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- 2 Quest Points.
- 2,250 Crafting XP.
- Other reward's may vary.

Start PointStart Point

Observatory south of West Ardougne.

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Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Skill: 10 Crafting.
Item: 3 Planks, Bronze Bar, Molten Glass, Lens Mould (obtained during Quest).


Skill: 25 Combat or higher, 51 Magic.
Item: Ring of Dueling, any Pickaxe, Bucket, Anti-Poison Potion, Mithril Armour and Weapon or better, Runes for casting Teleport Spells (Ardougne and Falador), 60GP.

The observatory in South West Ardougne has been ransacked by a family of nearby goblins. Can you help the professors to rebuild it?

Part 1:
The Observatory's Dilemma

Step 1
Talk to the Professor, at Observatory.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Observatory Professor Speak with the Professor south of West Ardougne.

Tell him you would like to look through his telescope. He will reply "So would I." A nearby village recently has had goblins move in and they have broken the observatory's telescope.

The professor will ask if you would like to help, and will explain he needs 3 types of items to fix the observatory's telescope. They are 3 Wood Planks for the tripod, 1 Bronze Bar for the tube, and 1 Molten Glass to make the lens.

If you speak to the professor's assistant, he'll help you out. His help consists of telling you where you can get the 3 items needed.

Part 2:
Gathering Materials

Step 2
Gather Planks.
Get a Bronze Bar.

Items needed: 3 Planks, 1 Bronze Bar, 1 Molten Glass.

If you talk to the Assistant he'll give you the location of the Barbarian Outpost (Picture). But if you are on the east side of RuneScape when starting this quest the Graveyard is an option. Due to the recent addition of the construction skill, you can also make your own planks by taking three logs and some gp to the sawmill. The far north side of The Barbarian Outpost (Picture). Two plank spawns have been made a recent addition to the Port Khazard Trawler Port.

To obtain a bronze bar you can use a pickaxe and mine one Tin Ore and one Copper Ore. Smelt them together in a furnace to get a Bronze Bar. You can also obtain this by buying it from another player.

Step 3
Get Sand.

If you speak with the assistant about finding the molten glass he will have this to say (Picture). You will need to find the sand and seaweed on your own. There are two places to get the sand and a few places to find seaweed.

The Fastest and Easier way to obtain sand and seaweed is by buying them from the Port Khazard charter stores. However, there are a couple other ways that you can get sand:

The island of Entrana is probably the best location to fill buckets with sand, needed to make molten glass. Head to Port Sarim and talk to the Monks of Entrana, they'll take you to the island. Remember, you cannot take any weapons or armour on the boat so make sure you are clean. Once on Entrana head west to the last building on the road. There you'll find a sand pit. Use your bucket on the sand pit (Picture).

Another place you can fill your bucket with sand is in the Lost City of Zanaris (The Lost City). Go into the Lost City then go straight then go right, and you should be able to see a sandpit.

Step 4
Get Soda Ash.
Create Molten Glass.

Obtaining Seaweed is fairly easy. If already on Entrana, go to the North-Western side of the island, over the bridge and grab some seaweed. Heat the seaweed on a range, turning it into Soda Ash. There is a range on the island of Entrana.

You can also get seaweed by fishing with a big net.

Once you have Sand and Soda Ash, find the nearest furnace and use the Sand with it. This will make the molten glass that you need.

After completing this step it's a good time to use Ardougne Teleport to get closer to the Observatory.

Step 5
Find the Lens Mould.

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Lens Mould Items needed: 1 Lens Mould.

Speak with the professor once you have all three types of items. Talk with him and he'll inform you that he forgot about the Lens Mould. He can not make the lens without it and he needs you to find it for him.

If you talk with his assistant, he'll give you a clue to where it might be (Picture). Head south out of the building and located to your east is a house with a ladder. Head down the ladder. (Picture). You'll be warned to be careful because goblins have infested the tunnels. While you are in the tunnels be careful on which chests you open, some may contain anti-poison, but others contain poisonous spiders.

Once you arrive in the tunnel head southeast, search the first chest to find the key. If the key isn't in the first chest, search other chests to find the Goblin Kitchen Key. Once you have the key make your way north to the very top part of the tunnel; continue west until you arrive at a Sleeping Guard (Level-1) guarding a gated room. In order to get in the room you will need to prod the Guard. It will then become a Goblin (Level-42). Once you have defeated the Guard, enter the room.

It isn't necessary to kill the Goblin (Level-42). He can be lured away leaving you free access to the gate.

Go inside and inspect the Goblin Stove. Located on top of the stove is the Lens Mould (Picture).

Step 6
Craft the Lens.
Find a Constellation.

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Ladder to the Observatory

Items needed: 1 Lens.

Go back to the Professor and speak with him. He realizes that he doesn't have the skill to make the lens. This is where crafting plays a part. The Professor will give you back the molten glass and the lens mould, so use the molten glass on the mould to create the lens.

Now talk to the Professor again and he'll take the mould and the lens back from you and will tell you to meet him at the Observatory after he gets the telescope fixed. Talk to him once more and he'll tell you it is fixed and to meet him there. Head back down into the tunnel and go to the ladder leading up into the observatory (Picture). Once there look through the telescope, and then talk to the Professor.

Before you can complete the quest you must identify which constellation you saw through the telescope. Once you have spoken with the Professor, and told him the constellation you saw, you will be finished.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Author: Apache

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