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Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction

Nightmare Zone, also known as NMZ, is a combat minigame added into Old School RuneScape on September 5th 2013. It was the first brand new piece of content added to the game. The minigame takes you into a "dream" where you face off against quest bosses you have previously defeated. This is not a full guide on NMZ, but a guide based on how to maximize the experience you receive.

Players quickly found out you can use accounts with only the minimal amount of quests to obtain the best XP. These accounts are called "boosters". They charge a fee. The rate they charge will vary from booster to booster. Before you get into serious training it is highly advised that you do a few test runs to build up about 18,000 NMZ points or the equivalent of 4 Overload potions.

You will have to trust a random person with the money you trade them. Do not trade anything you are not willing to lose. It is very possible to get scammed. Sadly this is currently the only way to effectively play NMZ.

2.0 - Getting There

There are a few ways to get to Nightmare Zone. Watchtower teleport, Nightmare Zone Minigame teleport, Yanille modified House teleport tabs, House teleport if your house is in Yanille, Port Khazard teleport, Ring of Dueling, Castle Wars Minigame teleport, or Ardougne teleport.

Castle wars
Yanille house portal
Nightmare Zone
Port Khazard and Fishing Trawler
Spirit Tree

3.0 - Requirements

A minimum of 5 completed quest that feature bosses are required to enter the Nightmare Zone. You need at least 5 quests that are listed below. 22 Prayer is the only other requirement. The quests will be divided by the worlds that are dedicated to them. World 369 is for Maging and Ranging mostly. This is because the boosters on this world only have 1x1 monsters. However, you can melee in that world too. World 301 is the Melee world. The monsters you get will not be 1x1. So they don't stack well for attacks that hit multiple targets.

World 301 World 369
Lost City
Mountain Daughter
The Grand Tree
Tree Gnome Village
Vampire Slayer
Witch's House
Holy Grail
Lost City
Tree Gnome Village
Vampire Slayer
What Lies Below
Witch's House

Witch's House quest is an alternative for Pure builds. Keep in mind that the Experiment still damages you and drains your stats.

4.0 - Suggested Equipment and Inventory

The gear you should wear will vary from person to person. The layouts below are just examples. You can replace pieces for armor you can afford. For armor sets like Void Knight armor and Dharok's you need 4 pieces, the entire set, for them to function properly.

The armor that provides the most XP per hour for each style is as follows; Melee - Dharok's if you're above 85 Strength and Hitpoints, if not Saradomin sword or Abyssal whip is better. Range - Void knight set with Ranged helmet. Magic - Void or Ahrim's will work about the same.

4.1 - Absorption Melee

Inventory Equipment

Some examples of Melee variants while using Absorptions:

  • Helm of Neitzinot > Berserker helm > Fighter hat > Barrow's helm
  • Fire cape > Trimmed skillcape > Untrimmed skillcape > Obsidian cape
  • Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Unholy symbol > Amulet of strength
  • Barrow's chest armor > Bandos chestplate > Fighter torso > Rune platebody
  • Barrow's leg armor > Bandos tassets > Dragon leg armor > Rune leg armour
  • Recipe For Disaster Gloves > Combat bracelet
  • Dragon boots > Climbing/Rune boots > Bandos boots > Adamant boots
  • Berserker ring (i) > Berserker ring > Warrior ring (i) > Warrior ring

4.2 - Prayer Melee

Inventory Equipment

Some examples of Melee variants while praying:

  • Helm of Neitzinot > Berserker helm > Fighter hat > Verac's helm
  • Fire cape > God cloak > Trimmed skillcape > Untrimmed skillcape
  • Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Unholy symbol > God stole
  • Proselyte hauberk > Bandos chestplate > Initiate hauberk > Fighter torso
  • Proselyte leg armor> Bandos tassets > Initiate leg armor > Verac's skirt
  • Recipe For Disaster Gloves > Bracelet of regeneration > Combat bracelet > White gloves
  • Dragon boots > Climbing/Rune boots > Bandos boots > White boots
  • Berserker ring (i) > Berserker ring > Warrior ring (i) > Warrior ring

Inventory Equipment

4.3 - Hybrid Range

Below are the Ranged and Magic setups. Due to the cost of Runes and Chinchompas versus the cost of Prayer potions I will not be showing Absorption potion only setups. You can however use them if you'd like although it is not recommended.

