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Table Of Contents

1.0 - Pests

Probably the worst aspects of being famous are the constant, irritating, frustrating, in-your-face begging newbies and pests that seem to have nothing else to do but bother you. There are different kinds of pests though. There are some who will beg you for items and money. There are the kind that are just immature jerks that just want to annoy and insult you. And there are even innocent people who actually just admire and want to be your friend. So, I will give you some tips on how to deal with each of them.


We all wish they never came to exist in RuneScape, but whenever you pass through a crowded martketplace or the beginning land of Lumbridge, there is always a chance of being bombarded by newbies: "Free stuff plz!" "Hey! I no u, u r rich give me money." The thing about these "pests" is that they not only bother people that are well known, but also just higher-levels. So do not always think that when someone comes up to you begging for rune is because you are famous, it could just be since you are a higher level. Really, do not feel bad about not being more charitable, the majority of these players are those who have not even begun to level their skills yet. You would be most likely hurting them by just freely giving them what they want. Usually, you can just walk by them and ignore their pleads and they will not follow.

Private Messaging

There will be times when someone will PM you because, say, they saw your name at the top of the Smithing High scores, and they now demand rune. Honestly, the only thing you can do is add them to your ignore list. Keep your pm to friends only. You can turn it to 'on' occasionally but keeping it to friends only will filter out most of the junk you might get through pm. Of course you can add people and if they pester you can remove them.

Stealth on the Streets

Now, these are things you can do to decrease the chance of players noticing you when you walk by them.

1. Just dress like a new player. ie: wizard hat, bronze armour, iron dagger, the works. You could also just wear nothing. If you just walk around all the time in your best armour and accessories, you are basically holding up a neon-light arrow pointing down at you.

2. Do not be a chatterbox. Keep talking, and there's a high chance someone will see your name in the Chat box and start yelling "OMG ITS HIM!" I saw that happen to someone I know once, it was actually rather hilarious; she needed to switch servers multiple times to retain any privacy.

3. Lean towards very crowded areas. The chances of someone's cursor going over your character and displaying your name in a mass of people on top of each other compared to just walking out in the open is fairly slim.
Lean towards places with no one at all. It will not matter much if one or two people see you.

When Someone Sees You

No matter what you do, there will be a time that someone sees you when you are trying to remain unseen. The main thing you need to know is just to not turn it into a big deal. If you burst out and curse at the person, that won't give you a great reputation and it will not make the person go away. Yelling merely provokes them to continue bothering you. Just tell them you do not have anything to give at the moment. If they continue to pester you, put them on your ignore list or turn your chat to friends only or off. They eventually will get bored and move onto someone else.

If you can tell that the beggar is very new to the game, you could encourage them to use their skills to make money and items. You could also just give them something small like iron armour. An iron weapon can mean the world to a newbie, and it is a small payment for your privacy. Beware that giving free items to people can encourage them to think everyone will give out items and start the beggar circle.

The Jerks

Personally, these are the ones I despise most of all. These are the people who have nothing else better to do but bother and openly insult you for no reason at all. Remember, though, not everyone is a jerk. If you are not in the middle of anything, you can just add them to ignore then switch worlds. But if you are in the middle of something, or just do not feel like it, here is what you can do in certain situations.

1. Just 'Be Nice'. This can and has worked. If the person if just insulting you, saying things like "omg, ur a noob" or "**** you *** as***" (the usual), just reply with something like "Thanks, I'm glad you think that." or "Original choice of words, it has a nice touch to it." or "I love you too :)." Not only can this work, but it can be very humorous, making that person appear like an idiot and make you seem nice and comical.

But please do not: Curse and talk back to the person. It will turn into a pointless and endless argument and could just possibly give you a bad reputation. Sometimes people do that to provoke you, and then they take a screenshot when you burst and post it on forums for public view (the reason, I don't know, but they do it). They are basically the paparazzi of RuneScape. Harsh reactions please them, even if it does not appear so, and the more you display your anger, the worse it makes you seem and the better it makes them seem.

2. If you are with a group of friends in the middle of something like a quest or event, then first tell your friends not to start insulting the person you are conflicting with. If they are your real, real good friends, that is most likely the first thing they would start doing; make sure they don't, or else it could turn into an argument. The only thing you could do here is completely ignore him/her. Continue on with your conversation without paying attention to him/her. Only someone 'wrong in the head' would just stand there yelling at people not listening to them. Also, you can just switch your chat to "Friends" to further block out the person. Usually it is not much of a problem when you are with your friends; they are there to help you.


