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- 2 Quest Points.
- Two Antique Lamps (2,500 XP each), Mouse Toy.

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Unferth, who lives in his house in Burthorpe.

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Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Quest: Icthlarin's Little Helper, Gertrude's Cat.
Item: Kitten/Cat, Catspeak Amulet, Vial of Water, Desert Robes, 5 Death Runes, Rake, 4 Potato Seeds, Seed Dibber, Log (any), Tinderbox, Shears, Chocolate Cake, Bucket of Milk, ~500GP.


Item: Varrock Teleport Runes, Games Necklace, Ring of Dueling, Means to travel to various locations to find Bob, Food (if you have a Kitten).

Missing: small black cat, answers to the name of Bob. Last seen on 19th Bennath. Please contact Unferth in Burthorpe.

Part 1:
In Search of Bob...

Step 1
Speak to Unferth, Burthorpe.
Speak to Hild.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Starting Location Items needed: Cat or Kitten, Catspeak Amulet.

Use a Games necklace to quickly teleport to Burthorpe. Unferth's house is located to the east of the castle, to the north of the pub. Talk to Unferth (Picture). He will notice that you have a cat or a kitten and mention that he had a cat named Bob but he ran away a week ago. Your cat mentions that Bob is more than capable of looking after himself. You talk back to your cat and Unferth is confused. Offer to help him and he will thank you. He's scared that Bob is hungry and your cat mentions that this guy gets on its nerves. You ask Unferth where he saw Bob last. He comes back once a week, normally on Mondays (for the weekly updates). Unferth has no idea where Bob is at but he suddenly has an idea! He says that his friend Hild is more clever than he is and she lives just up the road.

Walk to Hild's house which is just to the North-East and speak to her. You tell her that you are trying find Unferth's cat. Your cat mentions that it's the other way around; Unferth is Bob's pet. Amazingly enough, Hild can understand what your kitten is saying! Your kitten probably thinks that Bob is out on the prowl for some females. She tells you that if you open up your amulet of Catspeak, you will find a mechanism inside. If enchanted correctly, the amulet can be used to track Bob. She will be able to enchant the amulet for you as long as you bring her five death runes. Run to the Rogue's Den underneath the tavern and withdraw from Emerald Benedict's bank.

Step 2
Bring 5 death runes to Hild.
Find Bob.
Speak to Bob with the Catspeak amulet on.

Items needed: 5 Death Runes, Varrock Teleport Runes.

Return with five death runes and speak to Hild again. As long as you have the death runes and the Catspeak amulet, you will hand it to her and she will enchant it into a Catspeak amulet (e). She will explain how to work the amulet. Essentially, you need to right click the amulet and select the open command. In the new window, click the whiskers to move the arrow to a new compass direction. When the eyes light up, you know what direction to head towards.

Since Bob normally spawns in the Burthorpe area when there is a server reset, your best bet is to hop servers a few times until you find Bob somewhere in the Burthorpe vicinity. If you happen to find Bob and he is in a location where there are doors or gates, make certain you close the gate so he is trapped. You will need to leave and find Bob several times during this quest. If you confine him to one area, you will complete the quest faster.

When you find Bob make certain you put back on your Catspeak amulet. You (and your cat) will greet Bob. Bob confesses to your cat that he has fallen for Neite. As you try to remember where you heard that name before, Bob becomes romantic as he describes his love for her and how Menaphos would be a great place to start a family. Your cat nails it on the head: Bob is smitten. However, Bob has no family or status so he needs to prove to Neite his lineage before she will go out with him. Your kitten mentions that you should go back to Gertrude and see if she knows who Bob's parents are.

Part 2:
Bob, Neite and a Mystery

Step 3
Speak to Gertrude, Varrock.
Speak to Reldo.

Use teleport runes to quickly teleport to Varrock and run west to Gertrude's house. Speak to Gertrude. She will ramble on for a period of time, hinting about people who sell her fully grown kittens in exchange for death runes. When she finally reaches the point, she will tell you that she has no idea who Bob's parents are. Bob appeared on her front doorstep in a basket. Your cat will mention to you something about a "Robert the Strong" and ask you to ask Gertrude about him. She has no idea who he is but she recommends to you to speak to Reldo the Librarian in Varrock Castle.

