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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Nearly every player in RuneScape at some time or another has filled up their bank and then wanted more. Since there are several thousand items in the game, it would be impractical to have Jagex allow players to store every item. So what should you do when your bank gets too full? Before we get to the guide though, here's a few images.

Cluttered Free to Play Bank.

What is wrong with the cluttered free bank you might ask? The player has many types of trimmed armour. A person does not necessarily require so many pieces of armour especially when they look to be for show and not actual combat. This bank also has some items of food that could easily be used up instead of sitting around (the chocolate slices). Also the person has cut gems and uncut gems, which could be cut so they could save 2 spaces there. Finally there are a few weapons in the bank, possibly leftover from RuneScape Classic which in the current RuneScape are fairly slow and useless.

Cluttered Member Bank.

The problems with this bank are different from the previous free player bank, and more numerous as members tend to have more items. First problem is look at all the pieces of clothing taking up space. There is plague clothing, Menaphite clothing, prince outfit, lederhosen pants, various capes and boots and gloves. Second problem is quest items. Without knowing what quests the person has completed, there are possibly at least 3 items they can get rid of likely. Look at all those raw meats, since the person has completed the mage arena mini game, the person is obviously a decent level so there is no point to the raw meats. The uncut gems could be cut, some of the 1 dose potions could be combined to make a 3 or 4 dose to add to the other pile, the beer and empty beer glass can be gotten rid of, unless the person uses their yoyo often it could be dropped. The onion, potato and cabbage seeds can likely be dropped also as they are very useless for exp once the person can farm tomatoes. There are other items that could be dropped but these are the main problem items.

2.0 - Cleaning Up

First of all, let me state that this is not a guide to tell you what you *have* to throw out, its a guide on what is generally recommended to lose if you find you're short of space.

The 2 major things that often clutter up banks are quest items and items of clothing/armour. Many quest items have no use after a quest is completed and if you need the item in a future quest, Jagex makes sure there is a way to regain the item for those who had dropped it.

If you wish to know if a quest item would be worth keeping, go show it to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village. He's only useful for free player quest items currently but even knowing which of those can be cleared out is helpful.

3.0 - Recommendation

There are a few quest items that are recommended to keep. These vary obviously on the player's in game playing style but generally are the only ones that need to be kept.

Silverlight: This is a good item that you gain from the Demon Slayer quest for slaying demons (lesser, greater, black etc). If you do not slay demons often or are a high enough combat level to kill them easily then you can drop the Silverlight.

Another quest item that is recommended you keep is the Ectophial, it is a very useful teleportation tool to the Morytania area, it is the reward from the Ghosts Ahoy quest.

Ever notice you have many keys floating around in your bank that you use fairly often? Well the reward for completing the One Small Favour quest is a key ring that can hold many of your keys. When you want to use a key, take the key ring out and use that - there is no need to take the key off the ring.

The Dramen Staff is another good item to always keep that you gain from the Lost City quest. It allows you to enter Zanaris (The Lost City). If you lose it, you'll have to go back to the Entrana Dungeon and cut another branch off the Dramen Tree.

The gauntlets from the Family Crest quest are always useful for a player. The most useful set is the cooking gauntlets but if a player casts bolt spells or smelts a lot of gold, the crafting or chaos gauntlets are useful to them.

4.0 - Clothing/Armour

The issue of clothing/armour taking up space is one had by many. Everyone wants to look stylish and many want a different look for different activities or just to show off their wealth. You have to look at your 'closet' and decide what you rarely ever wear or need.

It is also possible to store treasure trail items and certain outfits inside of your costume room in your house, provided you have the required construction level.

Here's a list of items that generally are what needs to be gotten rid of for the average player. Ways to get rid of them include selling to other players, selling to general stores, or just dropping them on the ground.

  • -Clothing you never/rarely use
  • -Items of armour you do not use (such as God Armour or other miscellaneous armours)
  • -Chompy hats
  • -Quest items
  • -Seeds you do not need/do not plan on using
  • -Herbs you do not plan on using/cant use or id
  • -Talismans/tiaras you never use
  • -Runes you never use (like body, dust etc)
  • -Easily gotten items like pots, buckets, eggs etc that you will rarely if ever use
  • -Burnt food

Now, other ways that you can de-clutter your bank is look and see if you have 'raw' and 'finished' or 'semi finished' items using the same items. If you have cut and uncut gems of the same type, cut them all, if you have unfinished potions and finished potions of the same type, finish the potions. If you have ores and bars of the same type, smelt the ores. Various doses of the same potion, mix them into a common dose so you do not have 4 different doses of the same potion.

If you have many kinds of cooked fish in small quantities, use up the fish training or sell them off. Do not let them sit in your bank for months on end.

5.0 - Useless Items

Below is a list of items that have little to no use for the average player and if you find you have them stored up, they can be dropped.

  • Flier
  • Newspaper
  • Proboscis
  • Potion (spot potion)
  • Skull

Remember, nearly any item you will ever need in RuneScape can be gotten at any time, or re-gained from a NPC so its not necessary to hoard every item you ever come across.

Author: Myst

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