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Witchaven is a small town located just east of East Ardougne, which has lost a lot of its trading power since the fishing platform was built. The mayor seems rather strange and there is an undercover Temple Knight on the dock, who is part of the Slug Menace quest.

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NPC's and Shops
  • Brother Maledict: Priest for the village.
  • Caroline: She starts the Sea Slug quest by the seashore and is standing next to Holgart.
  • Col. o'Niall: A retired Temple Knight.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft: runs the fishing store.
  • Fionella: Runs the Legends Guild general store.
  • Holgart: He will row you out to the Sea Slug quest platform.
  • Jeb: Hangs around near Caroline. He will row you out to the Sea Slug quest platform after having done the Slug Menace quest
  • Mayor Hobb: Runs the town.
  • Radimus Erkle: Speak to him to start the Legends Quest.
  • Siegfried Erkle: Runs the Legends Guild shop of Useful Items.
  • Thormac: Starts you on the Scorpion Catcher quest and will enchant battlestaffs for 40,000gp.
  • Witchaven Villager: A villager in Witchaven.
  • Bear (Level-21)
  • Chicken (Level-1)
  • Giant bat (Level-27)
  • Renegade knight (Level-37)
  • Pit scorpion (Level-28)
  • Shadow warrior (Level-48)
  • Sir Mordred (Level-39)

Lovecraft Tackle
Talk to: Ezekial Lovecraft
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Lovecraft Tackle Shop
  • Small fishing net: 5gp
  • Fishing rod 5gp
  • Fly fishing rod 5gp
  • Harpoon 5gp
  • Lobster pot 20gp
  • Fishing bait 3gp
  • Feather 2gp
  • Raw shrimps 5gp
  • Raw sardine 10gp
  • Raw herring 15gp
  • Raw anchovies 15gp
  • Raw trout 20gp
  • Raw pike 25gp
  • Raw salmon 50gp
  • Raw tuna 100gp
  • Raw lobster 150gp
  • Raw swordfish 200gp

Special Attractions

East Ardougne Mine is an exceptional location for mining and depositing coal and iron ore. There are 13 coal 11 iron rocks.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the East Ardougne Mine

There is a dungeon just west of Witchaven commonly referred to as the Family Crest Dungeon. There are several ogres, hobgoblins and 2 hellhounds located in this dungeon.

  • Legends Quest: Speak to Radimus Erkle in the Legends' Guild, north-east of Ardougne.
  • Scorpion Catcher: The start point is south of Seer's Village. You will find Thormac, and he is the one who will allow you to start the quest.
  • Sea Slug: Speak to Caroline, east of Ardougne.
  • Slug Menace: Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien, in Falador Park.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Escape
  • Fishing
  • Riverside
  • Trinity
  • The Mollusc Menace

Hellhound (level-122) More information
Examine: Hello, nice doggy...
Notes: Hellhounds only drop Bones and Clue scroll (level-3) being so it is ideal to stay and farm for Clue scrolls.
Hobgoblin (level-28) More information
Examine: An ugly, smelly creature.
Notes: Note: They are only temporarily aggressive.

Author: Myst

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