Not everyone is out to get you and your items. Many famous people are admired and looked up to by other people. The thing is, there will be times when you really are not in the mood to interact with them, even if they do not mean any harm to you. Once again, do not get mad. If you let down the people who look up to you, it will be a lot harder dealing with your fame.

Do not ignore them either, because that could also make them feel bad as well. Just imagine seeing the person who you think is the greatest and most amazing person in RuneScape and whom you always wanted to meet, and when you spoke to him/her, they just walked away and did not respond. What you need to do is just let them know you are sorry but are busy at the moment. Make sure you let them know that you are sorry. If you just say you are busy, they might take it the wrong way. If they really admire you, they will understand and leave you alone; but so you do not disappoint them, you can tell them to try and contact you another time when you are free.

Those Innocent People

Not everyone bothering you about things is a jerk. Some people do not understand that you are bothered all the time. They are not you; do not always expect them all to understand. Let them know this and they might just leave you alone.

Ways to Get Away

Here is a list of ways one can try to get away from people who are following/annoying/being rude:

  • Teleport Away (Doesn't matter where. A good strategy to not let them know where you are is to wield a different staff than what makes sense to use. For example, use a fire staff to make them think you're going to Varrock, but teleport to Falador instead.)
  • Go into a guild
  • Switch worlds
  • Go up a ladder, go down again and run a short distance
  • If you have a high agility level, you can outrun your followers as your energy will recharge faster than theirs

2.0 - Doing Your Errands

It can be a pain trying to trade or train when every time you try to do it; you get bombarded because of your 'fame'. But there are ways to get around those people and be able to accomplish what you need to do.

Buying and Selling in the Market

This is the time to completely ignore anyone talking to you unless they are trying to trade with you. Do not make a big deal if someone is yelling your name out loud and people are running up to you. They should be able to see you are trying to buy/sell something and do not have the time to do whatever they want.

When you find a buyer/seller, you do not have to act like a very powerful, well-known being. Just be yourself and act like you would have, had you not been famous. Do not try getting cheaper deals or something just because you are famous for something. However, say your trader wants a better deal for him/herself because he/she knows you are one of the richest smithers in RuneScape. You do not have to pay extra to this person, tell them that. If they refuse and say that you must pay extra, just decline and find someone else. No problem.


Basic combat training varies between all players, whether famous or not. There are plenty of places, even for the well renowned, to level up their combat skills. Combat training is probably the times you are almost always guaranteed privacy. For members, this is quite easy; the list of areas to train on high level monsters is endless. However, Free-to-Play players are not always so lucky. Thus, I have a small list of general places to find peace and be able to level significantly.

1. Hobgoblin Peninsula. No, that is not the actual name of the area, but I have thus deemed it so, due to the fact it is a narrow point of land over the water inhabited purely by Hobgoblins. This area is located near the Crafting Guild, not too difficult to find (just go around the Guild's southern end). It can become quite encumbered with other players, but after switching through worlds you will eventually find one suitable. All you need to do is switch Chat off and attack, attack, and attack. The numbers of Hobgoblins rarely ever run out, so you do not have to worry about masses of follows taking your experience.

2. Crandor Isle, Lesser Demons. Well known for an area of high levels, yet, the majority of follows cannot pursue you there. The others training there are generally respectful, and if you are somehow follow by a lower level, allow the Demons to do your dirty work.

3. Crandor Isle, Skeletons. Directly outside of Elvarg's (the Green Dragon) room is a hallway massed with a higher level of skeletons. It can become very populated, but as with the Demons, newbies cannot follow you and stay for long, and others there will respect you. It may take several world hops before you can have enough room, though.

Anywhere you go to train, whether Pay-to-Play or Free-to-Play, others are often kind, or at least tolerating of you. If you run into trouble with anyone in particular, you can always ignore them; you are there for the experience, not a verbal fight. Your best bet, though, is to be just as kind and respectful to your fellow players. And, as long as you stick to areas where lower levels are not allowed (or simply cannot survive), you're golden.


