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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Catching an Impling
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Crop circles have been showing up in the wheat fields of RuneScape! If you happen to enter a crop circle you may be transported to the implings home plane of Puro-Puro. Crop circles only show up randomly in the wheat fields of RuneScape, but if you can enter Zanaris (The Lost City), the wheat field there has a crop circle that never leaves.

Implings are cousins of imps but, most notably, they can fly! Most are found in Puro-Puro, but some can also be found wandering around the world of RuneScape. It has been said that they often hang around locations and places related to their form, for example a Dragon impling may be more likely to spot near dragons. To catch an impling, you will need your butterfly net and a certain hunter level.

2.0 - How to Play

To play the mini-game you must first find a wheat field with a crop circle. There are wheat fields near Lumbridge, Draynor Village, Cooking Guild, Champions Guild, Miscellania and Etceteria, Rimmington, Sinclair Mansion, Falador, Yanille, Zanaris (The Lost City) and Ardougne. The easiest way to find a crop circle is to enter Zanaris (The Lost City) and use the crop circle in this wheat field as it never leaves; all other wheat fields may only have the crop circle for a short amount of time. Once you get to Puro-Puro you need to speak to Elnock Inquisitor.

The minimum requirement to catch an impling is level 17 hunter. There are no other requirements, but having higher skills in certain areas can prove very useful. A decent level in strength and thieving can help you when catching pesky implings, and a higher agility will aid you in regaining energy after chasing implings through fields.

All of the items you need are given to you by Elnock: a butterfly net, 6 impling jars, and a scroll, which tells how many of each impling you currently have captured. Although you are not required to bring items, bringing some weight-reducing equipment to help you run longer can help. Note: Always keep at least one impling jar on you at ALL TIMES. If you have no impling jars left, the only way to get any new ones is to make them.

You can create your own impling jar before you head to Puro-Puro. To make an impling jar you need to use 8 anchovies on a pestle and mortar to make anchovy paste, and then use it on a sieve with an empty vial in your inventory. Use some flowers from farming or mithril seeds on the vial then use the vial on the lamp oil still in the Chemist's building in Rimmington. Finally use this vial on a butterfly jar to get an impling jar.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Walking through Wheat
2.1 - Navigating

Firstly you will need to know how to navigate around their home plane of Puro-Puro. A magical wheat field can be a very confusing place, and since Puro-Puro is a very magical place, it blocks out the mini-map. The walls of the maze will occasionally open up or close so you need to be aware that the path to an impling may not be as easy as it seems. You can push you way through the wheat rows to get closer to an impling to catch it.

Pushing through the magical wheat to find your way to the implings will give you 2 strength xp. How fast you push through the magical wheat depends on your strength level, the higher your strength level the faster you can push through the wheat.

2.2 - Capturing Implings

Once you've spoken to Elnock and have all the correct equipment, all you need to capture an impling is to simply click on it. Implings are fast creatures that can also fly over the wheat hedges to escape you. Some implings have a set spawn location in Puro-Puro and RuneScape, but others can spawn in random areas. It may help to use the entangle spell to stop implings from moving. Note: Some implings require a higher hunter level; check out 3.0 for more information.

Wandering imps can be very pesky; imps don't like when people jar their friends up. Beware of imps who will try to bust their friends out! This is where your thieving level can prove useful- the higher your thieving level the harder it will be for wandering imps to help their friends escape.

Once you have caught an impling you have several choices: You cannot release the impling, but you can destroy it (which destroys the impling jar as well), you can loot it (which gives you an empty jar and the loot back but you can break the jar when looting it), or you can sell it to Elnock for 3 impling jars. You can buy other things off Elnock if you have caught the right implings; see 4.0 for more information on buying items with implings.

