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Fletching Runescape Skill Calculator
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    Name Level XP Number
Arrow shaft10.33
Headless arrow 11
Bronze dart11.8
Bronze arrow12.63
Shortbow (u)55
Bronze brutal arrow71.5
Bronze crossbow924
Bronze bolt90.5
Longbow (u)1010
Opal bolts111.6
Iron arrow153.83
Iron brutal arrow182.6
Oak shortbow (u)2016.5
Oak shortbow2033
Iron dart223.8
Blurite crossbow2464
Oak longbow (u)2525
Oak longbow2550
Jade bolt262.4
Composite ogre bow3090
Steel arrow306.33
Composite ogre bow (u)3045.5
Steel brutal arrow335.2
Willow shortbow3566.5
Willow shortbow (u)3533.25
Steel dart377.5
Black brutal arrow386.3
Iron bolt391.9
Iron crossbow3988
Willow longbow4083
Willow longbow (u)4041.5
Pearl bolt413.2
Mithril arrow458.83
Steel bolt463.5
Steel crossbow46108
Red topaz bolt483.9
Mithril brutal arrow497.5
Maple shortbow50100
Maple shortbow (u)5050
Barbed bolt519.5
Mithril dart5211.2
Mithril crossbow54128
Mithril bolt545
Maple longbow (u)5558.25
Maple longbow55116.5
Broad bolts553
Sapphire bolt564.7
Emerald bolt585.5
Adamant arrow6011.5
Adamant bolt617
Adamant crossbow61164
Adamant brutal arrow6210.2
Ruby bolt636.3
Diamond bolt657
Yew shortbow65133
Yew shortbow (u)6566.5
Adamant dart6715
Rune crossbow69200
Rune Bolt6910
Yew longbow (u)7075
Yew longbow70150
Dragonstone bolt718.2
Onyx bolt739.4
Runite arrow7515
Runite brutal arrow7712.5
Magic shortbow80166.5
Magic shortbow (u)8083.25
Runite dart8118.8
Magic longbow85183
Magic longbow (u)8591.5
Dragon arrow9015
Dragon dart9525