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- 1 Quest Points.
- 2,000 Ranged XP, 2,000 Fletching XP, and 2,000 Herblore XP.
- Ability to fletch Brutal Arrows and Ogre composite bows, to make Cure Disease potions and to wear bracelets of inoculation.

Start PointStart Point

West of the Gu'Tanoth and south of the Castle Wars Arena.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 8 Herblore, 30 Ranged, 4 Smithing, 20 Strength, 30 Fletching.
Quest: Jungle Potion, Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
Item: Knife, 2 Pieces of Papyrus (obtained during Quest), Snake Weed, Rogue's Purse, Water-Filled Vial, Bow String, Hammer.
Other: Must be able to defeat Slash Bash (Level-111).


Skill: 58 Magic (for Watch Tower Teleport), 40 Prayer (for Protection Against Ranged), 60+ Combat, 40+ Ranged.
Quest: The Grand Tree (to have access to the Gnome Gliders.), One Small Favour (to be able to use the Gliders to land in the Ogre Swamps.).
Item: Woodcutting Axe, Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted or Spottier Cape, etc), Hard Leather Range Armour or better, Teleport Runes for Watchtower and Ardougne Teleport, Ring of Dueling with at least five charges, 1-2 Super Stat Restore Potions, 1-2 Prayer Potions, Food (5-7 LobsterS or better), Wolf Bones, at least 75 Headless Ogre Arrows and 75 Nails (Steel or better).

Run for your lives...the Zombie Ogres are here for your flesh! An Ogre ceremonial dance area, used to communicate with ancient Ogrish ancestors, has been overrun with diseased undead ogres.

How could something like this have happened? And what sort of rewards could an enterprising adventurer gain from exploring the tombs of such a place? Adventurers with a good ranged level will be at an advantage.

Part 1:
The Beginning

Step 1
Start the quest by talking to Grish.

Items needed: Food, Stat Restore Potions. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Grish

The only time during this quest you will encounter combat is the times you are past the barricade to the east of Grish. While the undead Ogres are not that tough combat-wise, the disease they inflict will slowly drain your stats.

Each time you enter the cave, bring along a small amount of food to heal yourself with and a few stat restore potions in case a key skill is drained to the point that it is useless. While you are outside the cave, the only time you may be attacked is when you are running through the Ogre Swamps or collecting the herbs in Karamja. Dress light and run to avoid these encounters.

Travel to the quest start location. It is located to the west of Gu'Tanoth and to the south of Castle Wars. Speak to Grish and he will warn you to run away so you don't get killed by a mysterious illness that comes from the Zogres (Picture). When you ask him about Zogres, he will explain that they are large creatures with the "sickies" that live inJiggig.

Step 2
Talk to Grish about sickies and go to Ogre swamps.

Items needed: Food, Stat Restore Potions.

Jiggig seems to be underground. When you ask him about the "sickies", he tell you that when you getbashed by the Zogres, you get the "sickies". "Sickies" seems to be some sort of zombie affliction. Tell him you will help him and he will tell you to learn why the Zogres are at Jiggig and to get them back into the ground. He warns you to be ready with the foodies and the "glug-glugs". Grish will hand you three cooked chompies and two stat restore potions (3).

Use the Gnome glider system to arrive in the Ogre Swamps. From the landing strip, head straight west until you reach the coast and follow it north and north-west until you reach the quest start point.

Head to the east where you will see an ogre guard. Talk to him and he will let you pass the barricade if you tell him that you are helping Grish with the problem. The guard will smash a section of the barricade. Click on the barricade to climb over it. (Picture) Just past the barricade are Skogres (Level-44) and Zogres (Level-44). Run pass them and click on the staircase to climb down it.

The food and stat restore potions that Grish hands you should be enough for your first descent into the caves. Ignore the Zombie Ogres and make your way quickly to the north-west. You will get diseased but the affects of it should not cause you any problems. While searching the coffin, the broken lectern and the skeleton, you may get attacked by a zombie ogre. Kill it quickly and search them quickly. Once you have the items you need and you have killed the zombie, teleport to the Watch Tower. You will find yourself in a cavern filled with Zombie Ogres (Level-44).

Step 3
Head over to the cave and search the coffin and find the torn page from the lectern.

Items needed: Knife. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Searching the Coffin

Head to the north-west and you will see a slightly darkened cavern. When you approach this area, you will trigger a cinematic where the camera focuses on a blackened skeleton lying against a broken lectern. The camera will them shift and focus on a coffin in front of the skeleton. It will inform you that it appears that an explosion happened in this section of the cavern.

