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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Wise Old Man
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

The Wise Old Man is mostly for members to enjoy but also has some things free players can enjoy. His house can be found in Draynor Village, opposite the bank.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Person Kicking the Wise Old Man's Bed Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Wise Old Mans Telescope View

The Wise Old Man's house is full of suspicious objects - Bookcases with tinderboxes and strange cat statues, books about "Elder Dragons," ways into the Draynor Village bank, a bed with feet beneath it that wobbles when you kick it, and a trimmed set of Saradomin armour. The telescope once pointed to the Draynor bank... but now has its scope on the Wizard's Tower.

This old eccentric man is useful, as he can clear out your bank of useless F2P quest items and tell you what some of them are used for. If you are a member and ask if you can help him, he will offer you various small tasks that can be exchanged for small rewards; covered below. The tasks and reward are random, especially the tasks where he requests you to collect items. To get another task, you must have completed the one you are currently on.

One day, we discover that a man who looks suspiciously similar to the wise old man, had robbed the Draynor Village bank! Suspiciously, the old mans house now has the displays plated in gold, and he acts very odd when you inquire about the robbery. The telescope upstairs which had previously been aimed at the Draynor bank, after the heist is now pointed toward the wizard tower south of Draynor Village. Is the tower full of magic secrets next on the thief's hit list? Only time will tell.

The Wise Old Man is also quite an amiable adventurer, taking part in various quests throughout the history of RuneScape. His most recent involvement, is that of the Swan Song quest. Here he helps you save Piscatoris Fishing Colony, through defeating the Sea Troll King.

2.0 - Tasks
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Person Kicking the Wise Old Man's Bed

To get a mini-quest-like task, ask the Old Man if you can help him. He will give you a random objective that you can complete for him. Note that you must complete your given task before you can obtain another.

There are three different types of task that the Wise Old Man can give you:

  • » Letter delivery :: Delivering a note to someone
  • » Collecting items for a reason :: You will need to collect items to help the old man in some way
  • » Collecting random items :: You need to collect random items for the old man for no real reason

2.1 - Letter Delivery

In the letter delivery tasks, the Old Man will give you a note to deliver to another person in RuneScape, and that person will give you a reward for it. The list below shows the letter delivery tasks that I've been given, and the random rewards that I got.

Person Letter Location
The Oracle The Old Man asks the Oracle to make his riddles in the Dragon Slayer quest less difficult Ice Mountain
Father Lawrence The Old Man tells Father Lawrence to quit his drinking habits (he's drunk when you give him the letter) Varrock Church
Father Aereck The Old Man letting Father Aereck know that his pajamas were found in the graveyard Lumbridge Church
Thurgo The Old Man tells of how his ancestors encountered Arrav. South of Port Sarim, near Mudskipper Point.
Reldo This letter is in regards to a revolutionary new smithing method that the Wise Old Man has discovered. Varrock palace

Zybez RuneScape Help's Goblin Being Attacked Image

2.2 - Collecting Items for a Reason

Most of the time the Old Man will ask you to gather some items for him. Sometimes he'll need them for a reason, and these tasks are listed below, the items needed and tips on how to get those items.

Why... Items Needed Tips
His hands are cold Leather gloves
Buy from the Varrock clothes store.
He wants an omlette Eggs
Pick them up from a chicken field in Lumbridge or Falador.
The Roof is Leaking Swamp Paste
To make the swamp paste, take some Swamp Tar from the swamp nearby, mix it with Flour (there's a windmill nearby too) and cook the Raw Swamp Paste on a fire (not a range!).
Rune Essences Needed for Research Rune Essences
4 or more
This is a lot easier if you have essence in the bank
Iron Arrowheads Needed to Make Iron Arrows Iron Arrowheads
Use the anvil in the Draynor sewers, it's much nearer (look for the exclamation mark on the map north of the Market)
Bronze Knifes to Throw at Goblins Bronze Knifes
Again, use the anvil in the Draynor sewers because it's closer, and if you have no bronze there's a mine near Port Sarim and a furnace in Falador
Hailstone is a Problem Leather Cowls (not coifs)
This is much easier if you're a member of the Crafting Guild because all the resources are nearby.
"Undergarments" are Worn Silk
Buy the silk from Al-Kharid for 3gp each, unless you can teleport to Ardougne and back to steal them.
Need Feathers for Beard Feathers
It's useful if you have feathers in the bank, but if not there's a farm nearby with plenty of chickens.
His axe broke, so he needs a dozen more! Bronze axes
Buy these from Bob in Lumbridge.
Making a Hammock Balls of Wool
Use the sheep and spinning wheel at Lumbridge to make the Balls of Wool.
He's hungry for meat Cooked chicken
Kill the chickens east of Draynor, at Fred's farm.
Needs some glass to fix his cracked window. Chunks of glass
Search drawers and crates/boxes to find chunks of glass.
A few freshly cooked anchovies would be perfect for the salad I'm preparing. I still need 7. Cooked anchovies
Use a small fishing net on a fishing spot or buy from Port Sarim fishing store

Zybez RuneScape Help's Random Item Image

2.3 - Collecting Random Items

A lot of the time the Old Man will ask you to get him random items without giving a reason. These are the most annoying tasks because he usually wants items that need a little more work to get. Here's the item tasks I got (remember that they are all random so there's a lot more than these):

Item Amount Needed Tips
Unfired pots 9 Collect clay from Falador's south-western mine, make them into soft clay using a jug or bucket of water and then use them on a potter's wheel to make them; do not put them in the oven though.
Bronze Bars 6 Try the mine near Port Sarim and smelt them in Falador.
Bronze Arrows 4 Buy them in any range shop.
Bones 9 He only wants plain bones so just kill some Goblins or Dark Wizards nearby.
Bronze Spears 6 The fastest way to get them is to go to the Goblin Village north of Falador and kill the Goblins that spawn near the entrance. It takes a while to get them but it's much easier and faster than killing Jogres.
Iron Warhammers 3 Because it's iron, I used Superheat so that I didn't lose any ore, and made the Warhammers using the anvil in the Draynor sewers.
Iron Ore 3 Most people have Iron Ore in the bank so just take it out from there. If you don't have any in the bank, you can mine some nearby.
Flour 7 Use the windmill and wheat field to the north-east to make the flour. For the pots, either buy some from General Stores or make them in the Crafting Guild (everything you need is in there).
Soft Leather 1 Use the cows/tanner at the Crafting Guild if you can (requires +40 Crafting and a brown apron to enter). If not, go to Al-Kharid and use the Lumbridge cows.
Beer 12 Go to the tavern in Falador and buy 12 beers then return to the Wise Old Man.
Bronze Mace 9 Go to the mace shop in Falador and buy 9 bronze maces then return to the Wise Old Man.
Bronze Warhammer 9 Get bronze bars and smith the warhammers, then return to the Wise Old Man.
Cadava Berry 12-15 Teleport to Varrock and go south of the city to pick 12 then return to the Wise Old Man.

3.0 - Rewards

The tasks you get from the Wise Old Man are completely random, and therefore so are the rewards; meaning each task has its own unique reward.

The rewards are small, but some are quite useful. This is a list of known rewards:

  • Money: 100-1000gp or more.
  • Prayer XP: 200-400xp or more.
  • Health XP: 200-400xp or more.
  • Slayer XP: 200-400xp or more.
  • Seeds: Generally the uncommon seeds.
  • Herbs: Unidentified, note form.
  • Uncut Gems: Commonly sapphires.
  • Runes: Random amount of Runes.
Author: Cap'n Kirk

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