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Herblore Runescape Skill Calculator
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    Name Level XP Number
Clean Guam leaf32.5
Attack potion325
Attack mix48
Clean Marrentill53.75
Relicym's balm840
Relicym's balm mix914
Clean Tarromin115
Strength potion1250
Strength mix1417
Serum 2071550
Clean Harralander206.5
Compost Potion2160
Restore potion2262.5
Stat restore mix2421
Clean Ranarr weed257.5
Energy potion2667.5
Energy mix2923
Defence potion3075
Clean Toadflax308
Defence mix3325
Agility potion3480
Combat potion3684
Agility mix3727
Prayer potion3887.5
Clean Irit leaf408.8
Combat mix4028
Restore prayer mix4229
Super attack potion45100
Super attack mix4733
Super antipoison48106
Clean Avantoe4810
Fishing potion50113
Super anti-poison mix5135
Super energy potion52117.5
Hunter potion53120
Fishing mix5338
Clean Kwuarm5411.25
Super Strength potion55125
Super energy mix5639
Magic Essence potion57130
Hunter mix5840
Clean Snapdragon5911.8
Super strength mix5942
Sinister key60823.55
Weapon poison60137.5
Magic essence mix6142
Super restore potion63142
Clean Cadantine6512.5
Sanfew Serum65160
Super defence Potion66150
Clean Lantadyme6713
Super restore mix6748
Extra-strong antipoison68155
Anti-fire breath Potion69158
Clean Dwarf weed7013.75
Super defence mix7150
Ranging potion72162.5
Extra-strong weapon poison73165
Extra strong anti-poison mix7452
Anti fire-breath mix7553
Clean Torstol7515
Magic potion76172.5
Zamorak potion78175
Super-strong antipoison79177
Ranged mix8054
Saradomin brew81180
Super-strong weapon poison82190
Magic mix8357
Zamorak mix8558
Super combat potion90150