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- 3 Quest Points.
- 1,406 Crafting XP.
- 2,000GP.

Start PointStart Point

Lord Sinclair Mansion north of the Seers' Village.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Item: Pot, 7 Sheets of Flypaper (obtained during Quest).


Item: Camelot Teleport Runes.

Lord Sinclair, a highly respected Nobleman of Kandarin has been found murdered in his mansion. Despite the presence of a large number of guards all working hard to solve the crime, local law enforcement officers are totally baffled.

Can you use your razor sharp analytical mind to uncover the evidence and unmask the culprit?

Part 1:
A Mysterious Death

Step 1
Find out about the Murder.
Investigate the Crime Scene.
Gather your first piece of evidence.
Hand over the evidence.

Start the quest by talking to any guard at the Sinclair mansion (Picture). You'll be told of the murder of Lord Sinclair and that the guards are clueless as to who has done it.

Walk around and gather information from the servants. Talk to Bob next to the fountain (Picture). Ask him who he thought did it. He'll tell you that a poison salesman was here and he saw him headed to the bar in the Seers' Village.

Teleport to Camelot then head west of the bank in Seers' Village, walk into the pub and talk to the red haired poison salesman (Picture). Ask him who he sold poison to. He'll tell you that he sold it to Anna, Bob, Frank, David, Carol, and Elizabeth.

Each family member bought poison from the Poison Seller for a certain reason. Check to see who is lying. Talk to all the family members and ask them why they bought the poison. They'll give you a location and reason why. Go to the locations that each person specified and investigate it. One of the locations would not contain any poison.

Anna - Compost heap (Picture).
Bob - Beehive in garden (Picture).
Frank - Family Crest (Picture).
David - Spider nest (Picture).
Carol - Kitchen drain (Picture).
Elizabeth - The fountain (Picture).

Once you find out who is lying, go and talk to the guard again. You'll know who's lying because there won't be the smell of poison where they said they used it. He'll tell you that you need more evidence.

Step 2
Gather more evidence.
Find out whose fingerprint is on the Criminal dagger
Hand over the Evidence.
Find the thread identifying the culprit.
Hand over the evidence, and capture the guilty one.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Investigating Sacks Items needed: Pot.

Head into the gardener's shed. Search the sacks and get 7 sheets of flypaper. Enter the mansion and begin searching the barrels in the family member's rooms.

Anna's room you'll find her Silver necklace.
Bob's room you'll find his Silver cup.
Frank's room you'll find his Silver pot.
David's room you'll find his Silver book.
Carol's room you'll find her Silver bottle.
Elizabeth's room you'll find her Silver needle.

Note: You only need to search the room of the person who was found to be lying. It will save you the trouble of collecting all the items.

Enter the study and get the criminals' dagger and pungent pot (Picture). Next head over to the kitchen. Use your pot to get flour for the flour barrel (Picture). Use the flour on the murder weapon. Then use a sheet of flypaper on the murder weapon to get a fingerprint. Do this with each of the silver items you found. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Searching the Smashed Window

After you have a fingerprint of each person, start matching the prints to the murder weapon print. Do this by using the known print with the unknown print, until you get a match. After getting a match go back and talk to the guard. He'll tell you that you need more evidence.

Walk around the North-East side of the mansion, near the guard dog pen. Investigate the broken window to find a piece of thread.

Go talk to the guard one last time and tell him you know who did it. He'll review all your evidence and congratulate you and give you your reward.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Murder Mystery Quest Scroll
Author: Apache

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