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- 2 Quest Points.
- 4,662 Magic XP, 4,662 Ranged XP, 4,662 Strength XP.
- Prayer Book.

Start PointStart Point

The Lighthouse north of the Barbarian Outpost, speak to Larrissa (Quest Map).

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 1/5


Skill: 35 Agility.
Quest: Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl Mini-Quest.
Item: Molten Glass, Sword (Any; You won't get it back), Any Arrows, Hammer, Swamp Tar, 2 Planks, 60 Steel Nails, Elemental Runes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), Tinderbox.
Other: Ability to defeat a Dagonnoth (Level 100) and Dagonnoth Mother (Level 100).


Skill: 43 Prayer, 50 Magic, 60 Attack.
Item: Prayer Potions, Full Dragonhide (Red or Black) or Rune Armour, Dragon Long (or better), Food (at least 10 Lobsters), a House located in Rellekka with Teleport to House runes may speed up traveling times, Games Necklace to teleport to Barbarian Outpost, Blast Spells.

The lighthouse protecting Kandarin's North-Western coastline has mysteriously stopped operating, and contact with the lighthouse keeper Jossik has been lost.
The Council would greatly appreciate it if somebody could discover for them what has happened to this most vital landscape feature.

Part 1:
A Mysterious Lighthouse

Step 1
Talk to Larissa.
Jump across Basalt Rocks.
Talk to Gunnjorn.
Fix a broken bridge.

Items needed: 2 Planks, 60 Steel Nails, Hammer. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Basalt Rocks

Go to the Lighthouse area and talk to Larissa (Picture). She will say that her boyfriend lives in the lighthouse but he has locked the door and the light went out. She says that with the light off, the coastline can be very dangerous for ships and that he would never have turned it off on purpose. She asks you to help her out because she feels that something terrible has happened to him. If you ask her "How can I help," she will tell you to get the spare key form Gunnjorn, fix the causeway to the east with some planks and nails, and talk to her family in Rellekka.

Go south of her to the 'Basalt rocks' and 'Jump-across' them to get to the other side (Picture). Head south into the Barbarian Outpost. Talk to Gunnjorn (at the agility course) about the spare key and he will willingly give you a 'Lighthouse key' when you mention that something terrible has happened at the light house.

Go back to the lighthouse and then east to the 'Broken Bridge'. Use the one plank and either side to make a makeshift crossing. You will also need 60 nails and a hammer for this. (Picture). Go back and talk to Larissa. She says that you must go inside to find her beloved Jossik. After talking to her go into lighthouse.

Step 2
Talk to Larissa.
Fix the Lighthouse.
Light the Beacon.
Talk to Larissa.

Items needed: Swamp Tar, Tinderbox, Molten Glass, Arrows, Sword, Elemental Runes (1 of each). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Lighthouse Beacon

If you talk to her again inside the lighthouse, she will tell you that you MUST fix the lighthouse because the ships are in terrible danger. Go up the stairs and 'search' the bookcase. Take all of the books and read the Manual, Journal and the Diary. By reading them you will find out how the lighthouse works, and about some sort of mysterious sea monster (Picture).

Go up one more level and use the swamp tar with lighting mechanism and then use your tinderbox on it afterwards. This will light the torch. Then use your molten glass on the lighting mechanism to repair the lens. The light should be fixed (Picture)!

Go back down and talk to Larissa. After telling her that you fixed the light, she will ask you to find her boyfriend, Jossik.

Part 2:
Finding Jossik

Step 3
Climb down Ladder.
Study wall.
Open Wall.
Talk to Jossik.
Prepare for Battle.

Items needed: Melee Weapon, Range Weapon, Magic Spells (all 4 types of Elements). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Fighting a Dagannoth

Climb down the iron ladder and walk over to the strange wall (Picture). After 'Studying' it you will see there are slots for a number of runes, A sword, and an arrow. Use an arrow, air rune, earth rune, water rune, fire rune, and a sword on the strange wall. You will hear something move within the wall. (Picture).

Open the strange wall to the right side, climb down the iron ladder, and talk to Jossik. He will say that his leg is broken and that some incredibly strong 'sea creatures' will be back any minute. When you tell him that you will go and tell Larissa a sea creature will appear! This monster is not too hard, all you need to do is use Protect from Melee and you should be able to defeat it without any difficulty.

Fight Dagannoth (Level 100). When you kill it Jossik will say that monster wasn't what attacked him. (Picture).

Step 4
Fight the Dagannoth Mother.

Items needed: Melee Weapon, Range Weapon, Magic Spells (all 4 types of Elements). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Dagannoth Mother

A Dagannoth Mother (Level 100) will appear and attack you (Picture). Although it's the same level, this monster is much harder than the last one. It uses a Ranged and a Melee attack and it will often change its defensive strategies making it very hard to defeat with one form of attack. It's different colours show what it is weak to:

Orange means it's weak to Melee.
Green means it's weak to Range/Special Attacks.
Red means it's weak to Fire Spells.
Dark brown means it's weak to Earth Spells.
Blue means it's weak to Water Spells.
White means it's weak to Air Spells.

The monster's level is deceiving, as it is quite difficult to kill. Stand behind Jossik so you have a bit more time to change your attack style. Before you get into this fight try to memorize or write down somewhere which colours correspond with what weakness so you don't have to check back. Since it's Melee attack is strong, use Protect from Melee and wear full rune to take the least amount of damage.

Another strategy is to hide behind the stalagmites until the mother is on the type of attack you wish to use against her. If you can get to the corner near the water and cave wall you can stand and the Dagannoth Mother cannot reach you. As long as you keep protect from missiles on you can range it and take no damage and have time to think. Keep about 6-8 prayer potions on you and range and mage the creature.

Step 5
Talk to Jossik.
Receive Prayer Book.

When you defeat the Dagannoth Mother, you will have completed the quest; however you will be left with a small casket. Go to the study on the second floor and talk to Jossik. He will discover a word on the casket and ask you what it says.

Tell him that it says either Saradomin, Zamorak, or Guthix (whichever prayer book you want) and he will ask you to confirm that. When you do, you will receive the corresponding prayer book from inside the casket.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What's the difference between the Prayer Books?

A: All three books give +5 to Prayer, even with no pages. The Zamorak book give +8 to all attack stats while the Saradomin book give +8 to all defence stats. The Guthix book gives +4 to all attack and defence stats. Note that each of the books will give it's special stat bonus if all the pages are in it.

Q: What else can the prayer books do?

A: You can fix your book by finding four torn pages and using them - thus, putting them into - your Prayer Book. Torn pages come from all clue scrolls. Players who have completed their books typically sell these pages.

Q: I chose the wrong book! Can I change?

A: Yes, however you must fix your current book first before purchasing another one from Jossik for 5,000GP.

Q: Are there any safe spots to range/mage the Mother??

A: Yes, there is a safe spot by a stalagmite, but the Dagannoth Mother's range attack will still be able to damage you.

Author: Malitic

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