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- 3 Quest Points.
- 2,000 Crafting XP, 2000 Herblore XP.
- Access to the Shade Tombs.

Start PointStart Point

The town of Mort'ton to the south-east of Filliman Tarlocks Camp. Read the diary to start the quest.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 1/5


Skill: 15 Herblore, 20 Crafting.
Item: Tinderbox, Woodcutting Axe, at least 2 Tarromin (obtained during quest), 2 Vials of water, Ashes, Hammer, ~5,000GP.
Quest: Priest in Peril.
Other: Ability to defeat Loar Shades (Level-40), requires a team of people (World 77/World 377).


Skill: High Crafting is useful.
Item: Woodcutting Axe, 25 Swamp Paste, 5 Timber Beams, 5 Bricks, Flamtaer Hammer (costs 13,000GP to buy).

Mort Myre's south border has been breached, and a path towards a strange town called 'Mort'ton' has been found. Strangers return from such visits with tales of the 'Afflicted' and shadowy creatures who jealously guard their tomb treasure.

Part 1:
The Affliction

Step 1
Search shelf for diary, house south of General store.
Read diary, make Serum 207.

Items needed: Tarromin, Log or Woodcutting Axe, Tinderbox, Weapon, Armour, Food.

To access Mort'ton, go south from the exit of Drezel's temple, through the fenced off area and into the swamp. Go south through the swamp, past the Nature Grotto and through the rest of the swamp to Mort'ton.

When you arrive, go to the house just south of the General Store and search the shelf. Read the whole diary. While you are in this room search the table to obtain two tarromin for later in the quest. Don't be fooled by the blank pages at the end, keep going and there will be another little bit (Picture). Find a peaceful place where the Afflicted won't keep attacking you to read the diary.

There are lots of empty vials lying around. There are two empty vial spawns in the south-western house, specifically. Pick up a few, fill them with water at the sink, then put the Tarromin in. Use ashes with the potion to get Serum 207 (Picture). To get ashes, cut a tree and burn the logs.

Step 2
Use Serum 207 on Razmire, talk to him.
Kill 5 Loar Shadows, collect remains.
Use Serum 207 on Ulsquire Shauncy, talk to him.

Use the Serum 207 on the Razmire, the General Store owner, and talk to him. He will ask you to slay five Shades so he can do experiments on their remains. Go to the temple and kill Loar Shades (Level-40).

After every Shade you kill, it will give you a message saying how many you have left. After you have 5 'Loar remains', go back to talk to Razmire. He will tell you to take the remains to Ulsquire Shauncy.

Head to the building just to the south-east with the sink - use your Serum 207 on Ulsquire Shauncy. Speak with him and show him the remains. Ulsquire wants you to rebuild the temple in Mort'ton, so you can free those villagers' souls who had been afflicted.

Part 2:
The Temple

Step 3
Buy the equipment for rebuilding the temple.
Rebuild it.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Temple To rebuild the temple you will need a few tools, so use your Serum 207 on Razmire again, and open his building store. Buy some bricks, swamp paste and timber beams. Also buy one or two olive oils from his general store. Head to the temple, and begin to 'repair' the broken wall. (Picture).

Buy a Flamtaer hammer from Razmire as well to help build the temple faster. Also, buy about 5 timber beams, 25 swamp paste and 5 or so bricks. At the beginning, buying more timber beams, swamp paste and brick will make the rest of the quest easier.

It's quite difficult (almost impossible) to repair the temple by yourself with shades trying to knock it down all the while, so you'll either need to bring a team of friends or find a crowded server where there's already a bunch of people (world 77/world 377).

Ensure that your partners or friends continue to build and reinforce the walls (Picture) lest the Loar Shades (Level 40) destroy them again. Reinforcing the wall and killing the shades gives a small percentage of sanctity (Picture) which is required to light the Holy Fire Altar.

When you have around 10% sanctity and the temple is built, use your tinderbox to light the fire altar in the middle of the temple (Picture).

Now you are able to make Serum 208, which permanently cures a villager's affliction. This is made by using a regular serum 207 with the sacred flame in the temple; this requires 20% sanctity (Picture).

Part 3:
Freeing the Dead

Step 4
Use Olive oil on Sacred Fire.
Use Sacred Oil on Log.
Use Pyre Log on funeral pyre.
Put loar remains on pyre.
Light it.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Freeing a Shade Spirit Now that you have the sacred fire lit, use the olive oil on it, and it will become sacred oil. Now use the sacred oil on a regular log, and you will attain a Pyre log (Picture).

Head over to a funeral pyre and place your pyre log onto any one of the pyres. Add the Loar Shade remains, and then light it with your tinderbox (Picture). You will obtain a random coloured 'bronze key' as a reward for freeing the spirit.

Now make your way back to Ulsquire to complete the quest. You can now enter the Mort'ton Dungeon, where you can find higher level shades.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I go further into Mort'ton's dungeon?

A: To travel further into the dungeon, you will need to kill higher level shades, and burn them on the funeral pyres with higher level pyre logs. For more information, see the Mort'ton Funeral Pyres Mini-Game guide.

Author: TheBrain0110

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