3.0 - The Implings
Picture Name Hunter Level Xp in Puro-Puro Xp in RuneScape Loot
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Baby Impling Baby 17 18 20 Bowstring, Thread, Bucket, Needle, Ball of wool, Anchovies, Chisel, Knife, Hammer, Cut Sapphire, Cheese, Air talisman, Seaweed, Silver bar, Mud pie, Lobster
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Young Impling Young 22 20 22 Tuna, Bowstring, Steel full helm, Chocolate slice, Coal, Meat pizza, Garden pie, Pure essence (1), Basket of strawberries, Lockpick, Steel axe, Studded chaps, Steel nails (5), Soft clay, Mithril bar, Defense potion (3), Oak plank, Jangerberrys seeds.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Gourmet Impling Gourmet 28 22 24 Cake, Mud pie, Admiral pie, Tuna, Bass, Curry, Curry leaf, Meat pie, Chef's delight, Spice, Karambwam (2), Rainbow fish (5), Chocolate cake, Basket of strawberries, Swordfish (3), Frogspawn, Shark (3), Garden pie (6), Ugathanki kebab
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Earth Impling Earth 36 25 27 Earth tiara, Compost (6), Super compost (2), Mithril ore (3), Earth talisman, Earth runes (32-35), Fire talisman, Unicorn horn, Bucket of sand (4), Gold ore, Chaos runes (4), Gems
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Essence Impling Essence 42 27 29 Air runes (30-46), Body runes (15-28), Pure essence (10-25), Mind talisman, Cosmic rune (4), Death rune (13), Chaos rune (4), Water rune (30), Mud rune (4), Law rune (13), Fire rune (30-50), Smoke rune (4), Steam rune (4), Mind runes (15-30), Lava rune (4) Soul rune (11-15), Blood rune (7), Nature rune (13)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Eclectic Impling Eclectic 50 30 32 Wild pie, Blue dragon chaps, Red spiked vambraces, Mithril pickaxe, Rune dagger, Gold bar (3-5), Snape grass, Oak plank (4), Adamant ore (10), Battlestaff, Curry leaf, Watermelon seed (3), Adamant kiteshield, Unicorn horn (3), Lantern, Air rune (39-52), Slayers respite (2), Gems, Gold ore
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Nature Impling Nature 58 34 36 Herbs, Herb seeds, Limpwurt roots, Curry leaves, Woad leaves, Jangerberry seed, Cactus spine, Belladonna seed, Tree seeds, Garden pie (5), Magic logs, Coconut, 6 Summer pies
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Magpie Impling Magpie 65 44 54 Dragon dagger, Uncut gems, Half of a key, Prayer potion (3), Rune bar (2), Diamond amulet (3), Ring of life (4), Ring of Forging (3), Rune warhammer, Pineapple seed, Black dragonhide (6), Ring of forging (2), Rune sq shield, Splitbark gauntlets, Snapdragon seed, Sinister key, Gems, Rune dagger, Nature tiara, Rune claws, Blue mystic boots
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Ninja Impling Ninja 74 50 60 Black mystic boots, Rune bar (1-2), Prayer potions (4), Dragon dagger P+, Rune chain body, Opal machete, Onyx bolt tips (2-4), Rune thrown axe (50), rune arrows (70), rune claws, Blue mystic boots, Snakeskin boots, Splitbark helm, Black dragonhide (6-10), Sinister key, Dagannoth hide (3), Rune darts (40-70), Blue mystic gloves, Rune warhammer, Weapon poison, Rune scimitar, Dragon dagger (+)
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Dragon Impling Dragon 83 65 75 Dragon arrow tips (139-315), Dragon arrows (108-350) Dragon longsword, Dragon bones (53-90), Summer pie, Baby dragon bones (129-250), Dragon dart tips (102-339), Death tiara, Dragon dagger p+, Dragonstone bolt tips (6-25), Dragonstone (3), Onyx bolt tip (3), Death talisman, Dragon dagger p++ (3), Magic tree seeds, Half a key, Summer pie (15), Dragon hides, Amulet of glory (3), Blue mystic bottom, Snapdragon seeds (6)

4.0 - Rewards

After obtaining your implings, they can be traded for rewards. Make your way back to the centre of Puro-Puro and talk to Elnock, and trade him. There you can select several items to purchase:

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Elnock's Shop

  • Imp Repellent: 3 Baby Implings, 2 Young Implings, and 1 Gourmet Impling are needed. This will repel the Defender Imps from assisting the implings.
  • Magic Net: 3 Gourmet Implings, 2 Earth Implings and 1 Essence Impling are needed. The Magic Net is more successful at catching implings than the usual butterfly net.
  • Jar Generator: 3 Essence Implings, 2 Eclectic Implings and 1 Nature Impling are needed. Jar Generators have 100 charges. For three charges you can make an Impling Jar, and for one you can make a Butterfly Jar. Once the charges have been used up, you have to retrieve the same set of implings used to purchase it, to recharge it.
  • Three Impling Jars: Any impling can be traded for three jars. One impling will get you three impling jars.

Note: Magic Nets and Jar Generators are NOT tradable.

Author: Fluff and Myst

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