I need to get another challenge scroll?

A: You must receive another challenge.

Q: Can I have 2 challenge scrolls at the same time?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I have a clue scroll and a challenge scroll at the same time?

A: Yes, you are able to have a clue scroll and a challenge scroll at the same time.

Q: Do I have to have access to the Champions' Guild to be able to get a challenge?

A: Yes, you must have at least 32 quest points to be able to get a challenge from an NPC.

Q: Are the challenges tradable?

A: No.

Q: Can I get a challenge from the same NPC twice?

A: You can get a scroll from one race more than once, but you may only defeat the Champion once. After you have defeated a champion, you will never again recieve a scroll from that race.

Author: Ben_Goten78 and Myst

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