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- 2 Quest Points.
- 3,875 Crafting XP.
- Access to Shilo Village.

Start PointStart Point

Outside Shilo Village, south of Brimhaven (Quest Map).

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Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: 32 Agility, 20 Crafting, 4 Smithing.
Quest: Jungle Potion.
Item: Rope, Lit Torch, Spade, Chisel, Hammer, Bronze Bar, 3 Regular Bones, ~500GP.
Other: Must kill Zombie (Level-91), Zombie (Level-63) and Zombie (Level-93) consecutively.


Skill: 55+ Combat, 43+ Prayer, 45+ Agility.
Item: Extra Rope, Anti-Poison Potions, Energy Potions, Agility Potions (For running through dungeons packed with undead), Armour (Rune or better), Weapon (Dragon or better), 3-4 Prayer Potions, Food (10-15 Lobsters or better).

New areas in the southern part of Karamja Island have been discovered with a mysterious village. Who knows what hidden treasures exist, and what dangers lurk to guard them?

Part 1:
The Undead Have Arrived

Step 1
Talk to Mosol Rei.
Talk to Trufitus.
Go to East side of Karamja, cross the slippery log.

Items needed: Food. Zybez RuneScape Help's Trufitus Picture

Talk to Mosol Rei who is located outside Shilo Village, south of Tai Bwo Wannai (Picture). He will tell you that the village has been overrun by Zombies and tell you to run for your life. Ask him what it is all about and he will tell you that Rashiliyia is the self styled queen of the dead. Ask him if there is anything you can do to help and he will tell you that Trufitus, the elder in Tai Bwo Wannai, may be able to help. He will give you a Wampum Belt and tell you to give it to Trufitus.

Now return to Tai Bwo Wannai and talk to Trufitus (who is located in the house in the north-east area of Tai Bwo Wannai). He will take the Wampum belt from you and look very grave. Ask him if there is anything that might be done and he will tell of a story he heard of a temple in a place called Ah Zha Rhoon, which may contain the key to how to destroy Rashiliyia. Tell him that you will look for the temple, and ask him everything you can about it.

Trufitus will tell you the only thing he knows about the temple is that it's name means Magnificence floating on Water, and that it possibly means the temple was once an island. Now to have a search around, begin by grabbing your required items as above, and heading to the east of Tai Bwo Wannai, go along the coast you will reach until you find a Slippery log (Picture). Cross the river - if you fail you will be dealt 4-5 damage.

Step 2
Go south and Dig.
Cave south-west of the entrance, at the start of river.

Items needed: Spade, Lit Torch, Rope, Anti-Poison Potion (in case you kill the Undead Ones), Food (2-5 Lobsters or better), Armour, Weapon. Zybez RuneScape Help's Fissure Picture

Once on the other side journey south through the jungle (beware of the Jungle Spiders (Level 44) and Jogres (Level 53 )), still along the shoreline until you reach a clearing with a mound of earth. Dig on the spot with your spade and a fissure should appear. If you search the fissure you will find it is too dark to see anything, so use your lit torch with the fissure. When the crack is lit up use your rope on the fissure as well. Now if you search the fissure you will be able to climb down; do so.

You will land in a cave. Run through it south-west and past some Undead Ones (Level 77 and 63). If you succeed in getting past the Undead Ones you will see a small cave in in the south-west corner very close to the entrance. Search it and try to squeeze through. Note that the Undead Ones will continue to attack you, so getting through it will take a few tries.

You may fail, losing up to 27 damage or more.

Step 3
Search Loose Rocks.
Go into a small room and Search the Sacks.
Continue onward and Search the Gallows.
Go back to the Waterfall.
Go to Trufitus.

Items needed: Food, Armour, Weapon.

Now go along the passage running past the Undead until you reach some loose rocks. Search these and you will find a scroll. Don't read it just for the moment. Now continue on down the passage and you will reach a small room jutting off the passage. Go into this and search the sacks for another scroll. Finally, go out into the passage again (remember, there will still be hordes of Undead Ones) and run to the end of it where you should find some gallows. You will be safe from the Undead Ones for a bit if you hide behind this.

Search the gallows, and try to get the skeleton down from it, you will feel a chill go down your spine and you will get some remains. Return back the way you came along the passage, and go to the waterfall, search the passage and get back to Trufitus. (note you will be hurt twice for 4 or 5 damage if you fail). At this point, instead of running past the Undead Ones on the shore, you can craft the broken table you find at the top end of the stream into a raft.

