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Smithing Runescape Skill Calculator
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    Name Level XP Number
Bronze bar16.25
Bronze dagger112.5
Bronze axe112.5
Bronze mace212.5
Bronze med helm312.5
Bronze bolttip312
Bronze wire412.5
Bronze nail (1)40.83
Bronze darttip (1)41.25
Bronze sword412.5
Bronze arrowhead (1)50.83
Bronze hasta525
Bronze scimitar525
Bronze long sword625
Bronze limb612
Bronze full helm725
Bronze throwing knife (1)72.5
Bronze sq shield825
Blurite bar88
Bronze warhammer937.5
Bronze battleaxe1037.5
Bronze chain body1137.5
Bronze kiteshield1237.5
Bronze claws1325
Two-handed sword1437.5
Iron bar1512.5
Iron dagger1525
Bronze plateleg1637.5
Bronze plateskirt1637.5
Iron axe1625
Iron mace1725
Iron med helm1825
Iron bolttip1817
Bronze platebody1862.5
Iron darttip (1)192.5
Iron nail (1)191.67
Iron sword1925
Iron arrowhead (1)201.67
Elemental bar207.5
Iron scimitar2050
Silver bar2013.7
Iron hasta2050
Iron long sword2150
Iron throwing knife (1)225
Iron full helm2250
Iron sq shield2350
Iron limb2325
Iron warhammer2475
Iron battleaxe2575
Iron chain body2675
Oil lantern frame2625
Iron kiteshield2775
Iron claws2850
Iron two-handed sword2975
Steel dagger3037.5
Steel bar3017.5
Steel axe3137.5
Iron plateskirt3175
Iron plateleg3175
Steel mace3237.5
Steel bolts (unf)3337.5
Steel med helm3337.5
Iron platebody33125
Steel sword3437.5
Steel darttip (1)343.75
Steel nail (1)342.5
Steel arrowhead (1)352.5
Steel hasta3575
Cannonball (4)3525.6
Steel scimitar3575
Steel limb3637
Steel stud (1)367.5
Steel long sword3675
Steel full helm3775
Steel throwing knife (1)377.5
Steel sq shield3875
Steel warhammer39112.5
Steel battleaxe40112.5
Gold bar (gauntlets)4056.2
Gold bar4022.5
Steel chain body41112.5
Steel kiteshield42112.5
Steel claws4375
Steel two-handed sword44112.5
Steel plateleg46112.5
Steel plateskirt46112.5
Steel platebody48187.5
Bullseye latern frame4937.5
Mithril bar5030
Mithril dagger5050
Mithril axe5150
Mithril mace5250
Mithril bolttip5350
Mithril med helm5350
Mithril darttip (1)545
Mithril sword5450
Mithril nail (1)543.3
Mithril scimitar55100
Mithril arrowhead (1)553.3
Mithril hasta55100
Mithril long sword56100
Mithril limb5650
Mithril full helm57100
Mithril throwing knife (1)5710
Mithril sq shield58100
Mithril grappletip5950
Mithril warhammer59150
Mithril battleaxe60150
Mithril chain body61150
Mithril kiteshield62150
Mithril claws63100
Mithril two-handed sword64150
Mithril plateskirt66150
Mithril plateleg66150
Mithril platebody68250
Adamant dagger7062.5
Adamant bar7037.5
Adamant axe7162.5
Adamant mace7262.5
Adamant bolttip7362
Adamant med helm7362.5
Adamant sword7462.5
Adamant darttip (1)746.25
Adamant nail (1)744.17
Adamant hasta75125
Adamant scimitar75125
Adamant arrowhead (1)754.17
Adamant limb7662
Adamant long sword76125
Adamant full helm77125
Adamant throwing knife (1)7712.5
Adamant sq shield78125
Adamant warhammer79187.5
Adamant battleaxe80187.5
Adamant chain body81187.5
Adamant kiteshield82187.5
Adamant claws83125
Adamant two-handed sword84187.5
Runite Bar8550
Rune dagger8575
Adamant plateleg86187.5
Adamant plateskirt86187.5
Rune axe8675
Rune mace8775
Rune med helm8875
Rune bolttip8875
Adamant platebody88312.5
Rune nail (1)895
Rune sword8975
Rune darttip (1)897.5
Rune scimitar90150
Rune arrowhead (1)905
Rune hasta90150
Rune limb9175
Rune long sword91150
Rune throwing knife (1)9215
Rune full helm92150
Rune sq shield93150
Rune warhammer94225
Rune battleaxe95225
Rune chainbody96225
Rune kiteshield97225
Rune claws98150
Rune plateskirt99225
Rune plateleg99225
Rune two-handed sword99225
Rune platebody99375