Odium ward provides +12 Ranged attack bonus. Unholy book provides +8 Ranged attack and +5 Prayer bonus. They can be used universally between Ranged methods. You can use Grey, Red, or Black chincompas. It all depends on what you can afford, are willing to spend, or can use.

Grey chins require a Ranged level of 45, Red require 55 and, Black require 65. On Short fuse you throw 1,200 per hour. Medium is 1,500.

Inventory Equipment

Some examples of Range variants:

  • Armadyl helm > Robin Hood hat > God coif > Archer helm
  • Ava's accumulator > Fire cape > God cloak > Ava's attractor
  • Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Unholy symbol > God stole
  • Armadyl chestplate > D'hide body > Karil's leathertop > Monk robe top
  • Armadyl chainskirt > D'hide legs > Karil's leatherskirt > Monk robe bottom
  • Recipe For Disaster Gloves > D'hide vambraces > Combat bracelet
  • Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots > Frog leather boots > Climbing boots
  • Archers' ring (i) > Archers' ring

4.4 - Prayer Range

Inventory Equipment

4.5 - Hybrid Magic

Malediction ward provides +12 Magic attack bonus. Unholy book provides +8 Magic attack and +5 Prayer bonus. They can be used universally between Magic methods just like Ranged. The Ancient staff is currently the only staff that can autocast Ancient spells.

Smoke barrage is the best spell to use. It does not require Soul runes and does not stop enemies from moving. This is vital to obtaining the most XP. The spell requires 2 Blood, 4 Death, 4 Fire, and 4 Air runes to cast. You cast about 1,200 spells per hour.

Inventory Equipment

Some examples of Magic variants:

  • Farseer helm > Ahrim's Hood hat > Slayer helm(i) > God mitre
  • Mage Arena cape > Fire cape > God cloak > Trimmed skillcape
  • Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory > Unholy symbol > God stole
  • Ahrim's robe top > Infinity top > Mystic robe top > Monk robe top>
  • Ahrim's robe skirt > Infinity bottoms > Mystic robe skirt > Monk robe bottom
  • Recipe For Disaster Gloves > Infinity gloves > Mystic gloves > Combat bracelet
  • Infinity boots > Mystic boots > Climbing boots
  • Seers' ring (i) > Seers' ring > Lunar ring > Beacon ring

4.6 - Prayer Magic

Inventory Equipment

5.0 - Strategies

Praying is the most AFKable method and pretty straight forward. Simply drink Overloads and Prayer potions as needed. Using your weapon's special attack when possible will increase your XP rate. Absorptions are for more advance players who don't mind having to pay attention. Rockcakes, from the Recipe For Disaster - Dwarf part, are extremely useful for using Absorption potions. You should Rockcake down to 51 Hitpoints. This will set you up for 1HP after you Overload. This is crucial. If you only have 1HP left, the NPCs can only hit 1s. This means that if you heal up to 2HP your trip will be half of one if you were 1HP.

In order to stay 1HP for the entire trip you must "flash" the level 22 Prayer Rapid Heal. This resets the timer that heals you over time. You use this when using Absorption potions with all 3 styles.

When using Absorption potions you can stand in a corner to prolong your trip. This method only lets 2 NPCs attack you at a time. Whereas if you stood in the middle 4 could attack you. It is recommended to stand in any corner except the South-East corner. NPCs can get stuck on each other and will not be able to attack you. A downside to this method is if you want to use the Power-up orbs, they won't spawn very close to the corner. Also Some enemies may take a while to walk to your location.

If you were to do a solo game while casting barrages, bursts, or throwing chins it is recommended to also sit in a corner while doing so.

It helps to pray Protect from Melee when your Overload runs out until you take another sip and go back down to 1HP.

If you plan on not paying much attention try not to drink over 150 HP worth of Absorption potions in case you go above 1HP.

Absorption potions do not stop Overloads from dealing 50 damage!

5.1 - Starting a Game

You will need to pay someone to help you start an effective game. There is a possibility of getting scammed. Do not trade anything you are not willing to lose.

Make sure your coffer is unlocked before you pay anyone!