You will appear just east of Mosol Rei, where you started the quest, read the scrolls you found at this point. Now walk back to Tai Bwo Wannai and use both of the scrolls with Trufitus. Trufitus will look at the scrolls and the remains and be amazed! He will tell you that they could very well help find the secret temple, which could save the village. He will tell you that one of the scrolls says to bury the remains at a sacred site. You will ask him and he will tell you there is one located in the village.

Part 2:
Laying a Ghost to Rest?

Step 4
Bury Remains South of the Statue.
Talk to Ghost.
Return to Trufitus.
Go to Cairn Island.
Search the Rocks.
Search the Table twice.
Return to Trufitus.
Create Beads of the Dead.

Items needed: Food (5+ Lobsters or better), Chisel, Bronze Bar (or Wire), Beads of the Dead (made during this step), Charcoal, Papyrus. Zybez RuneScape Help's Cairn Cavern Picture

Now go just outside Trufitus' hut and you should find a statue to the west a short distance. Try to bury the remains just south of the statue, and a ghost will appear! Talk to the ghost (Picture). He will tell you that he has the key and he will eventually give you a bone shard before disappearing. Return to Trufitus and tell him you buried the remains. He will tell you he has found that there is a tomb located to the south-west of his hut.

Go down the west coast until you reach Cairn Island. Climb up the rockslide (if you fail you will be dealt 3-4 damage) and walk across the suspension bridge (if you fail, you will be dealt up to 7 damage). Once you get across the bridge go to the north side of Cairn Island and search the well stacked rocks located under some palm trees. Try to climb down.

You will again reappear underground. Go to the other end of the short cave and search the table. You will find a sword pommel and a locating crystal. Search the table again to find another scroll. Now return to Trufitus by climbing up the rock slide to get out of the cave, and crossing the bridge again etc.

When you reach Trufitus use all the items you found in the tomb with him. He will then tell you to make a necklace. To do this, use your Chisel with the Sword Pommel, and you will get some beads (cannot fail). Now grab your Bronze Bar and use the anvil to make a Bronze wire (level 4 Smithing required). Use the beads with the wire and you will get some Beads of the Dead.

Step 5
Cross the Slippery Log.
Go North and Search the Trees.
Use Key with Door.
Head through the passage and Iron Gates.
Open the Bone Doors.
Look at the Dolmen.
Fight the 3 Creatures.
Talk to Trufitus.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Large Wooden Doorway Items needed: 3 Regular Bones, Chisel, Bone Key, Armour, Weapon, Food (10-20 Lobsters or better).

Now armed with the awesome power of your new beads (equip them), your best armour and weapon, lots of food and the bones head back to the slippery log to the east of Tai Bwo Wannai. Cross it, but this time, go north until you find some bright green palm trees. Search these and you will find a large wooden doorway.

After discovering the door, use your chisel with the Bone Shard, and you will get a Bone Key. Use the Bone Key with the doorway and enter; don't drop your Bone Key as you need it to get out (Picture). If you are unable to craft a bone key, go examine the door found in the bright green palm trees, then try again.

As it seems to happen a lot in this quest you will find yourself under the jungle floor. Head up the passage and through the iron gates. Now climb down the slope and run past the Undead Ones. Go west then south then West until you find some very impressive doors covered in bones. Quickly use the bones, one by one, on the doors and open them. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Killing Nazastarool

You are about to fight now so get ready. Use the Look at option on the dolmen and the ground will shake; with a mighty roar a huge ugly Nazastarool (level 91) will appear. Kill him, look at the dolmen again, and he will appear in another undead form, this time as a skeleton, Nazastarool (level 68). Finally, he will transform into a ghost, Nazastarool (level 93). When you defeat them, the bones of Rashiliyia will appear on the dolmen! Take them and run back to Trufitus.

Note: use the protect from melee, as these guys will hit you hard. Also do not use poisoned weapons since when the poison does the killing damage, the kill will NOT count.

Use the bones on Trufitus and he will tell you to look through the things you have gathered to find out where to put them, or you can go back to Cairn island, and lay them on the table you found the Sword Pommel and Locating Crystal.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When I lose my locating crystal during the quest, can I get it back again?

A: Just search the table again and you will find it.

Author: Robin Hood

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