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Zybez RuneScape Help's Tears of Guthix Screenshot
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction
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The Tears of Guthix mini-game is game that you can do weekly in RuneScape to gain a bit of extra experience in your lowest skill. To be able to play the game, you must complete the Tears of Guthix quest. Juna keeps the bowl you make during the quest so you do not need to remake one or bring one every time you visit. The tears of Guthix mini-game is located at the end of Lumbridge Caves.

2.0 - Requirements

Once you have completed the Tears of Guthix quest, you are able to visit Juna once a week if you have completed a new quest or if you have gained 100,000 experience. If you try to visit Juna 2 times in a week despite gaining 100k experience or a recently released quest, you will be unable to enter until the week is up. Juna is the guardian of the game and likes to be entertained by your stories before you enter the game. The game is located in the back of the Lumbridge swamp caves so be sure to take your lantern and your spiny helmet.

3.0 - How to Play
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Collecting Tears Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Tear Collection Menu

The object of the game, is to collect as many blue tears as you can within a certain time limit. The time limit depends on how many quest points you have. Therefore, if you have 100 quest points, you will have 100 seconds to collect tears.

As the tears are governed by Guthix, the god of balance, you are only able to collect blue tears. For every green tear you collect, your blue tear count will drop. Be aware: the flow of tears randomly swaps between blue and green, so you won't stand in the same spot for your time in there. Although the tears may change on the wall you're on, it's best not to move around too much, as lag can cause you to miss collecting a number of tears.

4.0 - Reward

The rewards for the tears you collect is based on your lowest level skill. Once your lowest level skill is above 30, every tear you collect will give you 60 experience. Therefore, if you manage to collect 100 tears, that gives you a total of 6,000 XP to your lowest skill. For those with lower stats, this could mean a gain of several levels per trip to Juna.

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