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- 2 Quest Points.
- 8000 Agility XP, 4000 Strength XP. - 7 Uncut Gems.

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Ug, a Troll located in the Troll Stronghold.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 28 Agility.
Quest: Death Plateau, Troll Stronghold.
Item: Iron bar, Rope, Cake Tin, Maple or Yew Log, Swamp Tar (Lumbridge Swamp), Climbing Boots, Bucket of Wax, Food (15 Lobsters or better).
Other: Ability to beat Arrg (Level-113).


Skill: At least 43 Prayer, 70+ Combat , 61 Magic.
Item: 2-3 Prayer Potions, Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, etc), Game Room Necklace or POH Teleport (with House in Taverley), Trollheim Teleport Runes, Staff of Fire (or many Fire Runes), 4-6 Law Runes, 3 Air Runes.

Ug loves Aga, but Aga is together with Arrg. Since Arrg is a lot stronger than Ug, Ug can't follow the regular mating ritual, which involves ripping the opponent into pieces. Will you be able to find out what will impress the troll female more than a display of violence? Will you survive the journey to help a lonely troll find love?

Part 1:
A Broken Heart

Step 1
Talk to Ug.
Ask about Ag, then Arrg.
Talk to Aga about love life.

Firstly, to get into the stronghold you are now able to avoid the Troll Rock-Throwers. To do this, simply make you way up the mountain, like you did in Troll Stronghold, and this time, once you have climbed over the first lot of rocks, take the west path, climb over another set of rocks, and then go up a short path leading north, you should arrive at a "secret door" (Picture). Enter this and you will be at the prisons where you freed Dunstan's son. Now climb up the stairs at the north end of this cave and go out the door. Go south down this new cave, and take the first door at your west. You should be in a room, with Ug, a Troll.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Talking to Ug Talk to Ug, and he will make to attack you, but then he will not have the heart. Choose the first option "Awww you poor troll. What seems to be the problem?" (Picture). Ug will tell you that he is in love with Aga, another troll, but that Aga is with a huge troll called Arrg. Ask him about Aga, and then Arrg, and then choose the second option "Don't worry now, I'll see what I can do." Ug will then graciously offer not to eat you, and you tell him you will go to see Aga.

Talk to Aga who is in a house just north of Ug (Picture) (be careful as the Mountain Trolls (level 71 and 69) are aggressive), choose the second option "So how's your love life?" She will tell you of her favorite flower Trollweiss, and say that if Arrg really loved her, he would get it for her.

Part 2:

Step 2
Talk to Ug.
Talk to Tenzing.
Talk to Dunstan, Burthrope anvil.
Talk to Dunstan again with items.
Use swamp tar with Wax.
Use 'Sled wax' with sled.

Items needed: Rope, Iron Bar, Maple or Yew Log, Bucket of Wax.

Go back to Ug and talk to him; you will tell him about Aga's desire for Trollweiss, and he will fall into despair, saying that only someone who has lived their whole life the mountains would know how to get them, you then tell him to "stay right there." Now think, who do you know who has spent his whole life the mountains? Tenzing the Sherpa! Now go back to Tenzing's hut, and talk to him. Ask The Sherpa "Do you know where I can find Trollweiss?" (Picture). He will tell you that he knows of one place he is sure it would be, but that it is impossible to get to!

Tenzing will tell you that you need to make your way into the "domain of the Ice Trolls", and then down a slope to a plateau where Trollweiss grows. He will tell you that there will only be one way to get to the plateau, by sledding down. Ask him "What would I need to make such a sled?", the second option, he will tell you it's probably best you talk to Dunstan, who would know how to make a sled.

Go and talk to Dunstan (the guy who made you the climbing boots in Troll Stronghold), and ask him to make you a sled (Picture), he will tell you that you need some rope, some Maple or Yew Logs and an Iron Bar. The dialogue will then close.

Talk to Dunstan again, with items mentioned before, in your inventory. He will make you the sled, but then tell you that you will need something to wax the bottom of the sled, some swamp tar to protect it, and a cake tin to store the mixture in. Now, use your swamp tar with the wax and you will make some "sled wax" (Picture), use this wax with your sled and you're ready to go!

Part 3:
The Ice Troll Plateau

Step 3
Follow directions in first paragraph.
Enter Cave Entrance.
Enter crevasse.
Slide on the slope.
Head west.
Pick blue flowers.
Slide down at south of Plateau.

Items needed: Ardougne Teleport Runes, Trollheim Teleport Runes, Staff of Fire (or many Fire Runes), 4-6 Law Runes, and 3 Air Runes.

Time to go back up the mountain. At this stage, you might want to drop the Cake Tin and grab extra food (using the spaces you have from the Rope and Iron Bar etc). Once you have done that, go back to the mountain, and take the route to the stronghold past the Troll Rock-Throwers (I would recommend using protect from missiles, and running), just past the throwers, there should be a path leading off to the north (Picture). Take this path up high into the mountains, and it will start snowing (Picture)! You will come to a huge Ice gate. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Rare Flowers

Go north-west of the ice gate (Picture) and you should find a cave entrance. Enter this and run through the cave past the Ice Trolls level 120, 121 and 124 (be warned these are agressive, use protect from melee if you are worried). Just before the end of this cave, there will be a little enclave off the main passage, in this there will be a "crevasse" (Picture). Enter the crevasse and you should find yourself on a huge ice plateau; be careful of the Ice Wolves level 96, and head south-west until you hit a "slope".

Ride your sled, and click "slide" on the slope (Picture). You will slide down to a plateau, doing some awesome stunts on your way! Once at the plateau, you can slide around on your sled (don't worry, although the game automatically unequipped your weapon and shield, you don't need then at the moment), just like walking.

Head west, up a short hill, where there should be some small, blue, "very rare" flowers, pick as many of these as you want (they act just like normal flowers, you can wield them etc). Now, head to the south of the plateau, and "slide down" the slope there, in the same way as the first slope. Now walk back to Ug. Using Trollheim teleport will make the walk much quicker.

Part 4:
Say it with Flowers

Step 4
Talk to Ug.
Talk to Arrg.
Kill Arrg.
Talk to Ug.

Now, climb back up to Ug and talk to him. He will be immensely gratified, but say that he is too scared to give the flowers to Aga, because Arrg might hurt him. Tell Ug that you will kill Arrg for him, and go North to where Arrg's house is.

Now, prepare to fight Arrg. Talk to Arrg, and he will take you outside to fight as you can't fight in front of a lady. You will appear in the troll fighting arena and Arrg will attack you (Picture). Be wary, because Arrg can, and will hit 28s, even if you are using protect from melee, he also uses a ranged attack which can hit up to 34s, so you may want to switch between protect from missiles to melee when he does. Remember to keep your health high with food since he could take your life with only 34HP remaining.

Once you have killed Arrg (who will die with a final "arrggggg") make your merry way back to Ug, tell him that you have defeated Arrg and you will finish the quest.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Troll Romance Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain a Bucket of Wax?

A: Simply use Insect Repellent on one of the beehives below Camelot, then "take from" it, whilst carrying a bucket. The Insect Repellent can be found in Catherby in the house behind the bank.

Author: Robin Hood

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