You need another player with only the required quests listed above. These accounts are known as boosters. A high population of them are in world 301. If you're looking to Mage, Range, or Melee(using Dragon 2h sword special attack mainly) you should look for a booster in world 369. Boosters charge between 15-25k per person they are taking into a game.

In world 301 you pay a booster the gold they require. They will then invite you into a party. Join the party. They will then drink from the potion and you will enter the minigame.

In world 369 if you can be the host. It is recommended to use a Friends Chat like "NMZRange" to find a group of people when maging and ranging. If you are hosting you need to start a Hard Rumble. When the other players get there along with the booster invite them. When everyone is ready you should drink from the vial and begin.

5.2 - Power Up Orbs

There are 4 different orbs that spawn periodically in Nightmare Zone. These orbs can be used to your advantage. The important orbs for general power training are; Power Surge, Zapper, and Recurrent Damage. Ultimate Force is rarely used but it can help when Slaying inside the zone. You must do at least 1HP worth of damage before you will gain Slayer experience with Ultimate Force though.

Zapper Ultimate Force
Zappers deals 7 to 8 damage every few seconds over a period of time. You can receive points but not experience with this power up. Ultimate Force instantly kills all monsters that are spawned and starts a 20 second timer before the next monsters respawn. This does not grant points or experience.
Power Surge Recurrent Damage
Power Surge restores your special attack bar fully. It will keep restoring it until it wears off. This is what makes melee training what it is. You receive experience and points with this power up. You should prioritize this power up. Recurrent Damage deals 75% of your hit as bonus damage. If you hit a 60 it deals a bonus 45 damage. You do not receive experience from the bonus damage. You do receive points.
5.3 - Slayer

Those lucky enough to receive Black demons as a Slayer task may choose to kill them inside NMZ. If you're not using Dharok's a Slayer helm is advised. Unfortunately Bouncer does not count as a Hellhound. It may be possible to slay Vampires as a task, but it has not been tested fully. This is not the most efficent way to train the Slayer skill, but is a good opportunity to raise your other combat levels.

5.4 - Luring

When using chinchompas, bursts spells, and barrage spells it is critical to hit as many NPCs as possible per cast. This requires someone to lure the monsters for the group. The process of luring is pretty simple. You run between 3 squares. This allows the enemies that spawn to pile up on one square.

Some players are willing to pay other group members to take their turn in luring.

Broken armor
Death dot*
*Death dot, also known as DD, is when players stand on each other in the same square. This is where the players who are not luring should stand at all times.

6.0 - Rewards

It is always good to have at least 300,000 points in your Rewards chest. This ensures you can buy Overloads to continue playing effectively.

For each monster you kill you gain a certain amount of points. These points can be spent on tradable items, imbuements to increase your gear's stats, or potions to be used inside of NMZ.

Herb boxes average the most profit per point. They are capped at 15 boxes per day.

6.1 - Resources

Most of these items are tradable. Selling these items is how you make profit from Nightmare Zone.

Resource rewards
Item name Item picture Cost Info Item name Item picture Cost Info
Snape grass 175 Used to make potions. Red Spiders' eggs 300 Used to make potions.
Flax 75 Used in the Crafting skill. Bucket of sand 200 Used in the Crafting skill.
Potato cactus 1250 Used to make potions. Seaweed 200 Used in the Crafting skill.
Dragon scale dust 750 Used to make potions. Compost potion(4) 5000 Added to Compost bins to produce Super compost.
Air rune 25 Used to cast spells. Water rune 25 Used to cast spells.
Earth rune 25 Used to cast spells. Fire rune 25 Used to cast spells.
Rune essence 60 Used to create runes. Pure essence 70 Used to create runes.
Herb box 9500 Contains 15 random herbs. Vial of water 145 Used to make potions.
Scroll of redirection 775 Used on House teleport tablets to change their destination.

NMZ GP/Point Conversion
Item GP/Point Value

6.2 - Upgrades

Buying these will increase your item's stats. The imbuement lasts until a player drops or removes it. Crystal equipment will lose the imbuement when the charges run out and the item reverts back to its seed stage.