You can either teleport back to Varrock or run east back into the city. Go to Reldo inside Varrock Castle and ask him about Robert the Strong. He says that there is a mention of him in the history of RuneScape. Apparently, he is from the First Age and is taller than the average human and very strong (Homo Erectus). He possesses a six foot longbow and has a pet panther by the name of Odysseus. He also has a personal crusade against the Dragonkin. The Dragonkin are a bird-like race who walked rather than use their wings. They were believed to be immortal but cannot reproduce. Because of this, they were terribly afraid of death and made what we know now as dragons as protectors. Your cat tells you that there are far more to cats than humans believe. Your cat finally clues you in that Bob is Robert the Strong. You will need to speak to Bob about this to see if he remembers anything.

Step 4
Find Bob again.
Head to Sophanem.
Speak to the Sphinx.

Items needed: Ring of Dueling or Amulet of Glory, Desert Robes, Ring of Charos(a) (optional), ~250GP.

Return to Bob and speak to him. You may not have found out about his parents but your kitten thinks he is really Robert. Bob has no memory of him. Your kitten asks if Odysseus rings any bells. Nope. Your kitten asks if the Dragonkin sound familiar. Bob doesn't recall them either. Your kitten finally asks you if you remember when you where hypnotized by the Devourer. He tells you that if the Sphinx was able to understand how you were hypnotized, then it can access Bob's memories of Robert the Strong.

Use a ring of dueling or an amulet of glory to teleport to Al-Kharid. While you are purchasing a pass, make certain you purchase (or withdraw) and wear a full set of desert robes. The robes will protect you against the desert heat and you will need them later in the quest. Withdraw enough gold from your bank to pay for two trips of the magic carpet to reach Sophanem quicker. If you have an enchanted Ring of Charos from the Garden of Tranquility quest, it will only cost you 150 gold to reach your destination.

Travel to Sophanem and speak to the Sphinx about help. You briefly tell your story and the Sphinx mentions that he did not foresee him falling in love. He asks you who this Robert the Strong you speak of. When you mention that he was a great human, the Sphinx tells you that he is not interested in human myths. But your cat says that he was no ordinary human. The Sphinx confirms that Bob does have the mark of power on him. The Sphinx will help you but you need to come into the desert with him so you are all undisturbed. You have the option of viewing the cut scene which is 5 minutes and 20 seconds or to skip it and read the notes.

Step 5
Travel back to Burthrope.
Gather items you will need to fulfill the chores.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the List of Chores Out in the desert the Sphinx summons Bob before him where you and your cat reveal to him your suspicions that he is really Robert the Strong. The Sphinx asks Bob to look into his eyes. Bob agrees and is quickly hypnotized. After asking Bob to think back to his earliest memory, Bob finally remembers standing in front of a large tower with his panther Odysseus. It turns out that Bob really was Robert the Strong. The cut-scene continues in the past where Robert and his panther fighting a Dragonkin. His panther quickly falls before the fiery magic of the Dragonkin and it nearly triumphs over Robert. But Robert uses his last ounce of strength to shoot one more arrow at the Dragonkin, slaying it.

The flashback ends where your cat asks the Sphinx to summon Neite to you all. The Sphinx confirms to Neite that Bob was once Robert the Strong. Bob and Neite whisper to each other and Bob announces that he'll be taking a few days off with Neite. He'll ask you if you can do a small favour and take care of his pet human while he is gone. When the cut scene ends, you will have the choice of staying in Sophanem or teleporting immediately back to Unferth's house. Regardless of which one you choose, you will receive a list of chores from Bob (Picture).

There is no reason to select the option to remain in Sophanem. Use the free opportunity to teleport to Unferth's house so you do not have to waste a charge from your Gaming necklace. Before you begin on the chores, run to the bank in the Rogue's Den and withdraw the following items: a rake, four potato seeds, a seed dibber, one set of logs (any quality), a tinderbox, a pair of shears (or a few gold pieces to purchase one at the nearby General Store), a chocolate cake, and a bucket of milk. The easiest method of making a chocolate cake is to steal a regular cake from the cake stalls in Ardougne and use a chocolate bar on it. Chocolate bars can be bought in Port Sarim or the Tree Gnome Stronghold or found in the Cooks' Guild. The easiest way to get a bucket of milk is to teleport to Lumbridge, buy a bucket at the General Store and milk a dairy cow across the river to the North-East.