Simply, paradise. This is probably the main skill you can train as a famous player or as a high level where irritations no longer haunt you. One of the main reasons is the actual boredom of the skill. The majority of players will be mindlessly clicking; concerned on finishing as fast as possible or getting as much experience they can in a given amount of time. You can easily keep Chat off the entire time, and no one there will care much at all. You can also talk to them, since players there are generally people who know how to get things on their own, and do not feel the need to beg or pester others.

Ideal places for Fishing would be the Fishing Guild (P2P) or N. Karamja (F2P).


This skill, unfortunately, can prove slightly harder to level peacefully compared to Fishing. Players can easily follow you into the mines, and annoy you incessantly. Mining is one of the skills where Chat block will serve you best. If you are looking to collect ore, you will be moving consistently between the bank and mines, so throwing off pursuers is not all too difficult. If you are mining for the experience, just remember that they will bore themselves eventually. If you retaliate, you will not only create possible opportunities for them to start and argument, but it will take time away from your leveling.

Another option while mining is to keep Chat on, and only speak occasionally. That way, you will know exactly why each person is following you, and you can reply to those who have a more logical purpose. I really discourage Chat block, it shuns everyone from you, no longer making it an online game. Only use it as a last resort, when there is nothing you can possibly say to end other's jabbering.

If you know mining, you know there are multitudes of places to go, thus, I will not list them. There really are no good or bad areas for mining, since it mainly depends on your attitude. When choosing location, just remember to lean towards less crowded areas, even if it means a slightly longer walk (it can be worth it). For Free-to-Play, your best bet is the Miners' Guild to bring in your usual income of coal. Rocks are plentiful, and peaceful air hangs around the place always. Just keep to your task, and others will as well.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Rich Person Screenshot

The same basically goes for leveling all other skills. Try to not always ignore everyone, and do not be against helping others. Just because you are asked of more often that others does not mean you no longer need to give. The best your admirers can offer you is their praise, since most items are already in your possession. Just remember that, and your viewpoint on the community can change considerably.


Questing is quite similar to leveling skills. Be helpful, but not too much of a chatterbox; you can be kind without being the center of attention. It would be very wise to bring along a friend to do the quest with you. This allows you someone to talk to and ask questions of, therefore, making you less noticeable among other players. If can also add for entertainment into the quest itself, since you could concentrate on racing your friend to the finish instead of the hordes of beggars. And, whenever you are asked of something, such as free items, you have to excuse of being busy with your quest. If they follow you, just keep your quest in mind, and they will most likely lose the urge to follow you all over.

3.0 - Rumors

The main problem about rumors is how you handle them. Every very well known person has rumors spread about them, 98% of them being wrong. For example, I have heard that Zezima lives in 12 different countries (China included); is age 12, 21, 40, 32, and 18; goes to 4th/7th/9th/12th grade, college; works as/at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, a stockbroker, lumberjack, bounty hunter (yeah...), and N.A.S.A.; and 4 people said he was definitely a female. Now, I think Zezima handles all this pretty well on top of the real hateful and personal rumors, for he still has a good reputation as a nice person and is one of the most overall powerful person (skill-wise) in RuneScape. Also, I highly advise using correct grammar, as you don't want word getting around that you're an idiot.

General Rumors

If you are very famous, you will be claimed to be known by hundreds of people who you have never met in your life. People will hear and say many different things about you, few of them being true at all. You really do not have to worry about it though. It will not matter if someone thinks you live in France and are 23 years old or if you live in Canada and are 10 years old. You can never stop those kinds of rumors; new ones are always being made. The ones you should pay more attention to, though, are the more specific, personal ones; hateful rumors.


If you react badly to hateful, insulting rumors, it could make them seem true and give you a bad appearance. Not reacting at all is usually the best way to handle it, because eventually it will blow over. However, sometimes not reacting just gives the rumor time to grow and spread. If you decide to respond, ask them where they heard the rumor, and point out things that make it false, don't just automatically deny it as it can make some believe its true because you are trying to hide something. Also use proper English wording when addressing people, shouting, using poor English will make things look worse.

One thing you need most of all if you are famous is a lot of good friends. If you have a lot of good friends, they can help you laugh off some of the stupid rumors that people throw around about you because they know the rumors are stupid and false.

4.0 - Privacy

This can be a very hard thing to get when your name is at the top of a High scores list. So, here are some ways of avoiding followers. You can try them individually, combine them, and be creative.

