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- 1 Quest Point.
- 6,625 Strength XP.
- Ability to have Thormac enchant Battlestaves for 40,000GP.

Start PointStart Point

Sorcerer's Tower (south of Seers' Village).

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Skill: 31 Prayer.
Item: Dusty Key, 300GP.
Other: Ability to go deep into the Taverley Dungeon.


Skill: 51 Magic.
Item: 4 Law Runes, Games Necklace (Barbarian Outpost Teleport), Energy Enhancing Items (Energy Potions, Boots of Lightness, etc.), Elemental Runes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), Food (Lobsters), Anti-Dragon Shield, Anti-Poison Potion.

Thormac has lost his rare lesser Kharid scorpions after leaving their cage door open. These scorpions have hidden in areas that are rather difficult to get into. You will have to overcome various challenges (and drink a lot of beer) to get all the scorpions back. If you manage to help him Thormac will improve your battle staffs

Part 1:
Part title

Step 1
Speak to Thormac.
Bank at Seer's Village.
Go to Taverley Dungeon, and get a jail key from a "Jailer".

Items needed: Armour, Weapon, Dusty Key, Anti-Poison Potion, Food (Lobsters or better).

Speak to Thormac on the fourth floor of the sorcerers tower. He will tell you that he has lost his three rare scorpions and wants you to get them back for him. He will give you a cage and tell you that the Seer in Seers' Village can help you on your journey (Picture). Talk to the Seer and he will tell you that the first scorpion can be found near the Poison Spiders in the Taverley Dungeon (Picture)

Go to the bank nearby, and get out some armour, a Dusty Key, an Anti-poison, and food. Make your way to the Taverley Dungeon ladder (located south of Taverley) and go down. Go through the dungeon, past the Magic Axes, to the Poison Scorpions. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Odd Wall

Head down the path, through some doors, until you find some Black Knights, as soon as you go through the doors, head east until you see a Jailer (Picture). Kill the Jailer and he will drop a "Jail Key". Unlock the southern cell by using the key on the cell door and talk to Velrak the explorer (Picture). Ask him if he knows of anywhere good to explore, and he will give you the Dusty Key.

Go back north to the Poison Scorpions and cross the bridge to the west and follow the path through the dungeon until you get to a door near some Lesser Demons. Use the Dusty Key with the door and go through (Picture).

Make your way past the Blue Dragons and follow the path past the Black Demons, until you find the Poison Spiders. Look for a wall you can push, and come to a room with the scorpion. Use the cage with the scorpion and you've got the first scorpion.

Part 2:
The Second Scorpion and Final Scorpion.

Step 2
Go to the Monastery.
Catch the scorpion..
Gain access into the Barbarian Outpost.
Catch the final scorpion.
Return to Thormac.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Items needed: Amulet of Glory, Games Necklace.

The second scorpion is located on the second floor of the Monastery (Prayer Guild). You must have 31 Prayer to go up the ladder and catch the scorpion in the cage. The final scorpion is located in the Barbarian Outpost.

Try to open the outpost gate and a Barbarian guard will tell you 'Only barbarians are allowed into the outpost'. Tell him that you are a barbarian and he will tell you to do the Barcrawl and give you a Barcrawl card.

Go back to the Barbarian Outpost and talk to a Barbarian Guard. You will be let in if you completed all of the bars. In the building across from the gate, you will find the final scorpion.

Once you have collected all of the Scorpions, go back to Thormac and you will be finished.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there any reason to do the Barcrawl besides to do the quest?

A: Yes, the Barbarian Outpost is also an Agility training facility.

Q: Can I get the Scorpions in a different order?

A: Yes.

Author: TheRichHobo

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