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Location Requirements Members
North-east of Ardougne, south-west of Seers' Village 40 Ranged Yes

Zybez RuneScape Help's Ranger's Guild Map

To reach the Ranger's Guild, simply follow the path West through Seers' Village until you reach a small farm with chickens. The guild is on the opposite side of the road.
At the ranging guild you may practice shooting at targets and live foes of various levels. The guild also offers a selection of items for sale, including a wide range of throwing weapons.

The Ground Floor

This is the main level. Numerous guards (Level-37) inhabit here. There are several shops here, from range equipment to even a tanner, along with a ranged mini-game with rewards. This is basically where most of the range guild is. There are many things to do down here.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Range Guild ground floor


Dargaud's Bow and Arrows
Talk to: Bow and Arrow salesman
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Dargaud's range guild Bow and Arrow Shop
  • Arrow shaft: 1gp
  • Bronze arrowtips: 1gp
  • Iron arrowtips: 2gp
  • Steel arrowtips: 6gp
  • Mithril arrowtips: 16gp
  • Adamant arrowtips: 40gp
  • Rune arrowtips: 200gp
  • Bronze arrow: 1gp
  • Iron arrow: 3gp
  • Steel arrow: 12gp
  • Mithril arrow: 32gp
  • Adamant arrow: 80gp
  • Rune arrow: 400gp
  • Bronze brutal: 5gp
  • Iron brutal: 10gp
  • Steel brutal: 20gp
  • Black brutal: 35gp
  • Mithril brutal: 50gp
  • Adamant brutal: 95gp
  • Rune brutal: 450gp
  • Shortbow: 50gp
  • Oak shortbow: 100gp
  • Willow shortbow: 200gp
  • Longbow: 80gp
  • Oak longbow: 160gp
  • Willow longbow: 320gp
  • Comp Ogre Bow: 180gp
  • Range skillcape: 99000gp

Aaron's Archery Appendages
Talk to: Armour salesman
Zybez RuneScape Help's screenshot of Aaron's archery appendages range guild armour
  • Leather body: 27gp
  • Hardleather body: 221gp
  • Studded body: 1105gp
  • Leather chaps: 26gp
  • Studded chaps: 975gp
  • Coif: 260gp
  • Leather cowl: 31gp
  • Leather vambraces: 23gp

Authentic Throwing Weapons
Talk to: Tribal Weapons Salesman
Zybez RuneScape Help's screenshot of range guild throwing weapons store
  • Bronze javelin: 5gp
  • Iron javelin: 7gp
  • Steel javelin: 31gp
  • Mithril javelin: 83gp
  • Adamant javelin: 208gp
  • Rune javelin: 520gp
  • Bronze thrownaxe: 3gp
  • Iron thrownaxe: 9gp
  • Steel thrownaxe: 33gp
  • Mithril thrownaxe: 91gp
  • Adamant thrownaxe: 228gp
  • Rune thrownaxe: 572gp

Ranging Guild Ticket Exchanger
Talk to: Ticket Merchant
Zybez RuneScape Help's screenshot of Ranging Guild Ticket exchange
  • 30 Barb bolttips: 140 Archery tickets
  • Studded body: 150 Archery tickets
  • 50 Rune arrows: 2000 Archery tickets
  • Coif: 100 Archery tickets
  • Green dragonhide body: 2400 Archery tickets
  • 20 Adamant javelins: 2000 Archery tickets

Tanning Services
Talk to: Leatherworker
Zybez RuneScape Help's screenshot of Ranged guild Tanning service

The leatherworker performs the same services as a Tanner would. You need to exchange the appropriate hide in addition to the cost per hide below.

  • Leather: 1gp
  • Hard Leather: 3gp
  • Snakeskin: 15gp
  • Dragonhide: 20gp

Ranging Mini-game

To start the ranging mini-game talk to the Competition judge. You will need to pay him 200gp and he will give you 10 bronze arrows. Equip the arrows and click "Fire-at" the targets. Your score is then divided by ten and that is the amount of tickets you will receive. When you have fired all your 10 arrows speak with the Competition judge to get your tickets. The experience you gain is your total score divided in half.

Score: 560
Tickets Earned: 56
Experience Gained: 280

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the target practice range

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the second floor
The First Floor

There are four towers with three rangers on each of them. In order to fire on them you will either need a Longbow or a Short Bow (using Longrange attack style).
On the north tower, there are archers (level-19) who will shoot iron arrows.
On the east tower, there are archers (level-34) who will shoot steel arrows.
On the south tower, there are archers (level-49) who will shoot mithril arrows.
On the west tower, there are archers (level-64) who will shoot adamant arrows.

Warning: There's a scam that players are using where they will ask you to come up (usually saying they have a prize). The archers will then shoot you; this can result in a very quick death. So be careful!.

Author: Crazy200

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