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    Name Level XP Number
Air rune15
Water Tiara130
Mind Tiara127.5
Air Tiara125
Fire Tiara135
Body Tiara137.5
Earth Tiara132.5
Cosmic Tiara140
Chaos Tiara142.5
Nature Tiara145
Law Tiara147.5
Death Tiara150
Mind rune25.5
Water rune56
Mist rune68
Earth rune96.5
Dust rune108.3
Mud rune139.3
Fire rune147
Smoke rune159.5
Steam rune1910
Body rune207.5
Lava rune2310.5
Cosmic rune278
Chaos rune358.5
Astral rune408.7
Nature rune449
Law rune549.5
Death rune6510
Blood rune7723.8
Soul rune9029.7
Wrath Rune958