Part 3:
Human Care

Step 6
Carry out the chores.
Tidy the garden first.

Items needed: Shears or 1GP, Chocolate Cake, Log or Woodcutting Axe, Tinderbox, Rake, Seed Dibber, 4 Potato Seeds.

After reading the list you will see that you have to do five things for Bob: tidy the house, tidy Unferth, feed Unferth, warm the house and tidy the garden. If you talk to Unferth about the chores, your cat will immediately stop you and explain that he cannot know that you are doing this for him. It is part of the cat/human relationship where the cat has to make the human believe that they are in command.

1. Tidy the house - All you have to do is click the bed to make it.

2. Tidy Unferth - You may notice that Unferth has very long hair and a long beard. Go to the nearby general store to the south and purchase a pair of shears. Use the shears on Unferth several times until he turns bald.

3. Feed Unferth - If you search the bookcase, you will find a recipe for Unferth's favorite food: chocolate cake. If you examine the table carefully, you will find an empty plate and also an empty glass of milk. You will need to obtain a chocolate cake and use it on the table and then use a bucket of milk on the table to fill the glass.

4.Warm the house - Simply chop down a tree outside the house and use the logs on the empty fireplace and use a tinderbox on the fireplace to light it.

5. Tidy the garden - Use your rake on garden to remove the weeds and use four potato seeds on the empty patch with your seed dibber. No compost or water is required. It will take the same time to grow these potatoes as any other vegetable patch: a little over fifteen minutes, so do these first.

Step 7
Talk to Unferth.
Head to Varrock.
Put on the medical hat and speak to Unferth, giving him the miracle cure.

Items needed: Varrock Teleport Runes, Desert Robes, Water-Filled Vial, Games Necklace.

After all the chores are completed speak to Unferth. He will become sick and dizzy. You cannot let Bob see him in this condition as Bob may think that you didn't fulfill your promise. Your cat suggests that you visit the apothecary in Varrock.

Speak to the apothecary located south of the anvils near the western bank. The apothecary will explain to you that Unferth is a hypochondriac. He constantly visits the apothecary because he believes he is suffering from many types of sickness and injuries. The apothecary tells you that as long as he thinks he is speaking to a doctor, you can hand him a simple vial of water and he will believe that this will cure him. However, you will need to wear clothing that will make you look like a doctor. The apothecary will give you your choice of a nurse's hat or a doctor's hat but you will need to obtain the robes.

You should already be wearing your desert robes at this point. Simply wear the hat you have chosen and walk to the West Varrock bank to withdraw a vial of water. After you have done this, use your Games necklace to teleport back to Burthorpe.

Travel back to the sickly Unferth and speak to him. Unferth, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, will think you are a traveling doctor and will list off his medical problems he is having. You'll convince him that the vial of water you have is a miracle cure and he will immediately begin to feel better. Satisfied that Unferth has been taken care of fully, you need to find Bob again.

Step 8
Find Bob, and speak to him one last time.
Speak to Unferth.

Travel to Bob and speak to him. He will talk about the time he spent with Neite in the desert and how he "borrowed" a magical carpet to travel throughout the land. You will receive a cut scene where you see Bob and Neite arguing about how to drive the carpet, him visiting an old friend in the deep Wilderness, and a scene of them on the stern of a ship a la "Titanic". When the cut-scene ends, you'll need to speak to Unferth one final time.

If you are not in Burthorpe, use your Games teleport to return there for the final time. Speak to Unferth and he will tell you that Bob returned on his own and that you didn't do anything to try to find him. But he will tell you that the strangest thing happened. He found, underneath his bed, a package with your name on it. He will hand you the mysterious present and the quest will end.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Tail of Two Cats Quest Scroll Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do I get an Amulet of Catspeak?

A: It is received as a reward of the Icthlarin's Little Helper Quest. Ask the Sphinx for another if you lost it.

Author: Hemlock

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