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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Member's Only Quest

1.0 - A Member's Summary

After you have tried the free version of RuneScape, you may want to become a member in order to take advantage of the wide range of features that the full RuneScape world has to offer.

Subscribers to the member's version of the game have access to a much larger world full of exciting features. Rather than the same old humans, goblin and dwarf races you see in the free world you will encounter new races such as Trolls, Elves, Vikings, and Gnomes. These new characters are all located in their own parts of the RuneScape world. Through your journeys, you may meet some of these, such as Ogres from Gu'Tanoth or Bandits in the Kharidian desert.

With such a diverse number of races in the Members world, conflicts are sure to arise. Members have to ability to complete over 80 new quests, all with unique storylines, difficulty levels, and rewards. In some quest you may even get to see one of many "cinematic scenes" brought to us by Jagex. The Giant Dwarf, The Lost Tribe and the Garden of Tranquility are a few quests which are known for their amazing cinematic scenes.

Overall, everything that you see in the free game is upstaged and improved in the member's version. You will still have access to the same 15 skills but as a member you will be able to try out Agility, Construction, Farming, Fletching, Thieving, Herblore, slayer, and Hunter. And if you ever get bored of the skill why not try a mini game such as Castle Wars or Gnomeball?

With RuneScape Members the possibilities are unlimited. It's up to you to seek out the new and exciting things it has to offer. Sign up now!

1.1 - Subscribing

After you have tried the free version of RuneScape, you may want to become a member in order to take advantage of the wide range of features that the RuneScape world has to offer. For an overview of these features, visit the 'Benefits for Members' page on the RuneScape website.

If you decide to subscribe to RuneScape Members, you will need to go through the sign up process. To begin go to the RuneScape homepage and click on 'Start a new subscription' under the Membership heading. Choose the country you're from, then your payment method, then log in. After logging in, you will be taken to a secure area where you will able to manage your subscription status.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Member's Only Quest

Depending on the country, you will be provided with a number of payment options. In general, the payment options are the same for every country, however some forms of payment are limited to specific areas. Here are some of the more popular methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card - One of the fastest and cheapest ways to subscribe.
  • PayPal - A free service to make fast online payments.
  • Pay by Cash (thru-mail) - No Credit Card? No problem! Subscribe by sending money through the mail.
  • Pay By Phone or SMS - Another quick way to may your payment, however it is only available to residents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Pay By Phone is also available in Germany and Ireland.

For a full list of payment methods, check the 'Start a new subscription' section of the RuneScape homepage.

Once your payment has been received, you will automatically be given your membership status.

2.0 - Preparation for Members

Many people feel the need to prepare for their members experience since they will only have their subscription for a limited time. Here are some measures you can take to enhance your time as a member. Please note that if you are going to have members for a long period of time, it is best to subscribe as soon as possible. This is because some of the best training and item gathering areas are only found on the members worlds.

2.1 - Skill Preparation
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Member's Only Quest

The most common reasons users want to achieve certain skill levels is to complete certain quests or to be able to utilize members sections of each skill. Some feel the need to have really high skills while others just need basic levels to be satisfied. In any case, no matter what levels you have, it is recommended that you get members since it is less crowded and there are better ways to train skills. For those who want to get the most out of members in a limited amount of time, look at these recommendations.

Lower leveled Suggestion. These stats will allow for the completion of most basic quests and for taking advantage of basic members features.

  • Cooking: 40
  • Crafting: 20
  • Firemaking: 30
  • Fishing: 40
  • Magic: 37
  • Prayer: 25
  • Ranged: 40
  • Smithing: 40
  • Woodcutting: 45
  • Combat: 40
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Gnome-Khazard Battle Field

Higher leveled Suggestion. These stats will allow for the completion of most basics and advanced quests and for taking advantage of most members features.

  • Cooking: 60
  • Crafting: 50
  • Firemaking: 50
  • Fishing: 67
  • Magic: 56
  • Mining: 55
  • Prayer: 43
  • Ranged: 60
  • RuneCrafting: 44
  • Smithing: 60
  • Woodcutting: 60
  • Combat: 80

Please remember that these are not requirements. They are suggested levels for getting the most out of a limited amount of membership time. If you are planning on getting members for a longer period of time (i.e. A year) These are not necessary as there are great training areas on member worlds.

2.2 - Item Preparation

If you have just sent in your money through the mail or are planning to subscribe in the near future you may want to consider stacking up on certain supplies for when you become a member. What you gather completely depends on what you want to do while you're a member; however here are a few suggestions.