Upgrade rewards
Item name Item picture Cost Info
Black mask (i) 1,250,000 Increases Magic and Ranged accuracy by 15% while Slaying. Also removes negative Attack bonuses.
Archers' ring (i) 650,000 Increases Ranged attack and defence bonuses by 4.
Berserker ring (i) 650,000 Increases Strength bonus and Crush defence bonus by 4.
Warrior ring (i) 650,000 Increases Slash attack and defence bonuses by 4.
Seers' ring (i) 650,000 Increases Magic attack and defence bonuses by 4.
Crystal bow (i) 2,000-20,000 Maintains stats of a fully charged bow as it loses charges.
Crystal shield (i) 2,000-20,000 Maintains stats of a fully charged shield as it loses charges.
Salve amulet (i) 800,000 Increases Ranged and Magic accuracy and strength bonuses by 15%. If a Salve amulet (e) is imbued the bonus increases to 20%. These bonuses only activate on the Undead.

6.3 - Benefits

These potions can only be used inside the Nightmare Zone. Using these potions will greatly increase your abilities while playing.

Benefit rewards
Item name Item picture Cost Info
Super Ranging potion 250 Increases Ranged level temporary by 5-19.
Super Magic potion 250 Increases Magic level temporary by 5-19.
Overload 1,500 Increase Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, and Ranged by 5-19. Also deals 50HP of damage over 5 seconds 10HP at a time. Boosts last 5 minutes without going below a 3-17 boost. After 5 minutes you are healed 50HP.
Absorption potion 1,000 Each sip stores 50HP worth of damage. When drank you are invulnerable from most damage until they wear off.

7.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What Experience rate(s) should I be getting?

A: Melee should be around 85,000 XP/hour. Ranging should be around 380,000 XP/hour. Magic should be around 400,000 XP/hour.

Q: How many points should I be getting?

A: It is hard to determine. If you are in a team points are awarded to the player who deals the killing blow. When soloing it depends on what monsters spawn. Points vary from monster to monster.

Q: I heard that you can get free runes while inside?

A: They do not spawn unless the bosses that require them can spawn.
Note: These monsters are; Chronozon from Family Crest and Dagannoth Mother from Horror from the Deep.

Q: What is the maximum amount of points I can have?

A: The maximum while inside a Hard Rumble is 1,048,575. The limit of points you can have in the chest is unknown.

Q: Why are the monsters so strong?

A: In a Hard Rumble NPCs have their stats boosted.
The lifepoints of each monster are as follows; Black demon 255, Black Knight Titan 255, Bouncer 232, Count Draynor 210, The Kendal 150, Khazard warlord 255, King Roald 150, Tree spirit 187, Witch's experiment 63, 93, 102, 113.

Q: I accidentally went up above 1 Hitpoint?

A: Don't worry! Wait for your Overload to wear off. Once that happens let the NPCs assist your Rock cake in removing the current amount of Absorption HP you have. Pray Protect from Melee and Rockcake back down to 51HP then re-Overload.

Q: Can I use the Dwarf Multicannon in the dream?

A: No, a cannon cannot be used inside the dream.

Q: If I leave while inside, can I return without losing my progress?

A: If you leave, for example due to a disconnection, you have to start over.

Q: I have a Hellhound task?

A: For some reason the Bouncer does not count towards Hellhounds as Slayer assignments.

Q: Are my items safe?

A: Yes, if you die you will not lose any items. However if you were to drop them inside the arena then leave you will lose them.

Q: Can I reclaim money I placed into the coffer?

A: Yes, it can be removed after being placed inside.

Q: Where are the potions I just purchased?

A: All potions, up to 255 sips, are stored in barrels inside the lobby. Just right click them to withdraw.

Q: What herbs will I get from Herb boxes?

A: Each herb has a different percent of being rewarded.
Note: Guam - 25%, Marrentil - 19%, Tarromin - 14%, Harralander - 11%, Ranarr - 9%, Irit - 6%, Avantoe - 5%, Kwarm - 4%, Cadantine - 3%, Lantadyme - 2%, Dwarf weed - 2%. Herbs not listed here are unobtainable via Herb boxes.

Q: Why can't I use Ice spells?

A: Ice spells freeze the target(s). This prevents monsters from reaching the square that they should be in for optimal experience.

Author: Jim

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