1. If you do not want people crowding over you, make sure you keep moving around. Do not hang around in one area all the time. If you do, someone that sees you might tell their friends to come down or something and you will lose your privacy. A good think to do to make this idea effective is to carry teleport runes (or by other means, if you are a member). After hanging around somewhere for a little while (say 15 minutes) teleport to a far away city to lose anyone that saw you. To make this a foolproof way of anyone following you around, switch worlds from time to time as well. This will make it nearly impossible for anyone to disturb you.

2. If you do not even plan on talking to anyone, just put on all the blocks. Keep everything to friends though; your friend might be insulted if he sees you in Falador and says "hi" and you just keep walking since you have the block on. If there are some people on your friends list you do not want to chat with and some you do, then whenever someone you do not want to talk to logs on, remove them, then write their name down. Before you log off, add all the friends you wrote down back to your friends list.

3. Don't feel like going off to fish or mine in remote places? Then, when you go to your normal training spot, right when you get there say to everyone "I have put chat block on so please do not try talking to me" (or something along those lines) then put chat to friends-only right away. Then the people who heard you can tell the people that were not there that you have block on.

4. The best way to get away from all the craziness and the beggars and the rumors is to throw a get together with friends to just act a bit goofy and let off steam (without breaking rules of course), even if people try to butt in, they'll see that you're just having fun and are 'normal' since you want to have fun.

Good Zones and Bad Zones

Here is a list of the good areas where you can keep your privacy well-kept while running your daily RS life - whether famous or just high leveled - and also the places where you will most likely lose any privacy you once had.

Good Zones

Brimhaven North West: good area to get gold while maintaining your peace.
Free-to-play Miners' Guild: believe it or not, the people here are usually very respectful and understanding; plentiful area for mining your coal.
Grand Tree Rocks: very quiet, and anyone there is generally respectful; good for mining Adamantite/mithril ore.
Brimhaven Dungeon (members): not very populated; good for training on Moss/Fire Giants and Greater Demons.
Mage Arena (in the sparkling pool): not many non-newbie, non-pkers, or people trying to use their staff hang out in the arena bank, and any newbies hanging around cannot go in the pool anyways.
Legends' Guild Bank: this can go without saying, not too many annoyances here; the people are generally nice since it takes a high degree of skill and intelligence to beat the Legends Quest.
Shilo Village/Yanille Bank: some of the best banks to go to for things like firemaking and fletching since there they are relatively far out places for newbies to travel. Yanille bank can sometimes have quite a few mages casting high alchemy or people training fletching. They shouldn't affect you too much but it can sometimes get a bit crowded.
Alternate Abyss: Use the fairy rings to get here and train slayer in peace.
Sophanem: The bank that is accessible after Contact! quest is quite nice for fletching, herblore, crafting, and other skills.
Lunar Isle: Not many people have done this quest, so you can venture or train in peace.

Bad Zones

Catherby Beach: though one of the best fishing areas out there, for any level, it is encrusted with idiots; avoid if possible.
Free-to-play Varrock Square: one of the greatest gatherings of beggars in RuneScape, five minutes maximum leads to instant insanity.
Free-to-play Barbarian Village: populated mainly by many inexperienced low levels in need of guidance; not a great place to be if you are stressed or busy.
Dark Knights Castle: do not approach unless with a group of friends, otherwise you will be swarmed by newbies, or smothered by high level PK teams.
Falador Party Hall: many low levels hang around here and host 'crappy parties'; upstairs is not as bad, but it would be wise to avoid it altogether.
Free-to-Play Falador East Bank: heavily populated; you will often be bombarded by cheap scam attempts or begging.
Slayer Castle: you would actually be surprised at the amount of noobs not even training slayer that lurk around in here; an especially bad place here is the Abyssal Demons, since the most famous and high level elite of RuneScape come here for their moneymaking newbies go here to find them and beg them.
Seers' Village: the Lumbridge of Pay-to-Play; this is generally the first place where players who have just got Members will find after venturing over the mountain.

5.0 - Conclusion

I hope this guide was able to help at least a few people. The main thing you have to remember is that you need to be willing to accept friends. Yes, there are a lot of ignorant, selfish people out there, but amidst them are some great people who are willing to be good, loyal friends.

Author: White Wolf

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