Fletching: If you plan on making arrows you will need lots of regular logs, feathers and metal bars for arrow tips. You will also need logs for making bows. Keep in mind that you will need to make bronze arrows to begin fletching, however you won't have to make many before you can start on iron arrows.

Herblore: Since you can't obtain empty or water-filled vials in bulk on free world easily, you may want to buy some from someone else. You could also buy eye's of newt from the Port Sarim magic store to make Attack potions (after completing the Druidic Ritual quest). You may also want to collect limpwurt roots and red spider eggs for strength and stat restoration potions.

Teleportation: If you have a higher magic level, you can bet you will be doing a lot of teleportation. Make sure you have lots of law runes, as well as sapphire necklaces, emerald rings and diamond rings which all give teleportation properties when enchanted on member's worlds.

Money: When you become a member, you'll be spending a fair sum of money. It is recommended that you have at least 300,000gp on hand when you subscribe, as this will help you make the most of your membership. Of course, you can start with nothing, and work your way up by taking advantage of faster mining and fishing locations (Fishing Guild), and other member's skills, but it's not recommended if you only have a one month subscription.

Weapons, Armour and Food: Finally, make sure you are well stocked on combat equipment. If you are short of food, don't worry. There are plenty of ways to get food on members worlds.

3.0 - First Things First...

The absolute first things you should do are a few quick quests. Before you even touch the members skills or the fancy new weapons and armours, you should do the Druidic Ritual and Fishing Contest quests. By doing these two quests, you will be eligible to begin Herblore, and you will also be able to take the shortcut under White Wolf Mountain. This shortcut is a must for members no matter what your level is. Also, no matter what your level, you should begin to familiarize yourself with the members sections of the RuneScape world. Knowing your way around will make everything much easier.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Mort'ton

If you have higher leveled skills, there are a few more quests you should do before getting your hands on all those fun members objects and skills. The Plague City, Merlin's Crystal, and Watch Tower quests will all give you access to important teleportation spells to major member locations. You should also do the Lost City quest, so you can wield dragon long swords and dragon daggers, as well as the Family Crest quest to get the enchanted gauntlets. You may also want to do the Recruitment Drive quest which will change your respawn location to Falador, instead of Lumbridge after you die.

Finally, you have completed the major quests that will help you enhance your members experience, making it easier to move around. Test out the members only skills and maybe even try such mini-games as Gnomeball, the Games Room, or Castle Wars. Have fun with your first few days of members. If you are high leveled you should test your strength against the infamous Barrows Brothers in search of rare armours.

Another task you may want to complete is obtaining some enchanted jewelry. Rings of Recoil, Dueling, Forging, Life and Wealth are all very useful. As far as necklaces go you should definitely get a hold of a bunch of Games' Room Necklaces for quick teleportation to Burthorpe. Finally the most popular member's amulet, the Amulet of Glory. When dipped in the fountain of Heroes' (Requires Heroes Quest), it can be used to teleport to various locations and also helps you find gems while mining. This amulet is expensive to buy, but is definitely worth it. Visit the Crafting guide for more information on enchanted jewelry.

You should now be set for your member's career. It would be wise to continue to the quests as most of them give very good rewards.

4.0 - Common Member Knowledge

This section will tell you a number of things about the member worlds that you may not know. You may find it helpful to read over this either section before venturing off through the member lands of RuneScape.

Catherby is the best place to fish lobsters and swordfish other than the fishing guild. At level 68 you can enter the fishing guild to fish lobsters, sharks and other popular fish.

There are many member drinks and potions which will boost your stats much like the Dwarven stout. You can even brew your own. Visit the Cooking guide for more information.

The gnomes are masters of transportation. Do the Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree quests to access the gliders and spirit tree networks.

To gain access to the popular undead kingdom of Morytania you will need to do the Priest in Peril quest. Morytania is the home of a number of quests as well as the popular barrows area.

To stay safe, always carry your filled Ectophial from the Ghosts Ahoy quest. This will allow you to teleport away from danger very quickly. It's free to use and only takes up one inventory spot.

There is a lever near the gates to West Ardougne which takes you to the high level wilderness, near the Mage Arena.

The 'Ring of Charos (a)' from the Garden of Tranquility quest will help you get discounts and special offers all over RuneScape. For example, the trip to Karamja is free and you can choose your cat colour. Try it on the weaker minded people of RuneScape.

If you are going to train your combat skills, why not train slayer at the same time? For more information visit the Slayer guide.

Not everyone is nice in members. Although players do tend to be more helpful, there are some bad seeds. Watch out for scammers and other rule breaking players - a player moderator may not always be around to save the day.

Enjoy the World of Members!

Author: TheExtremist

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