Walk over to the coffin and search it. (Picture) It will tell you that only a small slender key will be able to fit into the keyhole. (Picture) Use your knife on the coffin and you will be able to unlock it. You will then use your strength to lift the coffin lid and open it up. Search it again and you will find a black prism. When you look at the prism, it will tell you that it is a smoky black gem of some sort and that a magical force prevented it from being shattered when it hit the coffin.

Click on the broken lectern and you will find half of a torn page. The page appears to be some sort of spell which was used to cast a curse on an area and to make the rise from their graves. A guild emblem can be seen on it if you look at it carefully. (Picture)

Step 4
Go to the Ye Olde Dragon Inn and talk to Grish and Zavistic.

Items needed: Food.

Finally, click on the blackened skeleton. A Zombie (Level-33) will appear and begin to attack you. (Picture) Dispatch of it and pick up the backpack it drops. Click on the backpack and you will find a knife, some rotten food and a dragon inn tankard. The words "Ye Olde Dragon Inn" is inscribed on the bottom of the tankard. The name B. Vahn was inscribed on the backpack. (Picture)

Exit the cavern and run back to Grish. He is of no use, so it's time to do a little investigating. You may speak to Zavistic first if you wish. It will not make a difference whether you talk to him first or the bartender in the Dragon Inn.

Part 2:
Who Killed Brentle?

Step 5
Talk to the bartender and head to the magic guild.

Items needed: Tankard, Half Page, Black Prism. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Talking to Zavistic

Head to the Dragon Inn in Yanille and use the tankard on the bartender. He will tell you that it is Brentle's mug. He was very protective of it and he is surprised he would leave it in some cave. He was seen talking to some shifty looking wizard recently but the bartender doesn't know his name. But, he would recognize him if he saw him. You then break the bad news that Brentle was dead. The bartender lets you know that Brentle was a mercenary and would do many dark deeds for the right price. He will gladly help you bring the culprit to justice.

Go to the Magic Guild and speak to Zavistic Rarve. If you can not enter the Guild, you ring the bell on the side of the door and Zavistic will come out to speak to you. He seems bothered but he agrees to help you. (Picture) You show him the half page and the black prism. He immediately is curious and wants to know where you found them.

He lets you know that while research of the "dark arts" is allowed within the Order, it is not allowed to actually practice it. He informs you that a wizard by the name of "Sithik Ints" was doing research on it and he is currently at the guest house to the north. He is quite ill and unable to leave his room. He also doubts that Sithik had anything to do with it. Finally he tells you that when you are done with the black prism, he will offer a reward for it.

Step 6
Talk to Sithik and check around his room for a book on philosophy.

Head to the building to the north of the Magic Guild and go upstairs. In the western bedrooms in the bed is Sithik. (Picture) He will ask you who gave you permission to come in here. You will reply that Zavistic allowed you to. When you ask him about the undead ogres in Jiggig, we will deny knowing anything about it. But he will ask you on what a strange sight that would be.

You will then ask him if he doesn't mind if you look around. He immediately gets defensive saying that does mind and he doesn't want strangers going through his things. But he's in no position to do anything about it. If you ask him what he does, he tells you that he used to be an adventurer much like yourself. But he grew tired of all the fighting and training his abilities. He decided to focus his studies on the "lost arts" or necromancy, bringing the back to life.

Go ahead and search the wardrobe and you will find a book on philosophy written by Johanhus Albrect, the H.A.M. leader. It is basically a propaganda device to get people to join the H.A.M. order and you wonder if Sithik has anything against ogres. Speak to him again and ask him why he spends so much time in bed. He tells you that he is old and sick and mainly wants to return to his studies. Now search the drawers and you will find a book on portraiture.

Step 7
Draw a picture of Sithik and put the torn page into the book.

Items needed: Black Prism, Torn Page, Dragon Inn Tankard, HAM Book, Necromancy Book and the Portraiture Book. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Torn Page fitting in the Book

The books describes using a piece of papyrus on the subject to make a drawing of the person you want. If you have a piece of papyrus with you, use it on Sithik to make a drawing of him - you will need charcoal, which can be found in the room. Use the sketch on him and he will critique your artwork. Finally, search the cupboard and you will find a book on necromancy. You will discover that one of the pages inside the book has been torn.

If you use the torn page on the book, it will match exactly the part where it was torn out. (Picture)When you are in Sithik's room, be certain to use each and every item that you have found in the cave and in his room on him. The items that you will need to use on him are: the black prism, the torn page, the Dragon Inn tankard, the HAM book, the necromancy book and the portraiture book. Missing a step here may make it impossible to convince Zavistic when you are presenting evidence later.

Step 8
Prove the wizard guilty and head to the bartender.

