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Firemaking Runescape Skill Calculator
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    Name Level XP Number
Pyre log550
Wood pyre ship1140
Achey pyre ship1140
Oak log1560
Pyre oak log2070
Oak pyre ship2560
Willow log3090
Teak log35105
Pyre willow log35100
Pyre teak log40120
Willow pyre ship4090
Arctic Pine Log42125
Teak pyre ship45105
Maple log45135
Pyre arctic pine log47158
Pyre maple log50175
Mahogany log50157.5
Artic pine pyre ship52125
Dorgeshuun light orb (1)521000
Dorgeshuun light orb (100)52105000
Maple pyre ship55135
Pyre mahogany log55210
Yew log60202.5
Mahogany pyre ship60157.5
Pyre yew log65255
Yew pyre ship70202.5
Magic log75303.75
Pyre magic log80404.5
Magic pyre ship85303.8