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- 2 Quest Points.
- 2500 Attack XP, 2500 Strength XP, 5000 Fishing XP, 5000 Cooking XP.
- 2000 GP.
- Rune Spear (kp).
- Ability to recharge Prayer at the 'Tribal statue', purchase Karambwan and Karambwan Vessels from Tiadeche, properly cook and fish Karambwan and correctly cook marinated Jogre Bones.

Start PointStart Point

Bwo Wannai Village, Talk to Timfraku (Picture).

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 15 Agility, 30 Cooking, 5 Fishing.
Quest: Jungle Potion.
Item: Knife, Pestle and Mortar, Seaweed, Small Net, Agility Potion, Iron Spear (or better), Jogre Bones, Banana, Karamja Rum, Gear for Magic or Ranged Attacks.


Skill: 65 Fishing, 65 Cooking, 15+ Agility.
Quest: Fairy Tale Part II (to use the Fairy Rings).
Item: 10 Food (Lobsters or better), Armour (Adamant or better), Anti-Poison Potion(s), ~500GP (travel costs), Ardougne or Falador Teleport Runes.

In Jungle Potion, the Shaman Trufitus communed with the gods to determine the fate of his people. Now Timfraku, the Chief of Tai Bwo Wannai, wishes to see his people and family return to the abandoned village. Help a depressed fisherman, encourage a raging hunter and satiate an eccentric priest in this extreme test of aptitude and patience!

Part 1:
3 Missing Sons

Step 1
Speak with Timfraku.
Find Tiadeche.
Speak with Tiadeche.
Talk to Lubufu.
Catch some Karambwanji.
Return to Lubufu.

Items needed: Small Fishing Net, Karamja Rum, Banana, Knife. Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of Tiadeche

Head to Port Sarim and buy a normal fishing net if you don't already have one. Then take the boat to N. Karamja, and once there buy some Karamja Rum and pick a banana. Cut the banana with your knife and add to the rum. Now head west and then south of Brimhaven to Tai Bwo Wannai Village to start the quest.

Talk to Timfraku located in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. You will tell him how you helped Trufitus make a potion that helps him commune with the gods. Accept the quest to find his 3 sons, Tamayu, Tinsay, and Tiadeche, and bring them back to the village. Speak to Tiadeche, who is north of the shipyard by the fishing icons. He will not return unless he has caught a Karambwan, an octopus like fish. Offer to help him catch a Karambwan.

Head north past Tai Bwo Wannai, and on the southern part of Brimhaven you will find Lubufu. He is an experienced Karambwan fisher who has a monopoly over his fishing spot. Talk to him until you have the option to talk to him about himself, eventually you will be able to offer to help him gather more bait (Picture).

Go to the lake south of the village and catch twenty 'Karambwanji' using your Small net. You will also get a few shrimp. Go back and give Lubufu the twenty Karambwanji and talk to him some more. He will be curious of how you are so interested in Karambwan and will ask you to be his apprentice. He should give you a Karambwan Vessel and tell you how to bait it (Picture). Use a Karambwanji with the Karambwan Vessel to bait it.

If you want to keep one for yourself this is what you should do. When you get your 'Karambwan Vessel' drop it and get another one. Pick up the one you dropped. Then, continue on.

Step 2
Return to Tiadeche.
Kill a Jogre.
Grab some Seaweed.
Speak to Tamayu.
Cook the Karambwan.
Poison the Spear.
Give him Supplies.

Items needed: Pestle and Mortar, Iron Spear (or better), Agility Potion (4).

On your way there kill a Jogre just after you cross the log bridge and take the Jogre Bones. Give a baited vessel to Tiadeche and take the Karambwan when he catches it. Also grab some nearby seaweed. Go back to Tiadeche and use the baited Karambwan Vessel on him. He will be amazed because it works so well and you will be given the option to take the Karambwan when he catches it. He will ask you to show one of these vessels to his brother Tinsay, so that he can make some crafting instructions for it.

Speak to the second son, Tamayu, who is near the mines just South-East of quest start point, and he will say he will not set foot on in the village until he has slain Shaikahan, an evil beast of the jungle. Watch him fight The Shaikahan. He will fail to kill it, but he says he needs a better spear and to be more agile (Picture).

Cook your Karambwan so that it's a light green colour, (there is an everlasting fire just south of the village, near the quest start point). Then use a Pestle and Mortar with the Karambwan and you will have Karambwan Paste. Use the paste on an Iron Spear or better. Use a 4 Dose Agility Potion and the Spear (kp) on Tamayu, and watch him defeat The Shaikahan (Picture). He will agree to go back to the village.

After he kills the beast kill one of the monkeys using a ranged or magic attack and use the corpse on Tamayu to get monkey skin.

You should already have the Karambwan so you don't have to go back to fish another one. Hobgoblins and Jogres sometimes drop iron spears. If you are not level 34 Herblore, buy agility potion from another player. You have to cook the raw Karambwan yourself to make the poison.

Step 3
Speak to Tinsay.
Give items to Tinsay.
Use the Vessel on Tinsay and Return to Tiadeche.
Speak to Timfraku.

Items needed: Karamja Rum, Banana, Knife, Monkey Skin and Seaweed Sandwich (obtained during Quest), Jogre Bones, Karambwanji, Crafting Instructions (obtained during Quest). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Talking to Tinsay

Speak to the third and final son Tinsay, he is on Cairn Isle. He says that he wants to rebuild a spiritual statue however his requests will be quite odd. He will ask for Karamja Rum with a banana in it. Cut a banana using your knife and then add it to the rum, and give to him (Picture). If you got these earlier then you won't need to do anything for these items. If not refer back to Step 1.

Next he will ask for a monkey skin and seaweed sandwich. The seaweed can be found along the coast just north of him on the mainland. To get monkey skin you must kill a monkey, you need to use range or magic to kill them. Take the monkey corpse and use on Tamayu, then use the skin with the seaweed and give to Tinsay (Picture).

Finally he wants burnt Jogre bones marinated in Karambwanji. First use Jogre bones on a furnace. Next grind up a Karambwanji using a pestle and mortar. Use the paste on the burnt bones and cook it on a range. Caution! Cooking it on a fire will result in an explosion! Give the marinated bones to Tinsay (Picture).

Teleport to Ardougne or walk to The TzHaar Caves to use a Range and Furnace. When your done with the step, go back to N. Karamja.

Use your vessel on Tinsay and he will give you a sheet of 'Crafting instructions'. Take them to Tiadeche. He will say how your work has really helped his people. Go back to the village and speak to Timfraku to finish the quest. Then speak to the three brothers again; you will find them in three separate huts just south of their father.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I burnt/am unable to cook, the Karambwan that Tiadeche gave me and don't have high enough fishing to catch them, how do can I still complete the quest?

A: Raw is tradeable, however due to a high amount of scamming, cooked is not.

Q: What can I poison with the Karambwan paste?

A: You can only poison spears with it, but there really is no reason to because the spears are then un-tradable, and the dragon spear loses it special attack when poisoned this way. Since you already get a rune spear (kp) from completion of the quest there is no reason to poison any other spear.

Q: Lubufu will not let me fish by him and he will not give me a Karambwan Vessel. Can I still catch Karambwan?

A: Yes, you can only fish for them where you first met Tiadeche. To get a new Karambwan Vessel speak with Tiadeche in the village.

Q: The pasty jogre bones explodes even when I try to cook it on a range!

A: Remember to use RAW Karamwanji with a pestle and mortar, then use it with the burnt bones and voila!

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