Items needed: Black Prism, Torn Page, Dragon Inn Tankard, HAM Book, Necromancy Book and the Portraiture Book, Portrait, Papyrus.

Now begin using the items you've found already on him. Begin with the tankard and he will say that you found it at the local brew house. You inform him where it was actually found. Use the prism on him now. He will accuse you of being a thief since it appears familiar to him. Once you tell him where it was found, he changes his story very quickly. Use the torn page on him.

He will say that he can't read it but you know that he is lying since it's a page from a book on necromancy and he is knowledgeable in that subject. Use the Book of HAM on him. He will dismiss you but you will accuse him of having a hatred against ogres. But you can't prove this to be true; you have no proof. Finally, use the necromancy book on Sithik and he will say that it is for his studies. It is not dangerous at all as look as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Showing the Sketch to the Bartender

Now return to the Dragon Inn and use the portrait on the bartender. (Picture) He will tell you that he doesn't recognize the portrait. When you examine the portrait you made, it will appear as a "semi-nihilistic, pseudo-impressionistic, half-squarist charcoal sketch of Sithik". Go back to Sithik with another piece of papyrus and sketch him again, if you need charcoal it will be found in the room once more. You will draw a more realistic version of him. (Picture) Return to the bartender and he will immediately recognize Sithik as the wizard speaking to Brentle. The bartender agrees to sign the portrait so it can be brought to the Grand Secretary of the Magic Guild. (Picture)

Before walking to the bartender, examine the portrait you have in your possession. If it states that it is a "semi-nihilistic, pseudo-impressionistic, half-squarist charcoal sketch of Sithik", you have the wrong portrait. This will save you a little time.

Step 9
Show the proof to Zavistic and get the potion and make Sithik say the truth.

Items needed: Black Prism, Torn Page, Dragon Inn Tankard, HAM Book, Necromancy Book and the Portraiture Book.

Return to the Magic Guild and use the signed portrait on Zavistic (you may have to ring the magic bell again). He will accept your claim as long as you have evidence. Use the H.A.M. book on Zavistic and he admit that it could be used as motive. Finally use the necromancy book on Zavistic and you'll point out that the torn page found in Jiggig matches the one ripped from the book. Zavistic points out that the book could have been stolen and someone else could have cast the spell. You may have to show the evidence to Zavistic several times before he changes his mind. Once he does, he will hand you a potion that can be used on Sithik to convince him to tell the truth. He will also take the evidence from you.

Return to Sithik's bed and use the strange potion on the cup of tea on the drawers. It will take some time for it take effect. Fortunately, you can climb down the ladder and climb back up. Once you return, the potion has taken effect and he has been changed into an ogre! You will tell Sithik that the potion will last until he tells the truth.

He finally gives in and admits hiring Brentle to cast the spell to put an end to the ogres. Start asking him the questions you need. You will learn that the spell can not be removed. The only way the ogres can use the ceremonial dancing area is to move it elsewhere. He will tell you that the best way to remove the undead ogres is to keep them to a certain area. Since the undead are usually diseased, a ranged weapon would be the best method to kill them.

But conventional arrows are no good. A flat headed arrow called a "Brutal" arrow would be the best bet since it causes large amounts of crushing damage. Instead of an arrow tip, a nail is used instead. Finally, to get rid of the disease, you will need snake weed and rogue's purse to make a cure.

Note: If you wish to save time and not read all the dialog, just ring the bell and talk to him about evidence.

Part 2:
Curing the Disease

Step 10
Find the two herbs and talk to Grish about killing Zogres.

Items needed: Water-Filled Vials.

Make your way to Tai Bwo Wannai Village and recover the two herbs. The snake weed is located to the south-west of the Village on a small peninsula along the western coast. You are in the right area if you have to pass some jungle spiders along a narrow stretch of land. Search the vines on the ground to find the snake weed. The rouge's purse is located in a cavern filled with Jogres along the northern shoreline. Once underground, head to the south-east until you find some mossy growth on the northern cave walls. Search it to receive the rouge's purse. Use the snake weed on a water-filled vial and then the rouge's purse to make Relicym's Balm (3).

Return to Grish and talk to him. You will tell him who is responsible for the Zogres and that there is no way to reverse the spell cast on the area. The Jiggig needs to be moved to a new area. Grish has no problem with that, but an Ogrish relic needs to be retrieved from the cave. Grish will hand you an ogre key. While you are talking to him, talk to him about a more effective way to kill the Zogres. He will teach you how to make an ogre composite bow. It requires an Achey log, one set of wolf bones and a bow string to make.

