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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Terror Dog
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Deep under the treacherous mines of the Haunted Mine is a new even more dangerous cavern for experienced players to explore. At the very heart of the cavern is a monster that when killed will drop a special reward for those skilled enough to reach and kill him.

To reach the heart of the cavern, you will need to navigate the maze of the cavern successfully. There is a bank near the beginning of the route to Tarn for those who might wish to fight the monsters down there. The banker's name is Odovacar and he will charge you 100gp each time you choose to bank. Beware your prayer will be drained at a faster rate while in the room where you fight Tarn than it would normally drain.

2.0 - Requirements
Requirements Recommendations
40 Slayer 75+ Combat
Haunted Mine In Aid of the Myreque
40+ Thieving

The equipment you should wear includes decent melee defence bonus and a prayer bonus. This should prevent you from wasting too much food from the monsters in the dungeon as most are melee based. You may wish to replace the rune armour with Proselyte or Initiate to slow the prayer drain rate.

For the best inventory to get to Tarn to kill him, a fair amount of decent healing food is recommended (sharks or tuna potatoes) as well as a few prayer potions. The food is mainly in case you trigger a trap. A super set can also be brought for lower combat levels. You can replace one piece of food with a teleport source such as a teleport tablet or ectophial if you feel you might need it.

For those who wish to kill terror dogs after completing this miniquest, the inventory suggested should work as well.

3.0 - The Dungeon

1. Enter Burgh de Rott and head to the bank to equip yourself for the upcoming journey. Once you're ready, head to the Haunted Mine. You do not need to pickpocket the Zealot for the key to enter.

2. Head south, climb over cart then crawl down the cart tunnel. You are inside the haunted mine.

3. Walk west to the crossroad then head north.

4. This is the northern section of the first floor of the Haunted Mine (Picture). Just down this staircase is the entrance to Tarn's Lair. Before heading inside, make certain that you have sufficient Prayer to evoke Protection against Melee, prayer potions to recharge when it gets low and decent armour to protect you in case your prayer protection wears off. Before entering, turn on Protection against Melee.

5. Once you enter the lair you will be attacked by high level undead. Make your way to the east until you reach this point and go down the stairwell directly to the north (Picture). Watch out for floor traps as you make your way to this position.

6. Turn off prayers in this room. In this room, there is a swinging log trap which will knock you off the platforms over the drop. Just to the west of where you appear, there is a section of flooring which can be clicked (Picture). Search that floor and you will temporarily deactivate the log trap. Once you do this, right-click each pillar to jump across to the other side. Once you reach the northern side of the pit, go up the staircase on the northern side of the room. Remember to turn Protection against Melee back on before continuing.

7. You will appear on the southern side of this small room. Walk carefully to the northern side, evading floor traps and undead and go down the staircase (Picture).

8. You will now find yourself in a long slender hallway with several staircases on the northern, eastern and western walls. Head to the westernmost section of the hallway and click the stairwell on the western side on the west wall (Picture).

9. Again, you will appear in a small room. Head to the staircase with the flowing water on the northern wall and enter there (Picture).

10. You will arrive in a room with a few undead and more floor traps. Click the staircase on the western wall (Picture).

11. You will appear on the eastern side of a T-shaped hallway. Head to the north and click the staircase on the western side of the hallway (Picture).

12. Turn off prayers in this portion of the room. This is the second and final log-trap room. You will appear on the eastern side of the pit (Picture). Right-click the pillars in the middle of the room and head all the way across to the western side of the room.

13. Directly to the west is another section of floor which can be searched (Picture). When you search the floor, the log trap will be temporarily deactivated. Quickly right-click the pillars to jump two spaces to the east and then straight north across the log trap (Picture).

14. Turn Protection against Melee back on. After getting across the log trap, you will see a narrow hallway leading to the east. There are several wall traps on the southern and northern side of the hallway along with a single skeleton. Right-click the walls to disarm the traps and make your way to the east. Once you bypass the wall traps, you will need to travel to the east past several moving wall traps (Picture). Simply turn on run and run past each wall trap one at a time. Don't try to run past both of them at once or you will find yourself pushed over the edge and damaged. Once you reach the end of the hallway, click the staircase on the eastern wall (Picture).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Tarn

15. You will find yourself in another room in which you must leap from pillar to pillar (Picture). Make your way across the pit but remember to change your prayer to Protection from Magic since you will get maged by skeleton mages. Make your way across the pillars and quickly go down the stairwell in the middle of the room. Remember to watch for floor traps.

16. This is the final room before entering Tarn's Lair (Picture). There are no enemies in this room nor are there floor traps. Take this time to restore your health and prayer before entering the Lair.

4.0 - Killing Tarn

Now you need to fight Tarn. Tarn has 2 forms you need to defeat; both forms are level 69, but the first form is a mutant looking thing and the second form is of a ghost. You should use protect from melee prayer and have no difficulty in killing him.

Once you have killed Tarn you will gain 5,000 slayer experience. (Please note he will not respawn so you cannot kill him multiple times for mass slayer experience) Head to the chamber to the north which contains Tarn's diary and pick it up (Picture). Using this diary on a salve amulet turns it into a salve amulet(e) which raises your attack and strength by 20% when fighting the dead.

Now you can choose to teleport out of the dungeon or make your way back out backtracking along your route. In the room Tarn was in will now be 4 terror dogs (level 100 and 110) which can be assigned as a slayer task. Terror dogs have a chance of dropping a granite helm.

5.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I kill Tarn again for the slayer xp?

A: No, you can only kill him once.

Q: What happens if I drop the diary?

The diary can be found in the bookcase of your player owned house.

Q: Is the granite helm worth trying to get?

A: No, its stats are nearly the same as a rune large.

Q: Is there anything poisonous in the dungeon?

A: No, there are no poisonous traps or monsters in the dungeon.

Author: Hemlock

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