Step 11
Get your arrows and Relicym's Balm and fight Slash Bash.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Slash Bash

Before returning to Grish, stop at the bank in Yanille and withdraw your headless Ogre arrows, nails, hammer, a knife, an axe, wolf bones, some food, 1-2 prayer potions, 1-2 super stat restore potions and 1,300GP. Make certain you are still wearing your ranger armour. Attach the nails to the headless Ogre arrows to make Brutal arrows and equip them. When you arrive to the caves, chop down a nearby Achey tree and fletch it into an Ogre Composite bow. Use your bowstring on the unstrung comp bow and equip it.

Now use the Relicym's Balm on Uglug Nar. He will purchase the Balm from you and give you 650GP in return. His shop is now open for you for future use. (Picture) After you open up Uglug's store, buy yourself two Relicym's Balms with your gold.

Reenter the cavern to the east and make your way straight west. You will find two stone doors blocking a doorway further underneath the surface. As long as you are carrying the ogre key, the doors will open for you. Head down the stairs and head to the north-east into an immense cavern. Far to the east surrounded by bones is a stand. Click on the stand and a huge undead ogre named Slash Bash (Level-111) will appear (Picture).

Step 12
Get the ogre artifact and head back to Grish.

Items needed: Crumble Undead, Food, Prayer Potions, Restore Potions, Range Armour.

He is a Zombie, so the Crumble Undead spell is useful here. Once it is (again), it will drop an ogre artifact along with two Zogre bones and three Ourg bones. (Picture) Head back up the stairs and back through the stone doors. Exit the cavern and make your way back to Grish. Grish, in his own ogre way, will thank you for your help and will be able to move the ceremonial dancing somewhere else.

Before clicking the stand to make Slash Bash appear, stand between the stand the skulls. If you do this, Slash Bash will not be able to reach you with any melee attacks. Once he appears, turn on Protection again Ranged and begin attacking him with your Ogre composite bow and your Brutal arrows. You may wish to drink a Relicym's Balm to reduce the affects of the disease, a prayer potion (in case the disease is affecting your prayer, or a super stat restore potion (in the disease is affecting any other important stat). 75 Brutal mithril arrows will be more than enough to put Slash Bash down for the count.

Part 3:
After Math

Step 13
After completing the quest talk to Grish.
If you need help you can talk to Sithik.

After completing the quest, you may speak to Grish again and ask him about the ogres in Gu'Tanoth and about Rantz. Speaking of Rantz, neither he nor the bartender in the Dragon Inn will react to you any different after the completion of the quest. Sithik will remain his normal irritable self but will still answer questions about the disease and Brutal arrows.

Zavistic in the Magic Guild will offer to buy the black prism from you if you use it on him. He will offer you 2,000GP for the prism but he will mention that Yanni in Shilo Village will probably give you a better price. If you decide to sell the prism to Yanni, he will give you 5,000GP for the prism.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What actually does the disease do to me?

A: The disease will "damage" a random stat every ten to fifteen seconds. When you first get infected, the damage is usually ten points. It will gradually decrease in damage until it fully wears off. Being diseased does not actually lower your hit points. But it can potentially be dangerous as your Prayer may get lowered (less time available for prayers) or your Magic could be affected (you will lose the ability to cast higher level spells). A stat restore potion will recover lost stats but it will not actually cure the disease. A stat restore potion will buy you time.

Q: I drank some of Relicym's Balm but I am still diseased!

A: The Balm only reduces the amount of damage per use. You need to consume the entire potion to be cured or mostly cured of the disease. It is not wise to drink it while in the Zogre cave; one hit and you will be fully diseased again.

Q: How do I make Brutal arrows?

A: You must have spoken to Sithik first before you gain the ability to fletch them. Use an axe to chop down an Achey tree and then use a knife on an Achey log. You will receive anywhere from two to six shafts per log. Use feathers on the Ogre shafts to feather them. Remember, it takes four feathers to feather an Ogre shaft. Obtain some bars and go to an anvil. When the smithing menu comes up, you will have the option to smith nails. You will receive fifteen nails per bar; the same as arrowheads. Use the nails on the headless Ogre arrow to make Brutal arrows. Brutal arrows may only be used with an Ogre bow or an Ogre composite bow.

Q: How do I make an Ogre composite bow?

A: You must have spoken to Grish before you gain the ability to make Ogre composite bows. To make an Ogre composite bow, use a knife on Achey logs while you have wolf bones in your inventory. You will automatically make an unstrung composite bow. Much like any other type of bow, a bow string is all that is needed to string it.

Q: Are Relicym's Balm any good for Herblore experience?

A: Not really. While you do receive 40 experience points for each Balm created, it is a little too time consuming to gather the herbs in the jungle. You are better off starting the Shades of Mort'ton and making Serum 207s for faster and more efficient experience.

Author: Hemlock

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